How to Make an Ornament Mirror

Under 2 hours

The Martha Stewart ornament mirror is a quick, creative holiday project.

An ornament mirror is a unique Christmas decoration that you can display that will reflect your Christmas lights, add joy to your home and increase your holiday cheer.


Remove ornament tops
Remove ornament tops - Make Ornament Mirror

Take the tops off the ornaments you plan to use.

Place putty on mirror and heat up glue gun
Place putty mirror heat glue gun - Make Ornament Mirror

• Use putty to hold ornaments temporarily in place around the edge of the mirror to help measure how many ornaments you will need.
• Meanwhile, heat up your glue gun.

Swap putty for glue
Swap putty glue - Make Ornament Mirror

• Once you have all the ornaments in place, remove the putty and put glue where the putty was.
• Glue ornaments with the topside down for a more uniform look.

Place reflective ornaments in corners
Place reflective ornaments corners - Make Ornament Mirror

• Use four of the reflector ornaments to embellish the corners.
• Put some glue on the back of each reflector ornament.
• Place them on top of the corner cluster of ornaments.

Let glue dry completely
Let glue dry completely  - Make Ornament Mirror

• Let the glue dry completely.
• Hang the mirror horizontally or vertically anywhere in your home.