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  • Easy assembly - ready for play in under an hour
  • Includes everything you need for setup, except the lumber
  • Versatile design enables you to add a tire swing or bench swing

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Easy to assemble. Granddaughters love it. All the parts were there.i rate 5 stars.
Easy to assemble. Granddaughters love it. All the parts were there.i rate 5 stars.
by Cat
Easy to assemble took about an hour. Make sure you put it together where you are going to set it....
Easy to assemble took about an hour. Make sure you put it together where you are going to set it.We didn’t and had to find help moving it. Very heavy. We did the 8 foot model. This is just the hardware you have to buy the wood to.
by Grandbabys
This review will echo the others for this product. In my case, I bought a 10-foot long beam inst...
This review will echo the others for this product. In my case, I bought a 10-foot long beam instead of the 8-foot so that I could add a third swing. The instructions that come with this kit include this option. As others have reported, the biggest challenge I faced was attaching the A-frames to the top beam. I had trouble lining up the bolt holes. This was easily remedied by reaming the holes out a bit with my drill. Otherwise this kit is pretty self explanatory. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the star screws and the included star screw bit because the bit wore down towards the end of the project and started stripping the screws. For the third swing, I bought the heavy duty hanging hardware so that larger kids (above the 115 rating of the included standard duty hardware) could also swing. The anchoring system is acceptable, and works fine even when my 140 lb teenager is swinging, but I'd suggest a sledge hammer to drive them instead of regular hammer. Overall this project took me 5 hours to complete, with my only assistance coming from my teenage son when it came time to attach the A-frames to the beam and to tilt the whole assembly to vertical. Plan your time accordingly, because as many others have said, this isn't a "One-Hour" project as the product name would lead you to believe.
by TampaGuy
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Not an hour! Very good product.
Overall--very good product. The screws are a bit inferior. The head of some rounded out. I replaced most with better hardware. For instance--one of the heads of the large screw was oblong and basically sliced in half. Two of the nuts broke in half. USE A 4X6 TOP BEAM!!!! The directions call for a 4x4 which flexes way too much. I didn't do this, so I had to go back and sister the 4x4 with a pair of 2x6's and a 5/4 deck board for a cap. It doesn't budge now. Bonus--it left a rectangular opening in which I installed low voltage LED lighting and tied into my landscaping lights.
by Smokytrail
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Glad I purchased
My daughter kept telling me year after year she wanted a swing set, but I was not willing to spend $1000 - $2000 on a new swing set - and any nice ones I found on Craigslist were not much less than the new ones, and they usually required you to disassemble and transport yourself. So I said, screw it, I can build one myself. Then I found this kit on the Home Depot site and looked like it would make doing it yourself a little easier, so I bought one. I spent less than $100 on wood, opting for the 10 foot 4x4 and bought an extra swing. All told it was about $200. Took me a weekend to assemble (they say it takes a couple hours, give me a break). You will definitely need someone to help you, at least when you get to the point where you need to flip it upright. The instructions were pretty clear and easy to follow. I can't think of anything negative to say about it. We've had the swingset for a couple months now and my daughter loves it. Don't buy the big, expensive swing set. This is all you need. Do it yourself and save money!
by Scott
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Very sturdy and easy to assemble.
All wood needs to be purchased separately. Easy to assemble, but takes about three hours, not one hour to complete everything. Also need to make stakes out of 2x4's that are about 12 to 18 inches long and mount them vertically with the screws provided on each leg. Dig holes in the ground and insert the stakes in the ground to secure the swing set safely in the ground so it doesn't move. Other swings, such as baby swings, can be hung on the set as required.
by grungedude
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Good Value
We wanted a swingset for our kids but did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on one. So we decided to get this set and we are very happy with it. I bought the lumber at Home Depot too, and some wood stain/ weather coating. Total cost for the wood and stain was about $70 so the whole project was $170. It was pretty wasy to put together, but it took about 4 hours, not hour and I am relatively handy. You will need a partner for a couple steps. We used the configuration with a 10' cross piece to add a third baby swing, which we already had. The kit comes with the bracket hardware for a third swing, so if you want a third one, all you have to do is buy an extra swing, and get a 10' 4" x4" instead of a 5th 8' post. On the 10' configuration, the swings are a tad too close to each other for my liking and if the kids are on at the same time and start so swing a little sideways, they can bang into each other a little, but its not a problem if they are swinging straight. I was worried about the cross beam sagging under the kids' weight but I have not noticed that at all. Although the kids are only 40 lbs, 50 lbs and a 20 lbs baby. The chains for the swings are rubber coated where the kids hold on which is nice. Our kids absolutely love this swingset and they are on it every day. You can easily adjust the swing height which is nice. We stained it a nice natural tone, which we think looks good in our yard.
by SuperDad
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Just as described, will last for years
Glad I decided to go this route instead of those cheap cedar kits. The kids just want to swing, not climb rocks or sit in some tiny fort. Be sure to get some good, straight, pressure treated wood for this kit (all the wood was around $60). Make sure you have the first two holes (from the edges) on the top bar drilled perfectly at 5.5 inches apart or you will struggle when you attach the A-frames to the top. Also, make the stakes 24" instead of 18". I used a 15 lb sledge to drive them into the ground - it does not move at all, even when I'm swinging (195 lbs). The hardware has at least one extra of every part except the 4 bolts, so no worries there. Once the wood dries out, I plan to stain and seal it to make it look like red cedar - it should look even better then. Total invested was under $200 (had to buy the third swing).
by superdad
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We love this product!
We were replacing a smaller metal swingset that had seen much better days in the sea of beige around Las Vegas does not lend itself to a large yard and other wooden swingsets would not fit in the space we have, so we used this option. We couldn't be happier ..we no longer worry about our l'il one and neighbor kids being on the swingset together as this option both fits in our space and easily supports their weight ...we hired a handyman to put it together and concrete it into the ground and he said it was a simple kit to assemble and he plans on offering this product and installation as one of his skills ..we are very satisfied with this purchase and its installation.
by PennDragonArt
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Yes it was easy to assemble and cheap but the hardware is worthless. Purchased summer 2018, asse...
Yes it was easy to assemble and cheap but the hardware is worthless. Purchased summer 2018, assembled October 2018. Broken December 2018, replaced hardware broke again March 2019. My granddaughters swinging on it both weigh less than 90 pounds.
by GG
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We do have a 5 year warranty. Please contact us at or 800-888-1232 SwingnSlide
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