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Direct to Job Site Delivery


At The Home Depot, we know you don’t have time to waste on paperwork and inventory. When you place a custom order at your Home Depot Pro Desk, we can deliver it directly from the manufacturer to your job site.

From factory-tinted paint to custom-built cabinets, windows, trusses, and more, we can have your order delivered straight from the vendor to your office or job site. Or if you want to pick it up in the store, that’s good too. We’ll have it packed and waiting. Either way, there’s no additional charge to bring it straight to you after your initial vendor shipping fee.


1. Let us know what you need. We'll send your special order directly to the manufacturer, and ship it directly to you when it's ready.

2. Let us know where you want it. Your office or the job site? You can even pick it up in the store if that works best.

3. Place your special order. Call or visit your local Pro Desk to place your order for custom materials or factory-tinted paint.

Special Orders Delivered Direct To Job Site

One size does not fit all. The Home Depot supports custom-built cabinets, windows, trusses, and a whole lot more, all of which can be delivered Direct from the Manufacturer to your office or job site, which works better for you.

Have custom built products and factory-tinted paint delivered direct to them from the manufacturer, suppliers, or distributors at no extra shipping cost, saving time and money. You can also pick up your order in our stores if you prefer.

Whether your order comes from wholesale suppliers, distributors, or direct from manufacturer, The Home Depot has a delivery option that works for you.

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