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  • Just started to use it...
  • July 01, 2020

Just started to use it


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  • Worked very well for the job....
  • May 29, 2020

Worked very well for the job.


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By: Matt
  • You'll ruin it just trying to get the foolish label off!
  • June 12, 2020

I received this today delivered to my door. Of all the stupid things I have seen they have a label that won't come off. Heat from a hair dryer does nothing. I scraped it off with a razor blade and all the label gum is still there. The gum is insoluble in alcohol so I used a kitchen scouring Dobie pad with soap and water. That scratched the finish and the gum is still on it. Imagine buying this and having it ruined before your first use. This wins the prize in my book. How dumb.

  • DIY


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By: Zanibar