Garden Plants & Flowers

Garden Plants and Flowers

greet FALL with 
seasonal flowers

Choose annuals or perennials with colors that pop


Whether you want to add some attractive ornamentation to your yard or a shady respite from the bright sun, our selection of trees has got you covered.


With multiple stems and shorter heights than trees, shrubs can provide ground cover, flowers, fruits and berries, and a foundation for beautiful hedges.


Often grown for decoration or air purification, well-chosen houseplants flourish in containers and climate- and light-controlled environments.


Give your garden a new look every growing season with annuals. Their lifecycle lasts one season which allows for lots of experimentation.


Perennials thrive during spring and summer, die back in the colder months and return to bloom in spring, giving your garden a consistent look each grow season.


As shrubs in their own unique class, roses are relatively easy to grow when you pay attention to climate zone, sunlight and proper pruning.




Garden Club

Garden Club is your one-stop shop for all things gardening including tips for your region. Sign up to receive emails regarding special promotions, offers, how-to projects, expert advice and more.

Flower Gardening

Flower gardening takes special planning and preparation because flowers bloom in varying sequences throughout the year. Try mixing and matching for gorgeous color in your garden.

Edible Gardening

Love cooking with fresh produce and herbs? Learn all you need to know about growing your own groceries in our Edible Gardening section.

Low-Water Xeriscaping

Save time and money on your garden with Xeriscaping, or low-water landscaping. This eco-friendly process conserves water used during irrigation.


Meet the Gardenieres

Meet our group of hand-picked green thumbs. The Gardenieres are passionate about gardening and have the real life experience to grow just about anywhere.

Martha Stewart Features

There’s no outdoor, gardening or entertaining project that Martha Stewart can’t handle. Check out these tips and tricks from one of the biggest names in the biz.

Your Regional To-Do-List

Learn all you need to know about gardening in your region right here. Climate zones, soil conditions, and best plant options are just the beginning.

Find the Perfect Plants, Bulbs and Trees at The Home Depot Garden Center

Our fresh house plants, bulbs and trees are delivered weekly from local growers. You can count on all the live plants in The Home Depot garden center to be healthy, hardy and thriving.

Choose from our perennials to anchor the look of your garden year after year, and renew your garden each year with our fresh annuals to add seasonal appeal. For a splash of color, choose from the many bulbs we stock at The Home Depot.

Our gardening experts are there to help you select the right tree to provide a shady spot in your yard or beautiful fall color for years to come. The Home Depot also has shrubs and bushes to create hedges or to anchor the look of your landscaping.

Let our Certified Nursery Consultants show you how to grow your own fresh vegetables and get you started in organic gardening. We have seeds and accessories, too, and the advice you need on when to plant, and how to keep your garden lush and thriving. Visit the garden center at your local Home Depot store for all your gardening needs.


Large clusters of fruit are produced on spreading Large clusters of fruit are produced on spreading thornless vigorous plants. The berries are large sweet and ripen from July to early August. They are great for jams jellies fresh eating and pies. A blackberry for hardiness zones 5 - 8. Blackberry plants made a great addition to your home ...  More + Product Details Close
A midseason ripening blueberry with large sweet berries A midseason ripening blueberry with large sweet berries produced over a long period of time. Very consistent yields in a variety of growing conditions. Disease resistant and drought tolerant. Blueberry plants make a great addition to your home garden landscape or orchard Blueberries are high in antioxidants and provide many ...  More + Product Details Close
The Flordahome Pear is good for Gulf Coast The Flordahome Pear is good for Gulf Coast planting. It produces large semi-hard pears that ripen in mid-summer. The pears are green and sweet though slightly tart and can be eaten fresh or canned. The Flordahome is leaf spot and fire blight resistant. It requires 400 chill hours. Hood or ...  More + Product Details Close
A very hardy early ripening blueberry developed in A very hardy early ripening blueberry developed in Minnesota. Produces medium size sweet berries starting in mid-summer on a compact upright plant. This cold hardy plant matures to 3 ft. to 4 ft. tall and spread. The dark green foliage turns a pleasant orange in fall. A bush will yield ...  More + Product Details Close