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Ralph Lauren Inspiration Gallery
Bon Nuit
Paparazzi Flash
Gotham Gray
Ralph Lauren

Get Inspired with BEHR MARQUEE

Introducing BEHR MARQUEE™ interior paint & primer with stain-blocking. Exclusive paint colors with guaranteed one-coat coverage.

Ralph Lauren Inspiration Gallery

Ralph Lauren Paint techniques are designed to achieve incredible depth and texture, creating one-of-a-kind wall treatments for your home. Using the finest materials and innovative technologies, Ralph Lauren Paint is engineered to perform best in class, while signature paint colors capture the spirit of Ralph Lauren's celebrated lifestyles.

BEHR's Picks of 2014
Glidden's 2014 Colors
BEHR Paint
Ocean Liner
South Peach
Miami Weiss
Glidden Paint
Swan White
Natural Linen
Red Delicious

BEHR's Picks of 2014

Find your perfect color with the guidance of BEHR’s Color Expert, Erika Woelfel. She has identified the top paint color trends of 2014 and is providing tips on how you can make these colors work in your room.

Glidden's 2014 Colors

Not sure what paint colors go best together? Glidden makes it easy to add color to your life. Our room inspirations for 2014 highlight colors trending in today’s interior design. Simply pick a palette to see a few color suggestions, and Glidden will show you how to coordinate paint colors and create the room of your dreams.

Home Decorators Collection Palettes
YOLO Colorhouse Palettes
Home Decorators Collection Paint
Icicle Mint
Spearmint Frosting
Cheerful Wine
Winter Coat
YOLO Colorhouse Paint
Stone .07
Grain .06
Stone .04
Imagine .06

Home Decorators Collection Palettes

The Home Decorators Collection  has partnered with Behr to create custom palettes available only at The Home Depot.

YOLO Colorhouse® Palettes

YOLO Colorhouse has created harmonious paint color palettes to make the color-choosing process easier.  YOLO Colorhouse paints are zero VOC, low odor, and EcoOptions certified.


BEHR: Summer Shades
BEHR: Autumnal Accents
BEHR: Wintry Collection
BEHR Shell Coral
BEHR Sand Dollar
BEHR Windsong
BEHR Lively Tune
BEHR Rivers Edge
BEHR Grape Leaves
BEHR Meadow Flower
BEHR Yellow Gold
BEHR Iced Tea
BEHR Mesmerize
BEHR Dry Sea Grass
BEHR Down Pour
BEHR Distant Thunder
BEHR Haunting Melody
BEHR Bitter Briar

BEHR: Summer Shades

A tropical mix of breezy, sun-kissed paint colors take us through warm days lounging by the pool or strolling along the beach.

BEHR: Autumnal Accents

As the days grow shorter and the air is sharp and cool. All the colors of the earth's bounty can be found in fields, gardens and farmers markets.

BEHR: Wintry Collection

Winter gray and heavy brown paint colors feel close and protective, while dark mustard and mysterious red comforts and adds brightness.

YOLO Colorhouse: Picnic Palette
YOLO Colorhouse: Farmers Market
YOLO Colorhouse: Green Steward
YOLO Colorhouse: Edge of Night
YOLO Colorhouse: Dusk to Dawn
Aspire .05
Imagine .03
Dream .04
Thrive .02
Stone .06
Clay .05
Leaf .02
Air .03
Stone .05
Imagine .04
Water .06
Leaf .05
Grain .07
Dream .06
Stone .07
Stone .04
Create .06
Nourish .02
Nourish .03
Air .07

YOLO Colorhouse: Picnic Palette

Sunny, bright yellows are hot in home décor, and create a fresh look when paired with paint colors in light blues and greens. These happy hues are sure to lift spirits.

YOLO Colorhouse: Farmers Market

Rich, earthy, saturated paint colors from vibrant farmers' markets and luscious home food gardens offer warm and inviting spaces to share in the bounty.

YOLO Colorhouse: Green Steward

Celebrate the recycler, the rebuilder and the new era of reclaimed materials with the natural sincerity, timeless simplicity and tranquil warmth of cooler paint hues.

YOLO Colorhouse: Edge of Night

As technology drives the world at a faster and faster pace, we can escape our physical environment by envisioning the ambiance of a night out, without ever leaving home.

YOLO Colorhouse: Dusk to Dawn

Purples seep into evening. Dusk creeps toward day. Neutrals subtly light the night. In this paint color palette, a sultry hue combines a modern, clean palette to gently claim consciousness.

BEHR: Summer Shades
Buying Guides

Buying Guides

Let us help you choose the tools and accessories you should (and shouldn’t) buy and how much (or how little) paint you need to make your projects go nice and easy.

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Project Guides

Spruce up your space. Dazzle your décor. Achieve the results you’re looking for with step-by-step paint project guides.

Blog: Paint Colors & Paint Samples

Blog: Paint Colors & Paint Samples

You’ve got ideas. So do we! Whenever the muse hits you, visit our Paint Blog to discover or share the latest paint color inspirations. 


It's easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of house paint color choices, so we'll help you choose the right paint samples to bring the vibrant colors or natural shades from your imagination to life and help lay them down in a stunning reality.

Sometimes the first step for selecting wall paint is throwing on a swath of color and giving it a good hard look. Many of our top brands offer economical paint samples that help you “try before you buy.” You’ll also want to consider popular fan decks to help narrow down choices with your color accents, trim and other house paint themes in any other room. 

Maybe you're thinking of the perfect wood stain color to revitalize a cabinet, door, or fireplace instead. We've got all you need to find the most beautiful and durable wood stain choices to liven up. We've also a huge selection of concrete paint colors to help enhance and protect interior and exterior concrete surfaces in and around your home. Whatever the project, we've got you covered.

Be sure to visit our paint blog for seeing the latest tips and tricks, creating flawless flair and updating entire room themes.

And remember, we’re more than just a convenient one-stop shop for buying paint colors, interior and exterior stain. The Home Depot is at your service with affordable ideas and expert advice to help you get all your little specialty projects or big paint jobs done—from primer coat to final stroke.