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Tax Exempt Customer FAQs

1. Why did The Home Depot's tax exempt transaction process change?

From requests by our customers we implemented a new system which has the ability to maintain a customer's tax exemption information and eliminate the need for customers to fill out and sign a tax exemption form with each transaction.

2. What is my password or how do I get a password?

During the registration process customers are required to create a password. This password will be a combination of 6-10 letters and/or numbers chosen by the customer. This password is used to sign- in to the registration site and to update tax exemption information. If you forget your password once you have created for your Home Depot Tax Exempt ID, you can have the system reset and send you a new one. You will need to enter an email address when registering in order to use this feature.

3. What is my "The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID" number and how do I use it?

The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number is used when making tax exempt purchases in lieu of the state issued tax exempt ID number. The number is "auto assigned" by the system during the registration process. The ID number will be numeric only and is displayed on the printed registration document.

4. Does the registration have to be completed all at one time?

No, the system saves all information as it is entered, but you must complete Step 1 before your Home Depot ID is saved. If you exit the system for any reason, including "Server Error", exit Then simply sign back into the registration link using your The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number and password. After you have logged back in, simply tab to the page where you left off and resume the registration process.

5. What should I do with the registration documentation once I have completed the process?

To complete the process, the registration documentation must be mailed to the address provided or faxed to the number printed on your registration documentation. Retain a copy of this document for your records as it will list your The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID.  If you have State-issued or additional documents that need to be sent, please mail/fax them with the registration document.

6. How do I select the State Jurisdiction?

Select the state in which you are claiming tax exempt status, then click the "Add" button to the right. For multiple states, you may add them one at a time or hold down the CTRL key, make your selections, then click "Add"."

7. Where does the ID number for State Jurisdiction come from?

The state-issued ID number can be located on the customer's sales tax license/permit, certificate of exempt status or on their state sales tax return.

8. What if the website kicks me out in the middle and/or near the end of the registration process without printing the registration document? How do I know if my registration has completed?

The process has not completed. You will need to sign back in to the application using The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID and password, then execute the print/fax function listed in Question 5.

9. Does each person who is authorized to make purchases for a company or organization need to be registered? do I know if my registration has completed?

No, the company or organization should only register once. This number should be provided to any person who has authority to purchase on the company or organization's behalf.

10. Will I receive a Tax Exempt Card? completed?

No. We ask all of our customers to please remember their The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number or write it down to keep handy. This number must be given to the cashier each time an exempt purchase is made on behalf of your company or organization.

11. Will I be notified when my registration is approved? completed?

No. A customer will receive notification only if additional information is needed or an error has been detected with the registration information. Providing an email address during the registration process is the quickest way for us to notify you if additional information is needed.  This email address will not be used for marketing purposes.

12. What do I do if I lose my The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number and wish to make a purchase? completed?

The Home Depot cashier has the ability to search for your number at the register using the phone number entered during the registration process.

13. I registered for a The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number, and was later denied tax free status during a purchase, what should I do? completed?

Check your status online to determine if you were rejected. If you are in rejected status, call 1-877-434-6435 option 4, option 6 or email us at

14. When I check my status online it states "temporary", what does this mean? completed?

"Temporary" means you are able to make a tax exempt purchase, but your registration is in the stage of being reviewed by our tax department. If you do not hear from us concerning an error on your registration, then you can expect to see an “Active” status soon.

15. Do GSA (Federal Government) customers need to register for a The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number? completed?

No, GSA customers are Federal Government purchasers and are automatically Tax Exempt. GSA customers using an IMPAC or GSA smart card will automatically be handled by the system as before.

16. Who can I call for more information on the Tax Exempt process?

Call 1-877-434-6435 option 4, option 6 or email us at

17. I have a Home Depot Credit Card, do I need to notify the cashier that I am Tax Exempt?

Yes, your The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID is not linked to your Home Depot Credit Card.  You must inform the cashier of your The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number each time you make a purchase.

18. Can I use my Home Depot Tax Exempt ID for purchases at

Yes.  If you are placing an order with one of our customer service representatives, please inform them that you are a tax exempt customer and give them your The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID.  If you are placing an order directly through the website, there will be an opportunity to enter your The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID during the checkout process.  If you have not yet registered for a The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID, please do so before placing your order.