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Model #14T968DC

  • Electric sewing machine with distinct stitch patterns
  • Used for quilting and finishing seams
  • Heavy-duty metal frame for durability

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Stitches look like the pictures.
I took this out of the box today, and the stitches look just like the pictures once the tension is adjusted for the fabric. This is my second serger and first coverstitch machine. I got my first serger in 1998 when I was about 12, and while I loved that machine, this one does a lot more. Because I had never owned a coverstitch machine before, and the machine came set up in triple coverstitch mode with the test muslin in place, I immediately realized that I had no idea how to correctly remove fabric during coverstitching. Once I figured that out and got the thread tails to pull to the wrong side, it was all downhill. From the reviews, it looks like the half the reviewers opened the box and freaked out, and the other half love the machine. To the first-time serger owner, don't be scared. You didn't buy "the wrong machine." This thing looks significantly sturdier than the serger I got in 1998, and even that one survived my 12-year-old antics. It's a bit a of a contraption, as are all sergers. But once you set it up, it demands very little finesse on your part. For example, while I can make a rolled hem with a traditional machine, I have to get the fabric fed into the rolled him foot "just so" and then really babysit that edge to keep it rolling correctly--whereas this machine pretty much just does it. It can allow someone without very trained hands to get really nice looking results. If you know enough to even want the features that this serger has over $200 models, then it's NOT "too much machine." You've got this.
by Sewing doc
In love with this machine
I ordered my Professional 5 about a year ago and have been loving it. I’ve never had a serger or coverstich machine before so in the beginning I struggled to thread it. But then I realized there are 2 leavers that thread the lower loopers when you get to the last step of threading. I couldn‘t tell from youtube videos online that that is what they were doing, I thought they were just quick at getting that last bit threaded. Anyway, I hope this helps anyone wanting to get a coverstitch/serger. I think this machine is so fantastic and has been so incredibly easy to use, even though I’m still learning.
by Aleena
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It works great, and it is hardworking
After much agony and research, I upgraded from a brother 1034d to the singer pro 5, and I love it. It sews beautifully, and I love having the coverstitch for active wear. Your trade-off for the low price is threading. I wouldn't lie, it is difficult, especially when you are just getting started. Especially when you are still getting comfortable threading, just remove threads and redo it whenever you have a problem. Eventually, you will be able to see the threading problems and fix them. Now that I've had it awhile, it goes smoothly.
by Dawnknits
It is everything I hoped it would be. Not sure...
It is everything I hoped it would be. Not sure why, but the week I bought it the price had dropped to $450!
by HomeDepotCustomer
Wonderful machine. Both coverstitch and overlock stitching great. Treading guides...
Wonderful machine. Both coverstitch and overlock stitching great. Treading guides helpful but CD version has several “copy and paste” errors in the instructions which is unfortunate.
Great Combo Machine!
I love my Stylist™ 14SH764 Serger, so when it was time to purchase a Cover Stitch machine, I originally looked at dedicated machines offered by other brands, but I came back to Singer and decided to purchase this combo machine. I have been using it for the past 2 months and I love it! It is a solidly built machine that is surprisingly quiet and comes with lots of accessories! Threading of course, takes some practice but is really quite simple and I love having all the stitch options. The DVD workbook is fab, and I have printed and prepared a binder with stitch samples, something I highly recommend doing to really get to know your machine and take full advantage of all the things this machine can do! One criticism is that in the manual, it does not give instructions on how to remove the fabric when finishing up a run of cover stitch. As you cannot chain off as you would while serging, this was rather confounding for me until I did some research on-line. The manual addresses the inability to chain off, but is followed by a blank section without text so I suspect this is an error in the printed manual. Another is the location of the presser foot lifter is rather awkward to access as it is located on the right side. One feature that I love, is the auto tension dials. They give the ability to fine tune for fabric extremes, but for the most part I have rarely had to adjust them. Another is the cuttings collector...No more serger fallout! Originally my plan was to sell my other serger but as I use the serger and cover stitches so often on the same projects, I have held onto it as I've been using this machine as a dedicated cover stitch machine that offers a great backup serger. Couldn't be happier with my purchase!
by Kellie
This is headed my way Can not even wait for it hardly!
I have looked over this and compared it to so many other sergers that I would not get any other. I am a HUGE BROTHER's Supporter and I am willing to have another Singer in my sew room. I have had my other singer for over 27 years. I have used it up.
by Rockin Robin
I always wanted a serger and this was a good...
I always wanted a serger and this was a good price. Glad I got it for my birthday. Transaction was smooth and quick.
by Snowflower
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Got to love Home Depot Purchasing Power! They offered this machine, even after shipping, at lowes...
Got to love Home Depot Purchasing Power! They offered this machine, even after shipping, at lowest price. (I shopped locally and online.) Placing the order was convenient and shipping was timely. Had machine within four days. Am completely satisfied with machine and purchase! Thank you!
by EE
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I love it!
I have been sewing for many years, but this is my first serger. I'm so glad I chose this machine, it dose such a great job. A great price, and you get the extra feet at no extra charge, what a bargain. I have only used a couple different stitches so far, but looking forward to trying the other ones. It did take me a bit of time to get the threading process figured out, but once you get it, you will love this machine.
by BigRed
Showing 1-10 of 15 reviews