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Customer Reviews for Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Powered Lift-Away with extended reach for carpet, stairs and more
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal® and HEPA filter trap dust and debris
  • Includes Pet Multi-Tool - pet hair cleaning for all surfaces.

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Best vacuum, best company!
This is the best vacuum I've ever bought, and the best company I've ever dealt with. The suction is great, its easy to clean and easy to fix, it doesn't need bags. The whole dirt canister lifts off easily (sealed so it won't spill), so its easy to empty it outside in a trash can. The two filters can be washed and re-used over and over. We have never had to buy new ones! (If you do wash them, make sure they dry completely before replacing them). Cost a little more than the low-end ones, but definitely much less than the high-end brands, and I can't imagine how any vacuum could be any better than this one. We've had it for several years, and the suction is like new. We hired a cleaning lady a couple years ago. She used our vacuum once, and the next time she came, she brought her own, exactly like ours. She had liked ours so much she went out and bought one the same day. This is a lady that spends her entire life using a vacuum for hours each day. The final issue is service. Today I noticed the motor on the roller was working intermittently. I looked at some Youtube videos, and its clear there is a little micro-switch in the roller assembly that's worn out. I called Shark service pretty much to ask about buying a new switch I would replace myself. However, before I got that far, after I explained the problem the guy said, "Send us the vacuum, and we'll send you a new one." "THE WHOLE THING?!" "Yeah, the whole thing." How am I gonna pay for a box that big?!" "We'll send you a Fedex shipping label and send out a new vacuum as soon as Fedex clocks in they've received your package, so the order won't be delayed. This whole thing won't cost you a dime - not even for shipping." He asked how long I've had the vacuum. I said I couldn't even remember - it has been at least 3 or 4 years, and probably longer. No problem. By the time I got off the phone, the shipping label and receipt verifying free shipping and free replacement was in my email box. I can't imagine how my interaction with the company could possibly have been any better. They've made a customer for life out of me.
by bern
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Badly disappointed with the Shark NV751 - I hope I can return it.
I watched youtube several reviews before deciding to purchase this Shark NV751 vacuum. So I believe I did my due diligence. The reviews were glowing regarding suction power, weight and ease of use of the vacuum. I love the idea of a detachable vacuum unit to clean stairs and under beds and tables. But I could not try the vacuum out myself before purchasing at my Home Depot store. What I ended up with was totally not what I expected based on the excellent reviews. First the good before I get into the intolerably bad (at least for me): Suction power is excellent. The vacuum is light weight and maneuverable. I was concerned by some reviews stating the the unit felt a little unbalanced with the vacuum unit sitting forward of the handle, which rotates. They claimed it could be hard on the wrist, but I found no problem whatsoever with that. Here's the bad though - so bad that if I can't return this thing I'm going to just throw the darned thing in the garbage or give it away: 1) The cord is NOT 30 feet long as claimed in the specifications. This is a misprint that should be corrected! I measured the cord at only 25 feet long on this vacuum. Something to consider if you have larger rooms. I have a fairly large house with open an floor plan. Vacuuming with this unit required 3 extra stops to unplug and change receptacles. I have two rooms I can't even finish without changing receptacles with this thing. 2) Lack of accessories and no on-board storage. I expected the vacuum to come with a powered pet brush. Shark's own advertising makes it difficult to compare and determine what each model comes with. So I'll spell it out here: THE nv751 DOES NOT COME WITH A POWERED PET BRUSH. This vacuum only comes with a cheap plastic nozzle with a fixed strip of brushes on it. It's useless for stairs. So I'd have to order a $30 "true pet brush" to get what I need. Furthermore, there are no extensions and brushed nozzle for cleaning dust off baseboards with this unit. I'm supposed to reconfigure the unit and use the massive 4' handled pole with the supplied hard plastic nozzle to clean baseboards and vents? Clumsy, and likely to cause damage. Not only does this Shark NV751 have cheap, barely useful accessories, it doesn't even have a place to store them on the vacuum. Shark doesn't even provide a cheap accessory bag. 3) Here's the real deal breaker for me though. The powered brush on this vacuum leave an ugly rake pattern in my carpet. When I'm finished, it literally looks like someone took a garden rake and went over my carpet with it! I've attached a photo which gives an idea of what I'm talking about. In person, it looks much worse. I have a medium to low pile carpet and I've tried both height settings with the same results. No wonder all the video reviews show this vacuum being used on berber or very short piled carpet.
