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Customer Reviews for TCP Connected Smart LED Light Bulb Starter Kit with 3 A19 LED Light Bulbs & Remote

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Model #LCS3LD11

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One of the best purchases I've made in a long time!
Very easy to install and operate. Easily connects while at home and away. It would be great if our local stores carried the bulbs in stock. Currently they just carry the starter kit. We'll see if it is cheaper/faster to order here or prime. Either way....this is an awesome purchase and great gift idea!
by CWatson
Works like a dream
Installed easily and works perfectly for our living room overhead light that does not have a light switch in this 1887 Victorian house.
by JR358
Great product with minor annoyance
Simple INITIAL setup, works fine in a 2600+ sf house. My only complaints are the app is a bit weird and not super intuitive plus to set up schedules is a bit of a pain. Took a bit of playing but not terrible. Would be nice if there were a built-in function to randomize on/off for when you're away. You have to build multiple Smart Controls to accomplish this. At least there's a web interface to manage everything. But, for the money this can't be beat.
Bit of a learning curve
Product works well. I personally could use more detailed directions for set up and use.
by LikesApps
Nice light kit and works will dimmer switches
Very nice LED light bulb and WIFI gateway device. Bulbs do make some noise so they aren't for absolute quiet rooms. But good light and fun to play with via your smart phone. Wifi feature is more of a toy than useful.
by N2jeepin
Great product, easy install, better than WEMO, could use better documentation
Bought this on Amazon before I found out that HD was a bit cheaper. Opened the box and had it working in 5 minutes. The little remote is a pleasant bonus, lots of fun. I can now control the lights in our vacation house on my iPhone from 3000 miles away. Installation of the TCP controller was super easy and successful, unlike some other wifi things I use. I have also tried WEMO light switch product which was very difficult installation. It failed time after time until I placed the WEMO controller inches from the wifi hub... even then it said that it wasn't connected, but it actually was working. Nothing like the ease of the TCP products. The only thing I might suggest to TCP is include a printed manual. The only instructions that came with the three bulb kit I bought is printed on the tab of the box in very small letters and pictures. it is easy once you understand it, but a wordier explanation and bigger text and pictures in a separate pamphlet would make us "over-60" users much happier and more confident.
by CapeCodDIY
Simple to install and easy to use
Less expensive than other products. I like the ability to add additional fixtures when needed.
by Annc
Nice kit, but Software Stinks
The TCP kit is nice and well made. The bulbs give off very pleasant light, and when everything is working, it is a delight to operate. However, I found the software very confusing, and the lack of a comprehensive manual is disappointing. Email customer service was good, however.
by Snah
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tcpip LED kit
This product works wonderfully, I had one bad LED blub which did funtion correctly but the control, remote, and other two LED blubs have been working great. Setup was very easy and once installed its has been funtioning just as I wanted it to in every aspect. I hope they do not change anything about the software or security in the future. I plan to buy more of them, this one works perfectly.
by BigAl
Great product
This is a great product. Works very well. Setup and installation is easy. I am planning on buy more LED bulbs to add to the system.
by Samalibhai
Showing 1-10 of 19 reviews