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Customer Reviews for simplehuman 58-Liter Nano-Silver Clear Coat Brushed Stainless Steel Dual Compartment Rectangular Recycling Step-On Trash Can

Internet #207002041

Model #CW2025

Store SKU #1001776040

  • Dual compartment design for separation of trash and recyclables
  • Slow-close lid operated by sturdy steel pedal for convenience
  • Liner pocket for single use and easy liner changing

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Love it.
Love it that I can separate the recycling and trash in one.
by Gregoria L.
    Awesome, sleek, slender dual compartment
    Awesome, sleek, slender dual compartment step can ! Very easy to put in and remove the custom garbage liners. I highly recommend this stylish rectangle can.
    by Lisa R.
      Durable & Convenient
      This garbage disposal is very helpful with recycling ♻️. It holds enough of my garbage and recycling items. It's also durable and strong. I would recommend this product to a friend or family member.
      by Octavia F.
        Attractive and Well Designed
        Chose the manual as simple is better for me. I like the pull out trash liners and recycle bucket. Thx
        by Gerald G.
          This is a very good quality
          Only wished they could design with both automatic as well as manual
          by rupali u.
            Perfect for Recycling
            Just what I expected. I use it to separate my recycling and it works perfectly. Great quality product.
            by Jared C.
              Great size
              I love the trash can. But you really have to use the Simple Human special sized bags to enjoy it. Regular trash bags didn’t work well. So there is a added cost.
              by Stefanie H.
                What Are You Waiting For? Go Buy One NOW!
                I hesitated to purchase this "trash can" for over two weeks because I could not justify spending so much money in a "trash can", like, who in their right mind would do that? Well, call me crazy! I am beyond excited to have made this purchase and it looks amazing in my kitchen! I was looking for something that fit well with my open kitchen layout, and THIS IS IT! The best money I've ever spent without a doubt. I love everything about it and am so excited that I made the purchase! P.S., Don't disrespect this product by calling it a "trash can", it's much more than that, it's simplehuman!
                by Jenny G.
                  How to love a trash can
                  So convenient! It replaced 2 containers that cluttered the only available small space near our kitchen. Each side is deceptively larger than it appears at first glance.
                  by Gwen C.
                    Nice look
                    I like it but have to take trash out daily now instead of every other day. Space saver
                    by VICKI L.
                      This can is a replacement
                      This can is a replacement for my old one that finally gave up the ghost. I love, love, love it. The old one now lives out on the deck to gather all those redeemable bottles and cans. Although its foot pedal/lid function no longer works it still looks nicer on the deck than any other containers I have hanging about.
                      by Carolyn E.
                        well built, works great
                        Worth the price for me - looks very sleek, and I love the long foot pedal.
                        by Stephanie P.
                          First, I love it! It was purchased to replace a plastic simplehuman trash container purchased, maybe 10 years ago. At the time, it was pretty expensive for a plastic trash container. With a life of 10 years, it seems quite reasonable looking back. That's what helped me make the decision to purchase this particular trash receptacle. It's quite pricey, but if the plastic one lasted for 10 years imagine the lifespan on this one. What I know so far. The pressure on the foot pedal seems just right to raise the lid. The recycling holds a surprising amount, I am pleased with that. The trash container. I was a little concerned about the volume, because even though the whole unit is super sexy, the trash volume was smaller than that of our previous plastic unit. No reason to be concerned. Both compartments hold quite a bit. Emptying the trash and recycling. Super easy. Use the pedal to get the lid to lift and then manually lift a second ring/layer of the can. Very easy to remove the trash can liner and recycling receptacle. The blue recycling receptacle will have to be washed out regularly, but it doesn't get too gross. The trash bags. Part of simplehuman's marketing is that they have a perfect trash bag for every trash receptacle. We opted to use standard trash bags for the plastic receptacle, it was a very close to a 13 gallon container and the grocery store bags were just fine. I purchased some extra simple human trash bags to go with this receptacle. And the unit comes with a small bag of 10. Because of the specialized shape of the unit, I think it will work best with the custom simplehuman bags. The custom bags fit perfectly! I guess that's what custom means. Compared to the grocery store bags that we've been using, the simple human bags have very little give / stretch. Don't overfill the bag. Thus far, it has not been a problem. Since the new models have incorporated bag storage it might be hard to know when it's time for new bags. Nope! When you get towards the end of the bag one of the bags is marked with a little tag that tells you it's time for more bags.
                          by Tricia C.
                            Should have bought this the first time
                            I purchased a less expensive version/brand of this can 5 years ago. The bins inside broke and it became unusable. This is much more sturdy and doesn't pick up finger prints as easily.
                            by Kristen M.
                              I love Simple Human products
