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  • Features Face Recognition, Human and Abnormal Sound Detection
  • Night vision delivers sharp images even in complete dark
  • Fully integrated 2-way microphone lets you greet visitors on door

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A compact (relatively) device providing motion sensing, live video and audio (bi-directional) for connection to an existing wired doorbell system, all the items necessary for installation are included in the kit, including a drill bit for installing screw anchors and a two headed (Phillips and torx) screwdriver for making connections and securing the faceplate in place. The instructions note the need to ascertain compatibility of the door chime with the SmartCamD1 to avoid possible damage. I installed this with an electronic chime and, once set up, it operated without any difficulty. The camera offers a choice of three different resolutions, however even on the lo-res setting the image was adequate (see screen shot photo). Except where locally prohibited, facial recognition is possible to annunciate the present of preselected persons. Live video is available on demand and two way audio communication is provided. The field of view is 150 degrees…offering a wide view in the direction the camera is facing. Although bright sun will cause some lens flare when in line with the camera, a usable image is still obtained (again..see screen shot). The night vision capability (black and white) is adequate even without supplementary lighting. The device can be setup to detect when specific sounds or motion in specific zones (up to 3) are detected and the option is provided to obtain “cloud” storage for recording purposes. The hardware installation is straightforward and clear instructions are supplied. This primarily involves installation of the “power stabilizer” module at the door chime terminals and replacement of your existing pushbutton with the SmartCam device. Downloading the App is quick and setup of the device proceeded relatively smoothly….there was a minor discrepancy between the instructions and the SmartCam Wi-Fi name, but phone support was available and quickly resolved the issue to permit completing the set up. There was also an initial issue with Wi-Fi signal strength due to the relative position of the router and the SmartCam device which may require relocating one’s router or adding extenders for your Wi-Fi network. In all, a useful addition for convenience (knowing who is at your door without having to open it) and peace of mind for those times when one is not at home but wants to monitor activity in the area of the door.
by DonK
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This SmartCam D1 Wired Doorbell with Facial Recognition by Wisenet works well as described. Havi...
This SmartCam D1 Wired Doorbell with Facial Recognition by Wisenet works well as described. Having an existing wired 16 - 24 VAC doorbell makes for an easy installation. The WiFi interface is a little slow to connect at first via my Samsung Galaxy 7 phone but once connected it worked fine. My old mechanical doorbell no longer rings so I'll replace it with an electronic one which is way overdue anyway. The mobile app interface has several options, settings, and sensitivity levels to meet ones specific needs. The video and sound quality is very good however there is a 2 - 3 second delay in real time.
by FlyersFanForLife
I ordered this WiFi video doorbell from, and it arrived on time, packaged well,...
I ordered this WiFi video doorbell from, and it arrived on time, packaged well, and undamaged. The contents of this package include the video doorbell, three face plates (Gold, Black, and Silver), a power extension kit, mounting hardware, screw driver, drill bit, and instructions. As with all Video Doorbells, this doorbell is only as effective as your WiFi, and cellular network. If you have spotty cellular coverage or mount this video doorbell too far from your wireless router, you will probably not be able to see any video or get any notifications, and if you do get video it'll probably be grainy, and choppy. Even if you do have good cellular coverage and mount your video doorbell within range of your wireless router, if your phone needs to be unlocked to answer doorbell notifications, there is the potential that you could still miss people that were at your door. UPS delivery men for example may just drop the package, ring the bell, and leave. If you don't open the app immediately, you may never see them. That's just a fact of life, and should be common knowledge. If your phone lock is causing you missed doorbell notifications, then turn off your phone lock, or choose an easier way of unlocking. Other than the inherent issues with any video doorbell, and phones, I'd say this doorbell works well, and looks nice.
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I am not too pleased with this unit and have a bit of a mixed rating with this version of the sma...
I am not too pleased with this unit and have a bit of a mixed rating with this version of the smart door cam +. I am basing this review primarily using the smart cam without a subscription and the lack of functionality without said subscription. On one hand the product itself is great and on the other hand without a subscription the product is VERY LIMITED. So first off I had to sign up for the 14 day free trial just to change the options to get my mechanical door bell inside the house to work. Without the your door bell chime inside the house working all you will get is the notification (if you set it in the app) on your phone and the door bell at the door button/cam itself (which is useless because you are inside and most likely will not hear it) problem is that if you are relying on the app to notify you of someone ringing the door bell it is a shot in the dark. Sometimes the notification is I within a about 30 seconds other times I will receive the notification long after I have already answered the door and said goodbye. I was waiting for the trial period to end to determine if my ability to change the settings will go away but I was automatically extended another 183 of free service so I cannot find out before I could write this review but I am assuming that my ability to change the chime functions will be lost once the period is over. I also tried third party apps and none of them work only the smart cloud app. I did have trouble setting up the camera through the phone and finally ended up setting up the camera through the website > which is not mentioned that you could do such a thing in the instruction manual. Also Chrome does not work with their program only Internet Explorer. PRO: -Hardware installation was a snap. A screw driver is all you need which was included along with wire connections. The stabilizer does not fit inside the chime box so I had to leave it on the outside. No big deal it just looks funny (see pic) - Door button replacement was also a breeze. -On the phone app you can View, Zoom in with your fingers, take snap photos, and 30 second manual recording during the live feed. -Descent night vision capture. - Up to 4 “hot” spot zones you can set for detecting human activity so the camera can ignore the rest of the area(s). -Unusual sound notification. -2 way communication, although depending on your network this function may not work. The manual does mention this issue and mine did not work but I can listen to what is happening outside. - 3 face plate options to mach your liking or decor > chrome, gold, black - 3 quality video settings Low, Med, High but i find Low quality is sufficient for most everyday use and recording. Cons: -For best usage a subscription service is required -Automatic / Event video capture / recording only works with a subscription. At least the older version has an SD card in the doorbell that recorded locally and then you could download events on your computer. -I am only able to connect to their server about 80% of the time. The other 20% I would receive a server time out message which would last for about 2-3 hours before I am able to get connected again. -At this time the product is not compatible with third party vendors, application, or personal home security networks Overall I do not recommend this Doorbell Smart Cam because of the lack of recording ability and other much needed basic functions that one would expect would come with a Doorbell camera, without a subscription. If you are ok with an ongoing subscription then this doorbell may work for you. Checkout their website before purchasing and determine what subscription base and cost before you buy > Hope that helps you in making an informed decision.
by Aaron
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Very nice smart doorbell. The image quality at day and night is quite impressive. The physical ...
