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Customer Reviews for iRobot Roomba i7+ Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal (7550)

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Model #i755020

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  • Empties on its own - don’t think about vacuuming for months
  • Multi-surface rubber brush works well on carpets and hard floors
  • Compatible with iRobot HOME app, Alexa and Google Assistant

Customer Reviews

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Waiting in limbo
After losing my 3 month old vacuum after warranty repair I was told they were sending me a new vacuum. Assured me it wasn't going to be a refurbished model. If they replace my lost like new model with a new model I will be satisfied.
by Pegram beeman
fails to empty bin
The whole reason i upgraded to this model was for the auto bin emptying. After 24 hrs of taking it out of the its “fails to empty bin” everytime. Which if i dont tend to it because im not home it doesnt start the next cycle. Ive cleaned it, wiped all the sensors, contacted customer service and still it happens. On a positive note, when it does clean, it cleans well!
by fails
Great for pet hair, but you never know whether it will start or finish. It will go days without working and then work for a few days. It is a constant challenge, but great when it works.
by What?
Response from IRobotPWRMar 24, 2021
Hello Lawson! Thank you for your feedback. Its is our goal to deliver a robot that you can love, and we are saddened to hear that this wasn't your experience. We see that you have reached out to our team for connectivity issues. Please continue to work with our robot experts, we are committed to fixing this issue for you. Thank you! -Sincerely, iRobot Customer Care
A must have
I love my Roomba!!! I know it's pricey, but for me it is definitely worth the expensive. I set it to run Monday-Saturday at 9. I have a cat and a dog, I never have hair on my floors, and my floors are a darker wood. The bag holds a lot more than you think, very easy to change. It is a little noisy but since I'm not home most days it is fine. When I am home it really doesn't bother me. I would recommend to anyone who has allergies since it cleans under beds and most furniture, helps keep the dust down. And to anyone who just likes clean floors everyday. Sometimes it's just the little things that make us happy!
by Darcy
Outstanding Vacuum
We have one on the main floor and one for our upstairs. As a previous EufyHome user, I can say these vacuums are superior in every way. I especially appreciate the emptying bin and that NONE of my dog's hair gets bound up in the machine due to the two rubber brushes. Genius. I could only imagine how good the S9 is. Maybe one day I'll know, but for now, I couldn't be more pleased with these vacuums.
by Josh L
Should come w/a broom & dustpan!
I took pics of the mess it leaves every time I use it in the bedroom with a large rug on a wood floor. It seems to be scraping dirt & pet hair off of the rug & then drops it when it rtns to the wood floor. I literally have to roll the rug up in order for Hazel to clean up after herself, or sweep it up myself. You should include a broom & dustpan with this thing.
by Josie
Response from IRobotPWRFeb 10, 2021
Hello! We are disheartened to hear of this experience with your Roomba i7+! The Roomba is designed to not leave dirt or dust behind while cleaning within your home. If you are finding that an area is providing difficulty for your Roomba. You would be able to utilize the Keep-Out Zones to prevent the Roomba from cleaning on this rug. You would also be able to set up a Clean Zone and have the Roomba clean just that rug. This model of the Roomba would have features and capabilities giving you flexibility in how your home is cleaned. To give you the tools to get the best clean. For further assistance you would be able to speak with our Technical Support team at 1-877-855-8593. Thank you for being part of our iRobot Family! Sincerely, iRobot Customer Care
Great little helper
We looked at vacs and read reviews for months. Eventually we decided on the i7 over the i9 based on reviews. Our plan was too deep clean once a week with our whole house vacuum system, and run "Alma" every other day between deep cleaning cycles. We have an Australian Shepherd who's is a shedding machine. After the first week we thought Alma was doing ok, but was she worth the dollars? So, after removing the dirt disposal bag, and using needle nose pliers I pulled out an incredible amount of dog hair, a 1'x1'x1' pile of dog hair! We were amazed of the hair Alma picked up between our weekly deep cleaning with out whole house vac. Alma is amazing! after 7 weeks and many run ties we are sold, Alma is a keeper. pros. 1. Programming was easy, maybe 5 minutes to set up the vac 2. Mapping is a breeze 3. No clean area are easy to set up 4. Scheduling is easy 5. Customer service was prompt and friendly 6. long run time - we have not had an issue of battery life or run time cons: 1. the rubber brushes and brush axles need to be cleaned of pet hair after every use, but not that big a deal.
