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Installing a Window Air-Conditioner

Installing a Window Air Conditioner

Before installing the air conditioner, make sure the window is sound. Repair any rot and damage. If the paint is peeling, repaint. Ideally, the window you choose should be near the center of the room and shaded from the afternoon sun. If you must choose between one or the other, choose shade.

Put the air conditioner in a window near an outlet, or install a new outlet so you can avoid using an extension cord.




Step 1: Mount the air conditioner

Installing a window air conditioning unit is a fairly simple DIY project. Because air conditioners are typically heavy, you may need to attach a mounting bracket to the window sill to support it. Secure the brackets using sheet metal screws for metal frames, and wood screws for wood or vinyl frames. Then, adjust the level between the mounting bracket ad window sill.


Attach the accordion-like panels onto the sides of the air conditioner that may be included in your installation kit. Next, place the air conditioner onto the mounting brackets. It should snap firmly into place. Be sure you have someone to assist you in lifting the air conditioner.


Step 2: Secure the air conditioner 

With the air conditioner securely mounted, lower the window on top of it. Extend the accordion-like panels to both sides of the window frame and screw them into place.


Now, fill the gap between the lower window sash and the window pane with foam weather stripping that may be included with your kit. This provides a tight seal and a barrier to insects, dust and heat. You kit may also include L-shaped brackets that you can use to secure the air conditioner and prevent it from forcing the window open. Finally, power on the air conditioner, set your desired temperature and cool off.


How to install a portable air conditioner

If you are looking to install a portable air conditioner, follow the instructions below:


First, measure the width of your window with a tape measure. Apply foam weather stripping to the window sash and window frame to help block insects, dust and heat. Then, adjust the window bracket included in your kit to fit the window. Some brackets require you to cut it down to size, while others can be locked into place.


Secure the bracket using L-shaped brackets. Your kit may also include screws or wing nuts. Then, lower the window. Next, connect both ends of the vent hose, one to the air conditioner, and the other to the window bracket. Try not to bend it.


Since most vents are about 5 feet long, you should plug your air conditioner into an outlet near the window. Press the reset button before operating. Now, power on the air conditioner, set it to your desired temperature and cool off.


To maintain you portable air conditioner, clean the air filter frequently and drain condensate water when the unit is not in use for an extended period of time. For more tips on cooling off indoors, visit your nearest Home Depot store or