Very nice smart doorbell. The image quality at day and night is quite impressive. The physical setup was relatively easy for someone who has never installed a smart doorbell before. Word of caution: make sure to measure the area you plan to install the doorbell to ensure the smart doorbell will fit! It is MUCH larger than your typical doorbell at about 1.25" wide and 6" tall. The trim around my door where the old doorbell is installed got slightly in the way of the installation, but worked out for me because the doorbell is recessed next to the brick fascia and the angle the trim gave the doorbell camera is perfect! Minus one star goes to the subscription required for cloud support. Be sure to look into the subscription levels before purchasing so you're aware of the continued costs of the doorbell. Plans start at $5.. Yes, you can use the doorbell without a subscription, but the recording, alert, web video streaming, and other web-based features won't be available. It really is a nice doorbell, but it will cost more than the sticker price to get all of the features. Also, WiseNet is owned/supported by Samsung so they are quality products.
by Simplehuman
I had to return this product do to poor performance. Also, the online manag...
I had to return this product do to poor performance. Also, the online management of video was discontinued.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Would not connect to existing or replacement doorbell. Technical assistance...
Would not connect to existing or replacement doorbell. Technical assistance help line had no idea why I was struggling with the install. Exchanged it for the Nest camera doorbell and we are much happier with a better product for the same price.
by Rhonda
We love a good video doorbell, we've tried out a few options in the past, but this is our favorit...
We love a good video doorbell, we've tried out a few options in the past, but this is our favorite option, by far. The level of customization is phenomenal. We love that you can add trusted faces to your library. It's great for family and friends and even the mail carriers. Highlighting the motion sensor trigger entry points is great, as well. It's nice to highlight your sidewalk and other entry points for more accurate notifications. I love the sound detection feature. It's great to know if there's a loud bang, breaking glass, or sirens in the area of your home. The pictures quality is great, in both day and night vision. A really nice product with lots of great features. I would definitely recommend this if you have small children or are away from home for long periods of time. It provides peace of mind, for sure.
by BeckyS
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I had terrible issues getting this setup. The LED colors mentioned in the instruction guide are i...
I had terrible issues getting this setup. The LED colors mentioned in the instruction guide are incorrect (ex: green vs. yellow), but I was able to eventually get it connected to my WiFi network. After finally connecting, it refused to communicate with the server to do the final product registration. I had my laptop open connected to the router, and I was able to see the doorbell request an IP, get assigned an IP, but then it refused to generate any network traffic. It just sat there waiting like it didn't have an IP address. I tried resetting the device and the app multiple times and hoping between the 5Ghz and 2Ghz networks but neither worked better. I eventually got it working by assigning it a static IP address instead of letting it resolve one through DHCP. Once I finally cleared all the network issues and got it running I found the quality and reaction time pretty good. To be fair, it's no better or worse than the Ring Doorbell (which I used prior to this one). I did have some issues with the doorbell not triggering the chime (it is a chime listed as being supported), so I had to add a resister to get everything working, but I also had to do that with the Ring. The app is fairly easy to use and the doorbell includes several colored faceplates which makes matching your door handles very easy. The doorbell is about the same size as the Ring unit, which is much larger than a normal doorbell (so make sure you have a vinyl siding mounting block). I have concerns that the Average Joe isn't going to be able to work through some of these installation issues.
by DIYinOH
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Pretty simple to install as its all just low voltage wiring. I have a mechanical chime, and I've ...
Pretty simple to install as its all just low voltage wiring. I have a mechanical chime, and I've read several reviews saying this doesn't work with mechanicals, but I picked it up anyway and thought I'd try it. Hooked it up as they said to in the simple instructions, and wouldn't ya know it didn't activate the chime when I pushed the button. You hear a ding-dong when you push the button ouside, buit nothing inside. Then it occurred to me that since this is low voltage AC power, with it being AC whoever installed the chime last may have wired it backwards. It honestly shouldn't matter being AC power, but I reversed the wires at the chime anyway. Now when I press teh button I hear a ding-dong outside from the button, and a ding-dong inside from my mechanical chime. Works fine. The phone app works fine too. Not a huge amount of features or anything, but what do you really need? I get notifications when someone rings the bell, setup an area in the picture to notify me of Human Detection (people in my front yard or the driveway, but not the street in front of my yard). It records video automatically on detection, and I can view that from my phone so I can see the postman dropping off a package and such. Also,as this is essentially a Samsung wireless camera, I was able to connect it to my NVR (network video recorder) with my other Foscam cameras, so now I have 24/7 video recording of any motion in my front yard or driveway, and the street in front of that. Night vison seems to work pretty well too. Not sure why you need face detection seperate from human detection, but it is there regardless. Glad I picked this up as part of the program though as I'm not sure it is worth the cost for just a wireless camera with a dorrbell button, which is really all it is. The online service to save your video and such is an extra monthly cost, which I did not sign up for.
by Buzz
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