Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

For an unusual and attractive window treatment, consider vertical blinds. These striking window treatments, in which vanes hang from top to bottom, are perfect for large floor-to-ceiling windows, bay windows and sliding glass or patio doors. Because they seem to stretch skyward, they create a sense of height in a room.

Vertical blinds are a contemporary alternative to drapes. They're ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms and dens. They come in hundreds of styles and colors for a variety of decorating options. Choose fabric blinds that complement your décor or vinyl blinds in a smooth, embossed or textured finish.

Vertical blinds offer you many excellent ways to control light. The vanes pivot open and closed to let light in or shut it out. Or you can draw the vanes to one side of the window, as you would with drapes, to let in lots of light. Vertical blinds can open from the left or right side or from the middle.

Fabric vanes can be free-hanging panels, or they can be inserted into vinyl groovers. Vertical blinds need less cleaning than horizontal blinds because gravity reduces the build up of dust.

We offer vertical blinds in stock or by special order. Choose a standard or decorative valance. An optional control wand replaces hanging cords to help protect small children and pets.

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