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Slim (2020) - 1 Pack Bluetooth Tracker

  • Finder for wallets, passports, and electronic devices
  • Use the free Tile app to find your things nearby and far away
  • Find your phone, even on silent
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Product Overview

Slim is as thin as two credit cards and easily slides into your wallet or notebook so you can keep track of what matters the most. Slim’s battery lasts for 3 years, so you can have peace of mind and keep track of your things for a long time. Download the free Tile app and start finding. Tile requires installation of the Tile App on iOS or Android, registration for a Tile account and acceptance of Tile’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Payment required to access additional Premium services.
  • FIND WALLETS, PASSPORTS, TABLETS & MORE: Slim is sleek and as thin as two credit cards so it easily fits into your wallet, notebook, or purse. The easy-to-use finder and free app work with iOS and Android. It’s also a great gift for your friends and family.
  • FIND NEARBY -- use the Tile app to ring your Tile Slim when it’s within 200 ft.
  • FIND FAR AWAY -- When outside of Bluetooth range, use the Tile app to view your Tile’s most recent location or enlist the safe and anonymous help of the Tile Network.
  • FIND YOUR PHONE -- Use your Tile to find your phone, even when it’s on silent.
  • UPGRADE YOUR FINDING EXPERIENCE -- Subscribe to Premium for proactive finding features and enhanced services including Smart Alerts and Free Battery Replacement.
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Product Depth (in.)
.43 in
Product Height (in.)
1.33 in
Product Width (in.)
1.69 in


Accessory Type
Audible Ringing Unit
No Additional Features
Pack Size
Power Options
Power Source
Battery Operated
Remote Access
No Remote Access
Requires Hub?
No Hub Required
Smart Home
Smart Home Enabled
Smart Home Protocol
Voice Control Hub Required
No Hub Required for Voice Control
Works With
Alexa, Alexa, Google, Google Assistant

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year

Questions & Answers


Is there a way to stick it on/to something?

