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  • Very High End appearance
  • June 27, 2016
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

The vanity is beautiful and with the marble top is very high end in appearance, really updated my bathroom. The size is perfect, love the height, the details are beautiful.Cons: can't use the cabinet shelf because the plumbing takes up the space. Mirror arrived broken. Home Depot was great and immediately arranged with the manufacturer to send a replacement. A few days later the manufacturer, Wyndam contacted me by email to say that rather than send a replacement they would reimburse me for taking it to a local glass shop for repair. They could not guarantee that the replacement wouldn't also arrive broken. I explained that I had no way to transport such a large mirror and this is why I paid for inside delivery. My contractor agreed to take it to have the glass repaired. I communicated this back to the manufacturer's representative and pointed out that there would be an additional charge for him doing this. I did not receive a response and so I proceeded. When I got the bill I emailed it to Wyndam and they responded that they could only reimburse $100, not the $200 my contractor billed me. Had I known there was a limit I would have made that clear to the contractor. Had I known that it would cost me $100 to handle the issue myself I would have simply had them ship me a new mirror and keep shipping them until one arrived intact. If they ship furniture why can't they insure that it will arrive unbroken? This put a sour note on the entire transaction. I would be very careful in dealing with this manufacturer in future.

Pros Looks Great, Good Size & Weight, Great Value Cons broken mirror poor customer service

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Mission Viejo
55 to 64, Female
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By: Peggy
  • Poor Quality for the price, but Good Service from the Manufacturer
  • April 27, 2015

The delivery guys were good, but they didn't bring things to the second floor - though that wasn't specified in the original notes for the order. A quick call to Home Depot got our delivery charge reversed so that was nice. However, the first top arrived with some areas that looked like they had been scratched and buffed out so they didn't have the same finish as the rest of the surface. After another call to Home Depot, and then the manufacturer, they were able to send a replacement top. The second one had the same sort of defect, but only in one spot in the back near where the faucet goes in so it is mostly blocked from view. Good enough. After the install though, we noticed that the doors were all cracking along the seams. and two were actually splitting on the flat parts in one or two spots. I replied back to the email I had going back and forth with the manufacturer asking to get replacement doors. After sending some pictures of the defects, they said they are going to ship out new doors as well. They are due to arrive in about 4-6 weeks from now, so I hope they come in with no problems... but that remains to be seen. All in all, this piece didn't live up to the quality I expect for the price. On the plus side, the drawers seem solid and slide smoothly, and the mirrors are really nice. However, the manufacturer was responsive and helpful in trying to make up for their shortcomings.

Pros Sleek, Easy to Install, Stylish, Modern, Good Use of Space Cons Quality

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Sayville, NY
25 to 34, Male
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By: Michael
  • Beautiful white vanity
  • July 02, 2016
  • Recommended Product

Adore the look of this vanity. was very hard to find a single sink white vanity with mostly drawers with more detailed doors (most white vanities look to modern for my taste). I actually didn't want the mirror since I already had a wall to wall mirror but its nice so I will probably use it elsewhere in my house. I also wasn't thrilled about the marble top as marble stains so easily. But the top is beautiful, darker than on the photos though, I sealed it and it will be good to go. Note the sink does not come attached to the countertop, which is fine, just a bit more work. Vanity is bright white, drawers are smooth gliding and store so much. My one complaint would be the knobs on the vanity, they don't come in any other options and I would have preferred satin nickel. But they work for now and I will replace them at some point. If you are thinking about getting this vanity, do it, its really beautiful and you won't be disappointed!

Pros Depth, Easy to Clean, High Quality, Looks Great, Performs Well, Solid, Sturdy

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By: workoutgirl5
  • Very disapointed in the quality of this vanity.
  • March 19, 2014

Areas of cabinet front are not fully stained. Manufacturer says that they don't have the stain to match and I will have to find it on my own. There is an issue with the drawers on the left side. It appears that the opening is warped (bowed in the middle) and the drawers are rubbing. I have some big gouges on the sides of the drawers and they are still a tight fit. I did not contact HD about this. If they can't get stain from the manufacturer...I highly doubt that they will be able to solve the drawer issue.

Cons Quality, Performance
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45 to 54, Female
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By: mshamlin
  • The product is of poor quality.
  • April 07, 2013

The sink is not shaped uniformly and the surface finish is of poor quality. The drain plug cannot be seated properly and water pools around it, so I have to replace the sink. The marble top is so soft that it has a scratch in it already, despite the fact that I have been very careful with it. I am very dissatisfied with this product.

Pros Looks Great, Stylish Cons Quality, Difficult to Use, Performance, Difficult to Install, Maintenance


45 to 54, Female
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By: Dissatisfied
  • Just installed this Wyndham Collection Vanity in our master bath. We love the style and looks an...
  • February 04, 2017

Just installed this Wyndham Collection Vanity in our master bath. We love the style and looks and the mirror is very nice. the only reason I would not recommend this vanity is because the drawer guides were uneven and I had to make adjustments to get the right spacing (one of the drawers was rubbing on the one below it). The drawers are very difficult to remove and the runners are not spaced accurately, also the screws used on the runners were too small and a couple of them fell out and the guides fell off the drawer. For this price I am disappointed the company didn't used better hardware on the drawers and I am concerned about functional issues down the road.


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By: Tank
  • Excellent Vanity and mirror combination. Would buy again.
  • March 27, 2013
  • Recommended Product

Excellent craftsmanship on a beautiful piece of furniture, both vanity and mirror. You will need help moving into place as it is not made of veneers, but solidly build from real wood, at least 90%. Friends who have seen it love this well built unit. I would recommend to anyone and definitely check out other items from this manufacturer for future remodeling projects.

Pros Sturdy, Looks Great, Stylish, Solid, Great Value, High Quality
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Brandywine, MD 20613, USA
65 or over, Male
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By: Jerry
  • There was a defect on the vanity (finishing/painting), too much...
  • January 16, 2018

There was a defect on the vanity (finishing/painting), too much of an hassle to send it back and the unit is extremely heavy. I would prefer that the quality checks on the product aremore stringent.


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By: albaneg
  • Very nice vanity and Carrera top
  • August 10, 2015
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

Very happy with the high quality of this vanity, top, sink and mirror. Matches our carrera shower nicely. Know that the backspash comes already glued to the carrera top with heavy cement-type glue. Hadn't planned on that since the instructions said purchaser would have to glue the vanity and backsplash together. We paid someone to cut off the carrera backsplash (not an easy task) so we could add a mosaic backsplash that matched our shower. Our contractor did his magic to hide the scuff marks left on the top after the cutting. This vanity is a beautiful addition to our bathroom. Also know that the mirror is very heavy and large, but also very nice.

Pros Stylish, High Quality


55 to 64, Female
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By: HomeDepotCustomer
  • Add stated it was made of wood. I should have...
  • July 15, 2017

Add stated it was made of wood. I should have known better. It really should say plywood and glue. Compressed wood and epoxy.


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By: Dave