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Portfolio Line Garage Doors

Contemporary and carriage house garage door styles made in steel, composite or glass.

Classic Line Garage Doors

Clopay's Classic line features traditional raised and flush panel steel garage doors.

Wood Line Garage Doors

Clopay's Wood line features traditional raised, flush and carriage house styles in a wood garage door.

Find Clopay Garage Doors Exclusively at The Home Depot

Known as North America's leading residential garage door manufacturer, Clopay offers residential, commercial, sectional and coiling steel doors through The Home Depot. With striking looks and durable construction, Clopay garage doors create instant curb appeal, increasing the value of your home. And you'll love the convenience of an electric garage door opener giving you ease of entry for years.

Whether you seek a contemporary or traditional style, Clopay offers it through its Portfolio line, which presents modern and carriage house garage door styles in steel, composite or glass, or its Classic line, which presents the familiar raised and flush panel steel garage doors. Clopay also offers a Wood line in both styles.

Got your own ideas for a garage door? No problem. Clopay lets you choose a door style, construction, custom items and method of installation, all online.

No matter what your garage door needs, turn to Clopay and The Home Depot for the widest selection and the best prices.