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Customer Reviews for iRobot iRobot Braava jet m6 (6110) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Mop

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Model #m611020

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  • Precision jet spray facilitates efficient cleaning of dirt
  • Imprint Smart Mapping allows area-specific cleaning
  • Effective design enables automatic recharging for task completion

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Disappointing. I can't recommend it. It's "ok" but not great
I am relatively happy with my s Series S9+, but this m6 mop robot is more trouble than it's worth. At nearly $500, that is unacceptable. I cannot recommend it. Sometimes, it struggles to connect to the cloud, so it can't mop at those times. Usually, it needs attention before it can mop - fill the tank, change the pad, wait until some other time when it can connect to the cloud...or it gets stuck under cabinet edges and vanity edges. The worst thing is it can't clear the transition from a hallway to a bathroom, so cleaning that bathroom requires picking the robot up, carrying it into the bathroom, and manually running it. It can't get to the other bathroom either because there's a hallway runner rug it can't go over. So again, I have to carry it back there. So I end up using it mostly to clean the kitchen and entryway. But I bought it to clean the bathroom floors...and without my intervention it can't. So often I usually just grab a swiffer instead because it's SO MUCH LESS HASSLE than this (insert explicative!) robot. Had I realized it was going to require this much involvement, I'd have bought the much cheaper, smaller model, or a different brand that can navigate thresholds better and costs a lot less. Maybe a combo vac/mop model. If you have no thresholds, it's probably somewhat better. I had high hopes that they solved the transition issue with the latest software update that allowed adding a transition to the map. No luck. Still won't cross the transition. Tried it twice - it failed both times. (image of transition is shown below.)
by Still-Swiffering
Response from IRobotPWRApr 20, 2021
Thank you for your feedback! We certainly hope that Braava is meeting all of your expectations. While Braava may initially avoid navigating the threshold, we would recommend continuing to attempt to clean over this area. Braava's intelligent sensors learn and store information for future missions. Please reach out to our Robot Experts at 1-877-855-8593 if you have any issues getting Braava to navigate your home. Thank you! -Sincerely, iRobot Customer Care
Braava M6
I don't leave reviews very often, but I'm inspired to do so for this little robot. It was easy set up and get going. It does a great job--my floors never looked better. I have been using my Braava jet M6 for one year and still does the job, I'm so happy with my Braava, that I got a Roomba S9+ I have been using the Roomba S9 only for a week but a love it, they work together and do an amazing job
by Lorena
Its a great product!
Great for mopping & dry sweeping the only issue for me is there are times the app base connection has always a problem even i rebooted and reset and yet nothing happens then that was time i have to call the customer service over and over but kudos with their great customer service nothing to complain about
by Victor
Great product!
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Loved this product! When I received the iRobot free to test for review purposes, I was so excited! I am a wife and mom to four young kids trying as hard as I can to run my crazy busy household, and this product helped me out immensely. By the time I get my kids to bed at night and finish what needs to be done for the next day, I'm too exhausted to actually spend time cleaning my house. With the iRobot I was able to leave it running while I got other things done, so that was a HUGE help for me. It wasn't too noisy, so I didn't have a problem with letting it run while my kids were asleep, so that was a big bonus as well. The speed was a bit slow, so obviously, moping yourself would get the job done faster, but then again, I didn't have to do it myself, so there's really not that much to complain about that. It did what it is advertised to do, and I loved it. It left my floors clean and shiny! It did miss a couple of spots here and there and it cleaned, but not big spots that I couldn't just go over myself after, so that wasn't such a big deal. I am very happy with the results I got and highly recommend this product! It is perfect for anyone who has a busy house hold. It's a great time saver and fun to watch. I am looking forward to continuing to use my iRobot. Thank you for this opportunity BzzAgent! I never would have known about this product if it wasn't for your guys!
by Meira246
by Bob
Works very well
Was on the fence due to wide array of reviews. After a couple sessions in, I am very impressed with the M6. It works very well and our wood floors are noticeably clean. Extremely quiet as well. Highly recommended.
by Steve
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
The pad is so thin it just drags dirt...
The pad is so thin it just drags dirt all over the place
by Rob
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*The Smartest Robot Swiffer*
The Real Negative- it says mop...I'd say more of the clean you'd expect of the high end swiffer wet jet. This is not really a bad thing per say, however it's not a DEEP mopping clean. However most of the reviews I see on here are more negative than this product deserves. My Bravva Jet m6 "Stella" has been been incredibly intelligent, very successful mapping. And cleans the hardwood floors well. There was one time it tired to climb the carpet in my apartment, but it took two seconds to move it back. Never had that issue again. The operation I've seen people say is cumbersome-compared to actual mopping? -false. You fill the tank with water and cleaner. Place it in the Robot and hit clean. That's it. Not remotely a chore by any definition. There is a reusable mopping pad you can wash off, this takes less time than to fill a mopping bucket with water-Or properly hand clean a single dish. This product truly will be amazing if you don't mind small amounts of input. If someone received a defective model, I feel ya that sucks. Call customer care and try not to talk to them like a animal. I've reached out with trial questions that they have bo problem helping me with. And this product outside of being a true mop being operated by a human being, is truly the closest thing you can get if your okay with the high end Swiffer wet jet style clean. And to be completely honest I have never in the 3 months of owning this product ran many times EVER had either wheel mark issues or docking on its charger issues. I personally would take A LOT of these negative reviews with a grain of salt, like the smallest grain ever. It's kinda pricey compared to a cheap old hand held mop sure. But if your in the buisness of buying a robot at this range and user error isn't a issue because you are a lazy bum about everything, this product will make you very happy. I recommend the Braava jet m6 100%. Ps: USE DISTILLED WATER. THERE ARE SEALS THAT DO NOT DO WELL WITH CALCIUM BUILD OF OVER TIME.
by Eric Gunner
Doesn’t clean well. Not enough pressure....
Doesn’t clean well. Not enough pressure.
by Abby
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