                              I love Simple Human products and I love the look and functionality of this garbage can however it has began to squeak upon every close. It’s a bit frustrating being that I have only had it for 3 weeks.
                              by Antonio C.
                                Lid sticks
                                The can is great and convenient, but when I step on the peddle the whole top tries to lift like when you change the bag. So you have to step on the peddle and help the lid with your hand. So for the price, I shouldn’t have to do that. But we just moved and I haven’t had time to contact the company. So I guess this will work..
                                by Brandi C.
                                  Awesome concept!
                                  Love this garbage/recycling combo can! Only issue, is slides across the floor jamming into the wall, gradually after each use of the stepper. Will have to put rubber mat down under it to keep it in place.
                                  by Gloria C.
                                    by ROBBIE
                                      by IRENE
                                        Great product
                                        Locks out odors and really works well. We love this combo trash/recycle container! It also looks great in our kitchen.
                                        by Claire J.
                                          Love love love
                                          Makes taking the trash out a breeze. Makes being an adult slightly more fun.
                                          by Jacquelyn J.
                                            This multi-functional can has made life so much easier. I added the waste attachment because I didn’t have a garbage disposal in my sink. It works so well. I even bought the dual compartment can for my daughter who has dogs. Now they can’t get into the garbage anymore.
                                            by Vicki L.
                                              It’s ok
                                              I ordered the wrong one I wanted the automatic one. This one gets stuck when I try to open it. Most of the time I open it with my hands and don’t press the can since it always gets stuck. I like the look, I love the dual compartment. But I don’t like that it doesn’t open smoothly when you press.
                                              by Edlyn C.
                                                Love it
                                                I ordered this step can for my first home and absolutely love it….. it’s the perfect size, super easy to unload and looks very sharp …. I’d love to get the compost caddy as well and try it out
                                                by Justin R.
                                                  Excellent. I really like that
                                                  Excellent. I really like that it closes softly and doesn’t bang against my countertop when opening
                                                  by Carole C.
                                                    Beautiful and functional
                                                    This is a perfect solution for a kitchen that doesn’t have a way to hide the trash with a pull out drawer. I love the two compartments for trash and recycling. We even added on the composter which can slide off for easy loading/unloading. The design is sleek and functions great.
                                                    by Rose B.
                                                      TikTok did it again.
                                                      I’ve seen these all over the app. We had a little recycling bin in our pantry that I hated/forgot to empty regularly. I saw this and instantly ordered it. I could not be happier. It’s clean, the perfect size and my wife loves being able to have a clear trash/recycling bins right next to each other. Not to mention a quick wipe down keeps it looking brand new.
                                                      by Ruben G.
                                                        Simple & Easy
                                                        It is very easy to get the firm recycle bucket out of the can and easy to carry it out to empty it. It is equally easy to to get a new bag out once the old one is removed to take to the trash. The whole process is easy to do and simple. Thes is a great design. Finally, we located the serial number of the can.
                                                        by Peter B.
                                                          love it
                                                          It makes working in the kitchen easier and cleaner. Also, you should pair up with Semper Fi Fund to give disabled veterans a discount. THIS is amazing for my severely wounded son. So many vets with brain injuries, missing limbs, in or out of wheelchairs would benefit from the independence and ease this provides!!!!!
                                                          by Christine C.
                                                            awesome & a beauty
                                                            2nd can, had the rose for 5 years, but didn't register for the warranty, (not sure if it existed then, & it was a gift). Lid started slamming & drove us nuts so we fessed up & got the silver, (after trying a cheaper can that we returned out of the box knowing it would NEVER measure up to the Simplehuman.) Very wise, it actually makes me smile every day & is beyond in function & beauty. We cook a LOT, & there is so much room for both trash & recycling. If they made just random storage benches or boxes would get those too, they just are beautiful, (& if you do a quick wipe very easy to maintain & keep shiny & print free, no special polishes). LOVE
                                                            by kim c.
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