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  • Easy, tool-free blade change
  • In-handle blade storage stores up to 10 blades
  • 3 Stanley blades included

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Excellent grip and easy to change blade
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This knife has a great grip, feels comfortable and I believe the best feature would be the ease of changing the blade. No unscrewing something, no twisting the handle apart, just extend it, push the yellow button and pull the blade out. I have the dual blade version of this and this one is a little easier to change and a nicer fit in my hand. Each definitely have their advantageous. The heft and solid feel in your hand help in cutting and the confidence in using it. With the ability to keep spare blades in the handle you should never have a dull blade.
by Rich006
Best Utility Knife I’ve Owned
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This thing feels very nice in your hand. Great grip, solid weight. Very simple & easy to change out the blades. My only complaint would be that the packaging gives no direction on how to open up the storage compartment for extra blades. It took me a little bit to figure out how that black button at the bottom came into play. Overall, would definitely recommend.
by Hatch17
What a piece of junk!
Just purchased. Can not remove plastic hang tab, cut off tab to read instructions. Oh wait there are none! Cannot advance blade. Cannot open. Cannot use. If I’m going to give away money I’d prefer the charity of my choice not Stanley tools. Try again. Now I have to waste 45 minutes of my life to return because the packaging cannot be removed from the inside of the blade holder. Asked quality time f product. Who knows packaging stuck in the darned thing
by Kah370
Works great when you don't use the supplied blades
Took one star off for poor and incomplete instructions that are in 1-point type and packaging that is way too hard to remove. Took off another star because Stanley supplied blades that did not work with this knife handle. However, when I use bulk no-name aftermarket blades, the knife handle works perfectly. Why? Who knows? The Stanley blades have only two notches on the top, where the aftermarket blades have four notches. (See photo below.) It does feel like the knife handle's internal mechanism finds a notch on the aftermarket blades that it does not find on the Stanley blades.
by boxcutter
push button blade release does not work
Stanley sent me 7 to replace 1 that did not work. ALL SEVEN DID NOT WORK!. 9 utility knives in total, failure rate 100%
by automated retailing solut
The worst
Wish I read the reviews before buying! Single mom and can’t take it back tonight, when I need it the most! Wish I had bought literally anything else
by Madison
solid utility knife
i've had a couple of these knifes for a few years now. both are still holding up. like another reviewer here, i have broken part of the nose off of one (mine broke on the bottom though) and it still works fine. not sure how it happened, but it's just a battle scar... the only thing i can list as a possible "con" with this knife is when you have to take it apart. (ie; when you break a blade) it can be tricky to get it back together. not a huge deal though.
by tileguy
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Great knife! I highly recommend it.
I love this Knife. I've got 4 of them now and have had a few of them for more than 6 years. I love the quick change feature and the blade storage in the handle is amazingly convenient and very easy to use. The feel and weight of the knife is nice and it fits in the hand very comfortably. I was surprised to see that this knife had a one star review from someone, because I love these blades. I got my first one around 2005 or 2006, and I quickly decided that it was the best utility knife I had ever owned. The only one of them I've ever had break, broke because I was trying to cut a really hard to get to cut-out in a piece of vinyl siding and I was using a hammer to beat on the top of the knife to drive the blade down. Given, that was not the intended use for the knife, but it got the job done, and the blade is still fully functional, the damage to the blade was purely cosmetic and it still works great. Not to mention that particular blade has seen extremely heavy use since the day I bought it. I guess with any product one buys they run the chance of getting a lemon, and maybe that's what happened to the other reviewer, because like I said, I have four of these and everyone of them is awesome. I actually bought another one a few days ago and it's feel and weight seem identical to the other ones I already owned. I'm very happy with this particular product.
by Joshua
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Best utility knife ever!
Only people giving this 1 star for the quick change feature not working properly are just too stupid to figure it out and probably shouldn't have something so sharp in their possession anyway. Some moron even complained that it was extremely difficult to take apart to change the blade. This knife requires ZERO disassembly to change the blade. Extra blades store in the drop down handle, and the button up front releases the blade for changing. There is even a youtube video for those who never made it to 3rd grade. How can these people be so dumb! Its very easy and a super awesome utility knife!
by Justin
Great Style
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I really like the weight and balance of the curved ergonomic handle design. Great heavy duty knife with nice quick access blade change and blade storage in the handle.
by ArticJackson
Showing 1-10 of 216 reviews