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Customer Reviews for TOTO Drake 2-Piece 1.6 GPF Single Flush Round Toilet in Cotton White

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Model #cst743s#01

  • Powerful but quiet with innovative G-max flushing system
  • Round bowl shape maximizes space
  • Toilet seat sold separately

Customer Reviews

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    out of 204 reviews
  • 92% recommend this product
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Great toilets. Highly recommend. Great flush when it's needed. Great for kids. Like the "normal h...
Great toilets. Highly recommend. Great flush when it's needed. Great for kids. Like the "normal height" so much better than ada. I'm 5'-6". I had a 11 inch rough in & this 12" rough toilet worked with about 1/2inch to spare from back of toilet to the wall & 1/8 from baseboard. (I have thick baseboards). I read this model can fit on as little as a 10.75 rough in. I don't have quarter round on the baseboard.
by Jodi
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This is our second purchase of this model toilet and it was based on the superior performance of ...
This is our second purchase of this model toilet and it was based on the superior performance of the first one bought 9 years ago. It's worth the extra money to buy a Toto toilet. We have one more to replace in our house and it will be another Toto, but this time it will be the tall, elongated version.
by Julz
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Drake Toto Toilet - The Best By Far
I was able to install the Toto toilet very easily. Materials are of highest quality. With this installation, we now have Toto toilets in all bathrooms except one, and that one will definitely be replaced soon with a Toto! They never clog, even when our 6 grandsons visit at the same time! Best toilet on the market in my estimation.
by Elliott
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Flushes clean, water efficient
We have been using this toilet for about ten days now, and it has flushed clean every time. The noise level is about the same as our previous toilet, which is not bad, and it seems to be very water efficient. We like the size and shape of this toilet since we were remodeling a rather small bathroom, and the dimensions of this Toto Drake toilet gave us a few more inches, and seemed to open up the bathroom, even with the addition of a bidet which we did not have before. My only concern is that the handle style seems to be unique to this brand, so when I wanted to change the handle to match the rest of the bathroom fixtures, I could not. But that is a very minor point.
by Grumpy
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Love this toilet, great purchase!
I had been having consistent problems with the old toilet that was in the house I bought 2 years ago. I finally decided to replace it, did some research and came across this one. It had great reviews on various websites, so I decided to buy it. It arrived on time and in great condition. I have never replaced a toilet before, and had my mom (who also had never done it before) help me install it. Only one slight issue--it seems like the tank doesn't sit on the bowl very securely. We had issues getting it aligned properly during the installation. Make sure you have a level on hand for the job too! I couldn't find mine, so we used a book and a glass of water in lieu of the missing level. It worked well enough, and we got it installed correctly on the first shot (no leaks!). Overall, this was a fantastic purchase, and I will be buying a second one now for the basement bathroom! You can't beat the quality, value, and performance at this price! It has such a quick and powerful flush, but not loud--just whoosh! and it's gone. All of it. I've seen toilets cost twice this price and only flush half the job. I love it, and highly recommend to others. Don't forget to buy a lid too, it doesn't come with one.
by Jenn
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It works!!
Great toilet. Easy to install, flushes well, lots of power. Very pleased with the purchase.
by Tricia K
It can handle a lot
Great standard toilet. Had it installed for 2 months and it has been able to handle the largest and hardest of poos! 5 Stars. I bought 2 of these toilets.
by DaBa
Toto toilets are the best. Large water tank and super efficient flushing system. Only negative is this model is very short , needs to be taller style.
by K Tiedeman
No more clogs
Wow, i'm sure impressed. When I installed it and saw it flush i thought i'm in trouble barely any water is flowing. Then nature called. Full disclosure i'm known throughout the land for clogging toilets. Still no clogs a week later. Very well designed. It had odd markings on the back of the tank that i was told was normal and that people can't see anyway but are a bit odd.
by TK123
Pleasant Flushings
This is a flushing good toilet! Everything gets blasted down in one flush.
by Golden
Showing 1-10 of 204 reviews