Asked by Th3ATrain December 15, 2020

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While I've been familiar with Tile & similar products for years, this is my first personal experi...
While I've been familiar with Tile & similar products for years, this is my first personal experience with one. For the most part, I really like it. If I could give it 3.5 stars, I would. The app is easy to download and setup is pretty straightforward. It was also easy to integrate with Alexa & I very much like being able to ask her to have Tile find something instead of having to have my phone on me. The tile slim is ideal to put in a wallet, and I like the functionality of being able to use the tile in reverse to find your phone simply by pushing the button. My only complaint is the range of this product. I've not been able to get anywhere near the advertised 200 ft. In fact, if I'm standing in my den & have left my wallet in my car in the driveway (35-40 ft away), the app will say the tile is out of range. Other than that though, really great product. It's been helpful when trying to locate my wallet within the house.
by Judson
Tile MATE are great for tracking your wallet and bag. Received 1 black Tile Slims . These are ne...
Tile MATE are great for tracking your wallet and bag. Received 1 black Tile Slims . These are neat slim tracker for wallet This is not an GPS tracker. Download the tile app in your smart phone and create a profile and activate the tile to your account. One its activated its ready to go. The app also offers premium subscription monthly and yearly. However you can use the tile without premium subscription. Once the app is setup, you can use the app to find your tile, causing them to play the ringtone but also displaying a proximity sensor on your phone screen. Alternatively, if you misplace your phone, you can click the logo on the Tile to ring your phone for finding.. Just one downside is no way to replace the battery. You will need to buy a new tile.
by Sam
We seem to be a family that leaves stuff everywhere, so we are always looking for remotes, phones...
We seem to be a family that leaves stuff everywhere, so we are always looking for remotes, phones, tablets and more. The Tile slim fits in the little credit card pouches that stick to the back of phones. My wife is always misplacing her phone, so we stuck a Tile slim in the pouch on her phone. When the phone is misplaced, we use one of other phones to ring the slim as her phone is ALWAYS on silent and hard to find. The system works well for us as chaos is our thing. Life is so fast these days, it's just simpler to embrace it and use technology like the Tile system to help us keep our life on track. We used every generation of tile devices and expect the Tile Slim to perform just as well as the other tile devices.
by JasJ
These devices are great - I have a few Tiles now. The reason is I constantly loose stuff like my keys. There are different types and sizes of the Title unit. This one is the Tile Slim, measuring the size of a credit card and almost as thin at 86mm x 54mm x 2.4mm. It is designed to fit in narrow places like your wallet, so you can locate it with the push of a button. To use it, download the Tile app, setup an account, active the Tile, and you are all set. Press a button in the app and the tile emits a sound helping you locate it. You can also track its last destination on a map. Tap the button on the Tile twice and it will ring your phone, even if the phone is on silent. That’s a real nice feature! The app is free to use for the core features including ring my Tile, find my phone, see its location on a map, share with a friend, and community find. Community find use other Tile device to try to locate yours even if it is out of range of your mobile device, and it does work! A Premium plan adds more features like Smart Alerts, 30 Day Location History, Unlimited Sharing and Free Battery Replacements. I also have the classic Tile Mate with a key ring, and have ordered a couple of stick-on button units. I plan to put one of them on the TV remote. I love these things, economical and practical. They also make great gifts. Tile needs to be in blue tooth range, about 200 feet. It will also show you the most recent location of the TIle when it was in range of your phone, so if you leave your wallet at a bar, you will know which one! Unit has a three-year non- replaceable battery and is waterproof. The Tile also works with smart home assistant, like Alexa and Siri – just ask it to “ring” your Tile!
by ToolTimeTony
I have used tiles on my key rings for years. They work and I love that they can be found with you...
I have used tiles on my key rings for years. They work and I love that they can be found with your phone or find your phone. This one is great for a wallet. About as thick as two credit cards and the same dimensions otherwise, it fits in my wallet well. There doesnt seem to be a place to change the battery so when it runs out it will have to be replaced.
by ashertopia
The Tile Slim is a locator that is about the size of a credit card. The Tile website says that i...
The Tile Slim is a locator that is about the size of a credit card. The Tile website says that it's about the size of two credit cards because it is slightly thicker than a normal credit card. At any rate it fits easily into your wallet or it could go just about anywhere, such as...attached to a laptop or tablet, inside a briefcase, or even in a file folder. It looks very modern because it is a shiny, matte black and the emblem (which is also a button) is just an impression in the plastic so that everything is black and cool looking. It took me about 10 minutes to download the Tile app and set it up. I was unsuccessful on my first attempt and had to shut down and restart my phone for it to work and it still only took 10 minutes. The instructions on the box are only three steps and when you download the app there are a few more steps that the app takes you through. Once I had it set up, I checked it out and it worked well. It's quite loud. One of the very impressive functions that this Tile has is the ability to ring your phone using the button on the front of the tile. So if you loose your phone and you know where your tile problem, just push the button on the Tile and your phone rings, even if the ringer is off. I loose things a lot and this is going to be so great to have around when I can't find my wallet. We have been using the original Tiles at the office for a few years now. We have them on equipment that gets misplaced regularly. It changes your life. Instead of looking for something for hours, you know exactly where it is in seconds.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Fits right in the wallet
Tile Slim is the perfect wallet companion
I had the previous generation tile slim, the only downside was the 1 year battery life. That has been solved - the new version has a 3 year battery. In the one year that I had the slim it enabled me to find my lost wallet on a train (had slipped down back of bed in sleeper carriage), at a sports stadium (dropped it at security check), in a rental car (slipped between seats) and numerous times at home. Why wouldn't you have one?
Too Big
I had the previous iteration of the slim and it was perfect. It fit nicely in the front pocket of my slim wallet. The new version is too big and it apt to slide out of front pocket. So now it's taking up a credit card slot (which is what I'm sure is what it was designed for, but is not ideal for my purposes.). Other than that, it works as expected and I'm happy with it.
by Douglas C.
Tile Slim....found!
i am notorious for keeping my uber drivers waiting while trying to gather up my essentials. I have a new tile slim in my wallet which I've already had to locate twice. Now I'm on time and with my money in my pocket. Yabadabadoo
by Montyboo
Showing 1-10 of 453 reviews