by Dan
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Perfect Vacuum For Any Situation
This vacuum replaced a nearly identical model that was recalled, but appears to be identical in every way to the one we had used and loved for over a year. After using it several times for both general and deep cleaning, I am not able to see any difference in its stellar performance. We have a toddler and two dogs, so there is never any shortage of dirt and hair to put a vacuum to the test, but this Shark Rotator has continuously exceeded our expectations. Just like its predecessor, this vacuum is really easy to use and highly adaptable with versatile features to perfectly meet the demands of nearly any vacuuming need. You can lift just the handle out of the wand for up close detail cleaning, or you can use the handle and wand together and reach high places like ceiling fans. When vacuuming floors, you can clean with just the you can carry the canister detached, anchored to a rolling base, or attach it like a traditional upright. It comes with various attachments and tools as well, including an upright hard floor duster/sweeper. It's just a slide of switch to change between hard floors and carpet. The light on the front is bright and really helps with visibility, and there is also a bright light on the handle to help when cleaning with the hand tools. I love how easily the head swivels and pivots. It's perfect for a quick vacuum without moving chairs around the tables and such. You can fit it under and between most pieces of furniture. It is a bag-less vacuum with a large canister. I have been very pleased with the consistent suction. It picks up so much dog hair you'd think our dogs are bald! Even with all these awesome features, it is a compact, light, and easy to store machine.
by dcline
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This Vaccuum Definitely Doesn't Suck
This Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner is amazing! It powerfully picks up dirt, pet hair, and other debris from floor with ease, and its smooth maneuverability makes using it a breeze. Simply set up the vacuum according to the easy-to-follow directions, then click the power button with your thumb to turn it on. Removing the cannister from the wand is easy to do and allows for the vacuum's nozzle to reach spots that traditional vacuums can't because of their bulk. Changing the settings for different flooring surfaces is also very easy with the digital surface selector (thick carpet, carpet, or hard floor). The plethora of included attachments (hard floor Genie™, rolling caddy, dusting brush, power brush, upholstery tool, and duster Genie) and the super-long power cord allow users to easily and conveniently clean in many situations. My wife and I are especially impressed with the power brush, which we use to efficiently clean stairs. Emptying the canister when it gets full is easier than I could have ever hoped. Simply remove the pod from the wand, press the quick-release button, and whatever you vacuumed up falls out without any assistance needed. Our old vacuum had a similar feature, but the debris never just fell out, so this one is far and away a better vacuum.
by JasonH
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The Very Best Vaccuum!
Cons: 1. I was disappointed that this model included a lesser version of the tru-pet motorized brush. I had a previous shark model that had a true-pet hand tool. It was extremely powerful cleaning upholstery. The one included in this newer model was noticeably smaller and I thought it didn't do as great of a job, (See Pic for comparison in size,) 2. Like most all vacuums, I had problems with long pet fur and hair getting stuck in the rollers pretty badly. I was hoping for a better solution to this problem that hacking and pulling at the roller bristles with scissors. 3. The see through waste cup always looks dirty. The Good: Despite the previously mentioned, this is one of the most versatile vacuums on the market in terms of its lift-away feature that allows you to easily go up and down stairs and under furniture. The suction is great. You can seamlessly go from carpet to hardwood mode with just flipping a switch. It does a great job on all surfaces. You will not be disappointed! I would recommend this product!
