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Customer Reviews for Teknor Apex Neverkink 5/8 in. x 75 ft. Heavy Duty Garden Hose

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Model #8605 75

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  • Kink-resistant pipe offers an uninterrupted water flow
  • Crush-resistant couplings avoid leakage and withstand heavy loads
  • Anti-microbial protection shields the hose from mold and mildew

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inferior metal ends
I have no problems with kinks. being from the boating industry, coil and uncoil. that's operator error. I have one hose with a brass nozzle on it, and because of electrolysis, brass and very cheap aluminum. it's impossible to remove the nozzle. I have one hose with no nozzle on it, and is less than a month old. and is oxidizing, pitting, dissolving on its own. can only use cheap plastic nozzles. even then it's still going to dissolve
by irie4i
Extremely disappointed with this hose. Despite all of my efforts they kink CONSTANTLY. I have two 100ft and one 75ft, I've tried them on hose reels and loose and the outcome is the same. They always kink and most of the time they kink in multiple places. I attached a photo of an every day occurrence of three KINKS in less than 20ft of hose. Also the gauge on the female end of the hose make it impossible to put on a reel, it KINKS on the attachment. BUY ANY OTHER HOSE!
by KyleB
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Kinks and stretches
I bought 2 100 foot hoses in the Spring. They kink up just as much as a "Regular Hose" and one of them is expanding in the middle of the hose in 3 places. I wish I kept my receipt but it was 3 months ago. I will never buy this product again. Check out the hose in the photo. There are 3 places in the hose like this and I never leave the water on or pressure in the hose. I always bleed it out when I roll it up.
by TRoy120
Response from TeknorApexSupportAug 12, 2020

We are very sorry that you problems with your hose and they did perform as they should have. Please contact our customer service team at 800-289-6786 TeknorApex
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We have had the hose about 2 months and is blistered and burst, springing more than a leak. Taking it back to HD for a replacement. I am not sure I would buy another one.
by Bobby77
Response from TeknorApexSupportJul 20, 2020

I am so sorry that you experienced this issue and apologize that it did perform as it should have. Please contact our customer service team if you experience any issues when you return you hose to the store.

Thank you TeknorApex
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Always kink
I have had this Hose for 11 months it constantly kinks I am surprised it took this long before it leaked.
by Baddhose
Response from TeknorApexSupportJul 17, 2020

We are very sorry to hear that your hose is not performing as it should. Please feel free to contact our customer service team at 800-289-6786.

Thank you! TeknorApex
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no kink. may be so for 10 seconds
As soon as open the package hose kinked. It is yes-kink, not no-kink. Joke product
by mike
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Hose works very well and seems to be better made than others we have owned.
Hose works very well and seems to be better made than others we have owned.
by GreenThumbDave
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Leaks like a sieve. Doesn't fit well onto hose bib
It takes a special kind of talent to screw up a hose - but this manufacturer rises to that occasion. Hose was a pain to get connected to the hose bib. Like the threaded piece isn't long enough or something. It felt like it only screwed-in about 3/4 of a turn before bottoming out. Naturally I retried several times - same result. Upon turning on - leaked like a sieve. Naturally, I assumed the connection between hose and bib wasn't tight - so I went and got a wrench to tighten it. This helped - but it continued to leak like crazy from below - like where the rubber part went into the connector. Solution: The broken hose I was going to throw away and replace this hose with turned out to be a whole lot better of an option. I was able to avoid Covid-19 be buying it curbside - but now still get a second-chance to get it having to return it in-person.
by BradGoodman
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Never kink, maybe.... leak? absolutely!!!!!!
Purchased last month, two 100 ft hoses. Connected them tight and they leak. I hate having to return them to a store during this pandemic so I will probably live with it but I would not buy again.
by KevinFromNY
Response from TeknorApexSupportMay 14, 2020
Hi Kevin,

We are so sorry that this happened. You certainly do not have to live with this as we understand the concern many have with entering a store right now. Please contact our customer service team at 800-289-6786 and they will be happy to assist you.

Thank you! TeknorApex
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Less than a year
I bought this hose due to the high pressure of water that comes out of the spigot on the front of my house. Goofy plumbing from what I'm told since its before the pressure regulator in the house. Anyways I typically only open the valve half way and get plenty of pressure. Kids ended up opening it all the way and then forget about it so of course it blows the house out even after less than a year of having it. It says lifetime warranty but why spend hours of my time trying to get a new hose when they'll probably end up telling me I didn't store it properly. Warranties are written to protect the company...not the consumer. Needless to say I wont be buying another one. A lot of money to spend on a water hose after not even a year.
by Chris548
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