Customer Reviews for TrafficMaster Capel Timber 6 in. x 24 in. Matte Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile (17 sq. ft. / case)

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  • Provides the look of wood and the durability of ceramic tile
  • Perfect for kitchen and bathroom floors, walls, and backsplashes
  • Made for indoor only residential and commercial use

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Love this beautiful tile. Best color for my boutique salon....
Love this beautiful tile. Best color for my boutique salon.
by PNP
This tile is very pretty BUT looks are very deceiving! I wish I would have known how poor the quality of this tile was before we installed it in over 2300 sq ft. I guess I should have known with the price being so low that the quality would be so bad. The tile chips so easily. You can't drop anything on it without it chipping. I dropped a butter knife on it and it chipped! Now we have a house full of chipped tiles! After we had already installed the tile we started doing a quality test with some of the other tile samples we had gotten. All were ceramic and all were within the same price. My husband got a screwdriver and started banging it on each tile...guess which was the only tile to chip? You guessed it, this one! So I suggest you do a quality test on your tiles before installing. Learn from our mistakes and don't buy this tile!
by Azgirl
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Super neutral look
Love it! Super easy install, affordable, & not too wooden looking. I wanted rectangular tiles but nothing that was a strong wood look. These are perfect! I used Capel Bianco Oyster gray grout
by Sarah
Capel Timber & Earth color Grout
I am Very happy thanks to Home Depot and the great Installers. They used Used the Earth color Grout & I wanted the thinnest possible grout line in the color “Earth”. I think It Looks Great, It looks just like a wood floor only with the durable of tile.
by DJ
Looks amazing in real life
The real capel timber color is much darker with lots of variation on the tiles. Normally, I don't like high variation, but this one works. It was easy to cut with no chipping. I went with a matching grout instead of a light grout as shown on the display. Staggering the design made it harder to install, but it was worth it. If you can find this tile, get it. It is dirt cheap, and looks amazing. I used only 3.5 boxes for my 5x9 bathroom. No breakage in the boxes.
by dthomp
I was surprised by the price of the tile because it appeared to be a great tile. I read the reviews and one reviewer made comment that the grout seeped into the tile and he had to remove the tile because of the severe change to the color of tile. I asked at Home Depot if this was common and he replied that the installer was most likely not experienced and had left the grout on too long. I chose the grout "Bone" because I wanted to coordinate with the wall subway tile. My very experienced installer grouted yesterday and the tile absorbed the grout! I am so glad I went with a lighter grout or I may have lost my mind. I chose this tile not for the price but for the color which goes perfectly with my scheme. I am disappointed and want to warm buyers that this could happen. Some tiles are much worse than others.
by yvmama
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Excellent high end look without the price!
We renovated two apartments using this tile and it was exactly the look I was going for without the high price tag! We have used porcelain with a similar look for 3 to 4 times the price. The only drawback is that these are ceramic and brittle and chip easily. Simply dropping a screwdriver from waist height will chip in the tile. Make sure you buy extra so that if you need to replace any in the future it can be done. I highly recommend due to the price point and look of the tile. The matte finish feels good on your feet too!
by Chris
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No broken or chips out of 5 boxes! Inexpensive - Easy to put down - thick - very nice - Matte - n...
No broken or chips out of 5 boxes! Inexpensive - Easy to put down - thick - very nice - Matte - no shine - hides dirt well
by angelle303
I went back and forth about this tile for a long time. It seemed that the color looked different ...
I went back and forth about this tile for a long time. It seemed that the color looked different in every picture I saw, and in person, the tile had a gray look to it. In some of the review pictures, I liked how the tile looked, and in others I did not like the look. I had a theory that the tile was taking on the color of the grout that people had chosen, so I decided to take a chance on this tile and chose to pair it with the "linen" color grout. I am so glad I did because it came out looking great. When paired with the linen grout, this tile has a farmhouse wood plank look, which is what I was going for. There were some dye-lot issues, but this was easily solved by dispersing them throughout for a varied look. The tile is also very matte, and it not slippery at all, even when wet. I am very happy with this tile! And can't beat the price. I am including 2 pictures, one picture before grout was applied and one after grout was applied.
by CapelTimber
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Great Tile
Used this in the bathroom and it went very smoothly. Didn't have to use self leveler because this tile has a more rounded edge and is forgiving. Can't beat it when less than $1.00 a square foot. Didn't use the expensive thinset and it is working out just fine, bought the cheapest thinset there is from home depot, no cracks. I would recommend using a darker brown grout. The light stuff makes it look less like a wood floor. Also did a hodge podge layout where each row was different. Looks better.
by Steven
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Showing 1-10 of 259 reviews