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Solar Power System Installation


Solar Power Systems At The Home Depot

Every year, The Home Depot helps thousands of homeowners install solar power systems that reduce monthly electricity bills.

This important transition to solar power requires experienced professionals who are with you from start to finish during your solar panel installation. You'll be guided through all phases of your project, including a free consultation, design, purchase, permitting, installation, monitoring and maintenance.

Save time with expert designers and installers. A team of professionals will take care of all the installation-related paperwork with your local permit office as well as meet with city and utility inspectors to ensure your system is approved and ready to use.

The Home Depot Advantage

Custom designed solar power systems to fit any home within service areas

Installed systems are guaranteed by approved service providers for 20 years or more with little maintenance required

Option to finance, lease, or purchase your solar power system in select states

Installation-related paperwork, including permits, are prepared by experts who do this every day

1-year labor warranty on all installed solar power systems through The Home Depot

Installations include solar power system monitoring to keep your solar panels working for you



If you own your home and feel you are paying too much for electricity, then solar power may be the right clean energy option for you. Homes with a mostly-sunny roof facing south, east or west benefit the most from a solar power system installed through The Home Depot. Get an overview of solar power, including advantages and details about the components you'll need to capture the sun and soak up the savings.

Lower electric bill with solar

Lower Your Electricity Bills

When you go solar, you get more control of your monthly electricity costs. You’ll know what to expect including the amount of electricity your system will deliver. And, the longer you own your solar power system the bigger the savings will be.

Low maintenance solar power

Low Maintenance

Solar panels, by design, have no moving parts, which means there's less for you to maintain. You’ll be notified if your system requires maintenance due to a drop in power production. Professional monitoring of your system combined with occasional cleaning and inspection will help to keep your installed solar panels running for 20 years or more.

Clean energy solar panels

Clean Energy

Solar power systems offer every homeowner a clean, renewable energy source that produces no carbon emissions. The result? Cleaner air, water and food for everyone. Having professional designers and experts install solar panels on your home is a great first step to reducing your carbon footprint.


Solar panels installed by The Home Depot

Getting to your installation day is a straight-forward process backed by The Home Depot. Professional designers and installers will help you choose the right custom solar panel system and purchase plan for your home.

1. Request A Free Consultation and Quote
Provide us with information about your home and average monthly energy bills so we can customize a quote that is specific to your home and meets your energy needs. If you have a homeowner's association, be sure to ask about community rules for installing solar panels.

2. Meet With An Expert
When your home is approved for a solar power system you’ll meet with an expert at your home to review a detailed proposal including recommended system location, size, pricing and financial analysis.

3. Choose Your Monthly Energy Plan
Once you've approved your custom design you’ll be shown how easy it is to set up monthly payments to cover the cost of your solar power system. A solar engineer will visit your home to ensure the design meets all city and utility requirements and discuss the installation process. Home solar financing programs typically start as low as $0 down for well-qualified customers. Financing options and terms vary by location and are not available in all areas. 

4. Schedule Your Installation
Your installation will be scheduled at a time that's convenient for you, and all of the paperwork and permitting required will be handled by a professional. Typical installations take 2-5 days depending on the size of your home.

5. Installed By Professionals
Your system will be installed by a solar power systems specialist who will work with city and utility inspectors to approve your system. Our team will deliver all the equipment on the day of installation and keep you updated on our progress each day. You'll have a chance to review the installer's work and get answers to any questions you have about system monitoring.

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Want to lower your energy bills with home solar power? The Home Depot's approved service providers have start-to-finish project management for installing solar panels. Solar power systems specialists are licensed (where applicable), screened and insured. They'll take care of all installation-related paperwork, including applying for and processing all permits and coordination. If you're looking for solar panels let The Home Depot's approved service providers install your solar power system.