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Installation harder than expected. Working satisfactorily. Installed above...
Installation harder than expected. Working satisfactorily. Installed above ground thru cattle fence, underground along entry ,gate, connection to transformer etc. approximately 2500 feet. Reccomend.
by Rockyr
    As expected ...
    As expected
    by Pamela
      5 Star Review
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      by Danny
        Did not work for 4 acres. I believe it...
        Did not work for 4 acres. I believe it claimed to cover up to 60 acres. It was returned
        by Turkey
          5 Star Review
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          by Haley
            4 Star Review
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            by Dee
              Great system, poor collars
              Overall: Great buy, would do it again with some modifications. Pros: I have two dogs and this system has been great in almost every way. The anti-linger feature works great to prevent against the dogs learning the weak spots of the system. My system has been so effective my neighbors even asked about it and purchased one on my recommendation for their two dogs. Cons: The collars are a big large which is to be expected but they also have housings that crack. I was especially careful after the first collar started to crack to make sure I did not over-tighten the screws by any measure and both collars eventually failed. This created a horribly stressful situation with my dogs when the collars started shorting out and shocking my two buddies randomly. Their near perfect initial training took several steps back due to poor designs of the collars and the rubber seals. Overall: At $100 a collar I would expect a bit more quality and not something that would end up failing in a way that it eventually ends up randomly torturing my dogs and stressing them out.
              by Ryan D.
              Response from Customer CareAug 10, 2017
              We're very sorry about the issues you've run into with your receiver collars, Ryan! We certainly want you to have receiver collars that you can depend on and would be more than happy to assist you in getting those replaced with working units. Keep in mind that the system and receiver collars themselves are covered by a two-year warranty which would more than likely cover this issue. Please give us a call at the number 1-800-275-6797 and we would be glad to help.
                It's perfect when it's working
                I'm a bit torn on this fence. It has caused me a lot of frustration but when it works it is perfect. It took us over a week to install it the first time. Digging and burying the wire was painful and long. When we finally got done, it took less than a week to get my smart, headstrong, pitbull fully trained with very little work. I am a combat veteran and I have been trying to recover from a massive breakdown for almost a year now. My dog is my lifeline. And now that I have him I don't see life without him as a possibility. I am not exaggerating...after being plagued with suicidal thoughts almost daily for several months, my dog has been the only security I have as far as making it through the days. He has extended my life for as long as he lives. So, the fact that this fence can keep my dog safe in our yard is greatest gift (besides him) that I could have ever needed. But after owning it for approximately 6 months the alarm has gone off 3 times. All 3 times, my system passed the loop test. This last time we got fed up because we couldn't find the break and we pulled it out and we are now working on replacing it with thicker wire. It's been out of service for 3 weeks and my dog has been leaving the property as often as I take my eyes off of him. I've called support but they are not more helpful than the manual is. This fence is a life safer when it's working but, man, it's hard to keep it going.
                by Kristin and Vicki
                Response from Customer CareJul 23, 2017
                We are terribly sorry to hear about your installation experience with your SDF-100A! Here at SportDOG, our pets are our family members, and we always want them to stay as safe and as happy as possible! We do understand how frustrating it is when a product stops working as expected, and we certainly want to help! There are many factors to consider when installing an in-ground containment system, some of these are environment and placement of the equipment. There are many reasons for the wire to cause a signal interruption, some of these being splice disconnection, high traffic areas, and insulation wear and tear due to weather or animal damage (rodents, etc.). We do thank you for your service and protection, and we are so glad to hear that you have such a great buddy to help you through this time in your life! We will be reaching out to you privately with some more troubleshooting tips and information so you can get your containment system up and running as soon as possible.
                  Yes it did, thank you for carrying this product.
                  Yes it did, thank you for carrying this product.
                  by Marlene
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                    It was very easy to install. I installed it myself while my husband was at work. This fence has made my life so much easier! I have 3 dogs that would always run off and the neighbors would bring them back home. (Quite embarrassing that I have such bratty furbabies!) I don't have to worry about walking them anymore​. I just open the door and let them come in and out as they please. They seem to love their new freedom and I have more time to get things done. A real life saver for all around!
                    by Susan
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