by KatieKat
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LOVE this vacuum
I have been very pleased with this SHARK lift-away deluxe vacuum. This model comes with a variety of attachments that I need for all areas of my home. The pet brush is wonderful for removing shedding fur from my Siamese cat. I also really like the hard floor attachment, as I have hardwood floors for a large area of my first floor in my home. The vacuum is able to reach under furniture very easily and the headlight is amazing. This is one of my favorite features. The suction power is very strong, and I am always amazed at how much is lifted from my carpeted floors. The unit is easy to operate and empty. The controls are easy to use and the steering is easy to drive. The vacuum moves effortlessly on the floor. I like the feel of the handle and the ability to use the wand as an option. This is a very nice product and one that I am very happy to have in my home.
by homedepotcustomer
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Has everything I need in a strong, lightweight unit
Unboxing, there were 4 main parts that click together, and its so easy/intuitive, you don't really need the set up guide. Used as an upright or canister, the suction is very powerful, and you can feel it pull the unit forward as you use the machine. You will be amazed at how much dirt and dust this unit will pull out of a carpet that you think is clean. There are 3 settings, hard floor (which leaves the main brush off so as not to scratch the floor, low pile carpet, and thick carpet. Choosing an appropriate setting is easy, as the selector is right there on the handle and can be changed with a simple thumb flick. In order to clean upholstery, the unit comes with an air powered attachment to quickly remove dirt and debris, and it is also very effective. There is also a simple brush attachment and an extension nozzle that has a sliding brush for dual purpose cleaning (blinds, louvers, vents). Those are the main 3 attachments that I use regularly. One of the best features I like about this machine is its versatility: it is easy to go from upright, to canister, or use an attachment. It's also incredibly light and very easy to maneuver. It has bright LED lights on the main floor unit as well as the handle, which helps prevent accidentally catching the stray lego or toy left behind. Being bagless, it also has an easy to empty canister. It easily unclips from the main unit and a button simply releases the trap door on the bottom of the canister, so all the dirt and dust goes right into the trash can rather than having to flip it over and tap the bottom, causing dust to fly everywhere. Every aspect of the unit appears to have been designed intelligently, for maximum effectiveness with little fuss or frustration and I believe they have certainly succeeded.
by MB
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Powerful and versatile vacuum
I had a previous version of this vacuum that I loved, and this one is just as good - it's the only vacuum I own now. Excessive pet hair is a fact of life in my house, and this vacuum pulls up pet hair from everything: hard floors, carpets, upholstery, wood furniture, etc. First I'll list the features of this vacuum: #1: The powered brushes in both the main floor unit and the handheld upholstery tool are very powerful and effective at picking up dirt and pet hair. Yes, they suck - as they should! #2: It is very easy to switch from upright mode to canister mode. Push the release button, lift the canister, and set it right onto the canister holder (which has 4 high-quality all-direction wheels). In this mode, the handle/stick will lay almost flat on the ground without tilting the vacuum head, so it's easy to vacuum all the way under couches and beds. (I love this and would recommend this vac just for this feature.) #3: The LED lights are incredibly bright (so bright that the first time you use it, I was amazed how much dirt I saw on my floor that I couldn't see before). The LED on the main floor unit casts a bright beam wide and far, and when you remove the wand for other tasks, the unit automatically switches to the LED on the wand handle (near the power button). #4: Great accessories, in particular the powered upholstery brush, the 2-in-1 duster, and the hard floor duster. Unlike every other dusting brush I've ever used, the bristles of the 2-in-1 duster are soft enough to not scratch the finish of my wood furniture. The other function of the 2-in-1 is as a crevice tool, and it's really easy to move the brush up and down to switch between crevice and dusting modes. The hard floor genie is great for dusting wood floors using the washable microfiber pad - it gets my floors truly clean and smooth. The hard floor attachment also has a wide opening to catch larger stuff, so it works well for regular vacuuming and dusting at the same time (at least on the "push" stroke). #5: The power button, powered brush controls, and release buttons (for the canister and the wand) are within a thumb's reach of the handle, so it's easy to switch between hard floors and carpets, between upright and canister mode, and between floor and handheld-tool mode. #6: It's easy to remove and empty the dust cup without getting dust everywhere - hold the cup over your trash can, push the release button, and the dust/dirt/pet hair falls straight down. #7: Nice long cord. What don't I like about this vacuum? It's kind of big, between the upright unit and the wheeled canister unit. Fortunately all the tools fit onto one or the other of these units, and it's easy to wheel both units around together and even carry them up/down stairs. So even though it seems big, I think the designers at Shark actually put a lot of thought into what was necessary. I wouldn't give up any of the accessories and highly recommend this vacuum.