by lakelizrd
Clean Base is only good if you are home
The product is great until the bin is full. I bought the i7 with cleanbase so that it would be a no hassle experience. What I have found out is once your bin is full the robot goes back to the base and sucks the dirt out, which is great, but then you have to press the button on top of the vacuum for it to resume cleaning. If you don't the job cancels in 90 minutes. So you either have to schedule many jobs during the day or stay home and monitor the vacuum so you can restart it when it gets done sucking the dirt out of it.
by Jc
Response from IRobotPWRJan 31, 2021
Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We understand your expectations for Recharge and Resume functioning. We find that in certain home environments, base placement is crucial to Roomba returning back to the base specifically during its initial Floor Conditioning phase. This will not be for the life of your robot, as Roomba brings the clean area to a baseline of clean. We also recommend using the Clean Zone function in homes with larger areas. This will allow Roomba to clean specific rooms/areas on a single charge and return to the base at the end of the mission. If you have any further needs for support, please reach out to our team at 1-877-855-8593. Thank you! -Sincerely, iRobot Customer Care
My husband decided that we would get a Roomba. We looked at models and decided on the one that em...
My husband decided that we would get a Roomba. We looked at models and decided on the one that empties itself. He purchased it online and picked it up in store on December 9, 2020. He named it "Missy". Hubby did all the set up and initializing. He put the app on his phone and responds to all of Missy's notifications and empties the canister when notified. He did what it takes to help Missy learn the house. When Missy empties into the canister she sounds like a small jet taking off! So powerful sounding. We are learning all her sounds and after 4 weeks we are pretty tuned out to her machine sounds. We are just careful not to step on her as we are retired and home most of the time she's operating. We are both very pleased and it has exceeded our expectations already. It's very systematic, leaving perfect lines on the carpet, just like my husband does. It looks so professional. Missy goes under our bed and dresser getting those hard to reach areas. Our dining room chairs are swivel and on wheels. She goes in and out of each leg that is available to her. It is amazing to watch. It's also fun to watch her dock. She's streamlined and attractive for a vacuum cleaner, too, all things considered. Our son and his wife have owned a different Roomba model for 7 years. It's still going strong and we hope to have the same longevity they've experienced, and more. They are who stimulated our interest in a Roomba. The model we bought is a little pricey for us but were happy to find it on sale. From what we've seen so far Missy will be worth it! We have 2 dogs and one is a German Shepherd who seems to shed with every breath she takes! I've acquired sniffles the last couple of months and I think the extra vacuuming might be the ticket to reduce that. I feel I'm already seeing it lessen. My husband has not complained about anything except this...something under her belly collects some dog hairs that don't go up with the suction. Usually when she's on a deep pile carpet. She leaves behind a little, twisted pile of dog hair occasionally. Maybe it collects in the rolling bar wheels and then falls off? However, for what she is put through it doesn't bother me. I just pick up a couple that are left on the carpet and toss them. Easy. It was just an interesting occurrence that's happened regularly on carpet. I would definitely recommend this model, at this point in time, if it fits into your budget. I never thought we would get one but I'm happy we decided to.
by Lori
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It's a Great Product
My husband and I have two puppies who spend a lot of time outside and one is a big shedder. I have to vacuum every day and sometimes twice a day. I also mop the main rooms where they spend most of their time every other day. The IRoomba has saved me so much time and energy.
by Nana "The Puppy Whisperer
Showing 1-10 of 1,218 reviews