Build an Outdoor Kitchen


Build an outdoor kitchen


Give your outdoor entertaining area a boost by building an outdoor kitchen. Many people have gas or charcoal burning grills on their backyard patios or decks, but with the addition of a few more conveniences duplicated from your kitchen, your backyard can become an impressive entertaining environment for your family and guests to enjoy.




• Pre-cut one 1x1 lumber piece to a length of 25" and prepare nine additional pieces to lengths based on your
  counter measurements.
• Pre-cut one 3/4-inch plywood panel into 60-inches by 25-inches.
• Pre-cut laminate into one 60" by 26" panel, one 26" by 1 1/4" strip, and five scraps based your counter
  measurements with a width of 1 1/4".




• Make sure you take all necessary precautions before beginning work, including safety glasses, gloves, paint
  tarps, etc.




• Completing the project yourself is a great way to save money.




Build a Counter

Step 1 

Saw the two corners off one of the 25" ends of the plywood panel, to create a beveled profile.


Step 2 

Create the illusion of a thicker countertop by using finishing nails to secure the 1x1strips to the side of the plywood, flush to the top surface. [The 25" straight cut hasbeen itemized in our Materials list, but you’ll have to measure the angled edges and remainder of the original 60” lengths, then cut-to-fit the remaining 1x1 before applying]. 


Apply the Counter 

Step 1 

Sand the plywood counter surface as well as the 1x1's to improve adherence.


Step 2 

Apply contact cement and carefully center the largest laminate piece onto the counter. Apply even pressure, then weigh it down and let dry per the contact cement instructions.


Step 3 

When the contact cement has been fully cured, trim the laminate to the counter size, using a router fitted with a laminate-cutting bit.


Step 4 

Repeat the laminate-application steps above for each of the side sections (after cutting appropriate laminate strips to fit, always with about ¼”extra). As the sides dry, no weighing down is necessary.


Step 5 

Smooth all the routed laminate edges with a find-grade file, then wipe clean. 


Construct the unit 

Step 1 

If needed, cut the porch post to the base cabinet.


Step 2 

Set the countertop across the top of the base cabinet so the 25" wide end with intact corners slightly overhangs the outer edge of the cabinet and abuts the grill.


Step 3 

The far (beveled) edge is now cantilevered. Support it with the porch post. Find the best position for the post by experimenting a bit. Once satisfied, trace the top onto the plywood underside with a thin marker.


Step 4 

Remove the countertop and turn it over. To keep the post in the correct position, frame out its preferred location with extra 1x1's, secured with screws (be careful not to penetrate through to the laminate surface).


Step 5 

Insert the porch post into the frame, then secure it by screwing through the frame into the post.


Step 6 

Flip the countertop over and put it into the permanent position.