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Customer Reviews for simplehuman 45-Liter Nano-Silver Clear Coat Brushed Stainless Steel Semi-Round Sensor Trash Can

Internet #207002039

Model #ST2009

Store SKU #1001776036

  • Measures 25.2 in. H x 15.4 in. W x 12.8 in. D
  • Opens with a hand wave for hassle-free trash disposal on the go
  • Built-in liner pocket effortlessly stores and dispenses liners

Customer Reviews

  • 4.6
    out of 232 reviews
  • 100% recommend this product
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Fantastic purchase
Bought to replace very old Simple Human. This one is very quiet. It used AA batteries instead of C. And there is a slot to put new bags in! It is amazing and so glad I have it.
by Camden M.
    Sensor Can LOVE
    I can’t tell you how much I love this can and the companies customer service was bomb! First, who doesn’t hate garbage? The lid is air tight so it doesn’t smell, I waive my hand and poof! No more stepping on that step that grosses me out! Such a sleek design, small enough to fit in corner while big enough to hold trash. Our first one we got FOUR years ago and it stopped working so I was bummed out but felt it was a pretty good run and that we got our money’s worth. I decided to reach out to customer service with our concern and they gave us a generous credit towards repurchasing anothe one! They stand by their product and communication was effective and fast! I can’t say enough good things. Stop sleeping and get yourself one!
    by Princesse F.
      Works great, hands free & looks good in the kitchen! Matches all my other simplehuman items in the kitchen.
      by Caroline S.
        The best
        Absolutely adore this trash can and the liner storage compartment I only wish I would have realized that this was only a motion can and not a voice-activated can only thing that can make this any better would be if the liners were a bit cheaper
        by Catherine L.
          New and improve
          Really love my new replacement garbage can I bit more sensitive than the last one it opens Even if you not so close
          by Marisela M.
            Scratch Protection
            Scratch protection on the out side finish would do wonders for persons who use a wheelchair.
            by Tiffany W.
              Good but it opens walking by and more
              Good but it opens walking by and more the back inside the can where bags are stored element catches onto the bag if its too full pulling out.That element should be flatter so it can sit closer to the wall also.
              by Joanne G.
                Thank you
                Love it. Thank you for standing up for your products.
                by Paul D.
                  A must have for kitchen
                  Best trash can you can get Don’t forget the Simplehuman bags None better!!!
                  by Michael E.
                    Very nice - opens a lot when I don't really want it to.
                    My old one had a sensor at the bottom; activated by your foot. I have my trash can in my laundry room (small condo) and it opens a lot when I'm in there doing laundry. But otherwise - LOVE that it takes smaller batteries vs the old one that took 6 huge D batteries and this one has the bag dispenser....very nice.
                    by Stephen D.
                      Best self opening kitchen dispenser
                      Best self opening kitchen dispenser we have ever owned. Exceeded our expectations in it’s functionality, appearance and workmanship. Great product and worth every cent.
                      by Alice E.
                        I like not having to touch anything to throw something away especially if I’m cooking
                        by Mary J.
                          Amazing! Love it!
                          Received this as a housewarming gift from my sister and I love it! The design is sleek and minimal. The can is easy to use, especially when my hands are full! I cannot recommend this product enough!
                          by Ashleigh B.
                            The trash can is ok however I expected it was the can to have the ‘open can ‘ not just the hand effect.
                            by Fay B.
                              works perfectly, glad I was
                              works perfectly, glad I was able to find, local store said product was unavailable.
                              by Pamela M.
                                Great trash can w great customer service
                                I seriously love this can. It seemed like such a ridiculous price to pay for a trash can, but I would do it again if I ever needed another kitchen trash can!!
                                by Lisa L.
                                  Nice can!
                                  Nice can, works very well, good size for us, I especially like the flat backside so it fits up tight against the wall.
                                  by Becky N.
                                    Works great still waiting for
                                    Works great still waiting for the 58L voice sensor Black trash can to become available
                                    by John M.
                                      Not happy
                                      This can has an access point inside to access replacement bags. Unfortunately the access point sticks out a bit and because if this, it inhibits the removal of a full bag. Removing a full bag often causes a tear on the liner and the trash empties out of the torn bag.
                                      by Mike M.
                                        Never disappoints
                                        My last sensor simple human gave out on me after 8 years of constant use so I decided to buy the new one. It’s aesthetically pleasing, very handy and quiet. I’m holding on to this one for a long time.
                                        by Bernard B.
                                          It is the quietest can
                                          It is the quietest can I’ve ever owned and I like the bags are handy and in the back.
                                          by Phyllis M.
                                            You’re at the whim of the sensor on whether or not it opens. So don’t stand in front of it with a handful of food trash or you’re bound to wait a long time. Wish I had just gotten the step can.
                                            by Jenna C.
                                              Love it
                                              It’s brilliant. Keeps my kitchen looking modern and I love that I don’t have to touch anything. It works incredibly well.
                                              by Kimberly D.
                                                Top Notch
                                                The best sensor trash can ever + 5 year warranty.How,s that!
                                                by Alberto J.
                                                  Never knew
                                                  I never thought this would be as good as it’s been. You never knew how much you don’t wanna touch the trash can. Best Buy in a long time
                                                  by Andre W.
                                                    Love it!
                                                    I find it especially helpful when I’m in the middle of cooking or baking and my hands are unable to open because they're covered with flour, etc.
                                                    by Sandy M.
                                                      Nice but sensitive
                                                      This trash can works well, however sometimes when you just walk by it, it opens!
                                                      by Loretta H.
                                                        Would be awesome but it’s
                                                        Would be awesome but it’s round. Please make a trash an this size that is exactly the same but has a rectangular shape.
                                                        by Lutz R.
                                                          Stopped Working
                                                          Within only about 2 weeks of use the automatic lid has already quit working
                                                          by Kimberly K.
                                                            Sometimes your hands are full and this is just great. It is so.etbinv you didn't know you needed until you have it. Additionally they have a great warranty.
                                                            by Ron B.
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