by Salex
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Still Impressed with the Shark Vacuum Cleaner
The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner I have been using now for almost eight months. I vacuum at least once a week so have had it out many times. I have to say still pleased with it as when I first got it. It has held up just fine nothing has fallen off and works as expected. The suction is still strong and deep cleans my carpets. I've settled into using two configurations, as a carpet cleaner and duster. The carpet cleaner is fully configured as a usual vacuum or alternatively, taking the main unit in my hand and going around dusting in a quick and more handy fashion.. This fits my house layout better, don't use the canister roll-around attachment. I can see the canister as useful for those with a larger place and is nice with the Shark to be able to setup different configurations for how you work. Much of the vacuum's effectiveness really comes from powering the carpet brush through the wand and still being able to reconfigure the unit. I use the rug brush mostly and its very effective. It has a vacuum light that helps you see what you are doing and the brush head is articulated to get into tight spots and under furniture. For dusting the unit has really several brushes depending on where its used. The small flat brush is nice really sucking out the dust in chairs and couch. The rotating brush is great on stairs and chairs if necessary, too. The long handled brush I use to dust deep into and behind shelves. You can tell besides the power what this vacuum has is versatility. What first really impressed me is when I first used the machine on my wall-to-wall carpet. I thought the rug was clean, but when I used the Shark it found an embarrassingly amount of additional dust and stray rug fibers. This was stuff my old vacuum had been missing for a long time. When you are finally done vacuuming it folds up tightly into less space than my old vacuum in the closet. Its a light weight vacuum and way ahead of my first vacuum, a heavy tank like Hoover upright. I've had a number of vacuums over the years, some of the best and this one is as good and better than any of them.
by FXP1
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Excellent suction. Cleans edges and corners well. Large, easy to empty dust cup. Loaded with features.
Out of the box, the Shark Lift-Away is bit intimidating, as it comes in numerous pieces and requires some light assembly. The included Owner’s Guide contains written instruction and illustrations that were useful for assembly, which was completed in only a few minutes, without the use of tools, with parts click-locking into place. The canister detaches from the base with the press of a button, and can be carried by the comfortable rubberized handle atop for cleaning stairs, or inserted into the 4-wheeled dolly and pulled around like as traditional canister vacuum. The dolly has a place to hold 2 tools when not in use, but try as I might I wasn’t able to insert the vacuum into the dolly’s cradle without first removing the tools. The vacuum pivots from side-to-side and moves nimbly around objects. The Shark features a bright LED lamp to illuminate dark corners and underneath furniture. The iridescent purple mist (rose), silver, and chromed plastic paint scheme give the Shark a unique, high-end appearance. Dust cup is large and easy to empty. While the Shark performs very well on both carpet and hard surfaces, is more effective at cleaning edges, and corners, than any vacuum I’ve ever used, and has powerful suction, it unfortunately suffers from the look, feel, and weight, of a vacuum from the past with a lengthy power cord that dangles from the side of the vacuum. A recoil cord winder would have been ideal to hide the unsightly cord. Also, the Shark Lift-Away has a lot of buttons and adjustments that I don’t care for; my preference being for fewer buttons and simplicity of operation. Minor quirks aside, overall, I am satisfied with the quality and performance of this vacuum, and recommend it.
by JamesC
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