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Average rating for Ductless Mini Splits
(3.9 / 5)
339 Reviews
  1. 3 years ago
    Very Pleased!!
    To save time we had the mini-split delivered to my home. It came with easy to read and short mounting and installation instructions well worth reading. The first task was to measure for and drill a 2.5" hole in the wall of where I mounted the blower and control unit. Drilling the hole in an old stucco house was the most difficult task of the job. Rather than running the electrical along with the refrigeration lines, I used plastic conduit (HOME DEPOT) and then tied the refrigeration lines to the ... read more conduit with plastic straps. Two solid 4" concrete blocks were used to mount the compressor unit, and ensured they were level - using shims and a silicone concrete patch caulk. Using a mini-split also allowed me to provide electrical service with the circuits we had been using for window units - so this was as simple as running some romex and installing a 15 amp plug with a switch at the plug. As per instructions, with all the fittings tight, but not over-tight, it was time to use a vacuum pump to remove the moisture from the coolant lines. With a purchased vacuum pump, I quickly found the connection on the compressor is an ISO fitting rather than an NPT thread. I searched for a connection fitting, but found it would take time to obtain it. However, with an extra NPT hose, I was able to cut about 1/8" off the brass female fitting, allowing it to seat sufficiently to allow the vacuum pump to work. Since the NPT and ISO fittings appear the same, it is tempting to not force the NPT fitting on the ISO service fitting - not a good idea. While vacuum pump worked this gave time to complete mounting and supporting the electrical lines. The control wires are fitted with plugs making this connection very easy - anyone familiar with home wiring can figure this out. I gave the vacuum about 30 minutes - more than suggested, but more vacuum did not hurt anything. Now, the fun part - as per the instructions, I opened the liquid side fitting for 10 seconds (with an Allen-wrench), closed it and checked for leaks using a soap spray at the fittings. No leaks - and then opened both valves, and then switched on the power, and then went to the inside to enjoy the quiet and cool start-up. Both units are extremely quiet. You can hardly hear the compressor unit operating standing next to it. I am very pleased with the install and operation of the mini-split. It came with most of the parts needed for install, and I love the fact I did not need a professional to install it for me. The skill level was in line with automotive repair - say a brake job - only cleaner. I know this is a long review, but my old house is not suited for central air. Contractors tried to promote the idea of using mini-split blowers on the inside, but all tied to a large honking compressor unit (noise and more noise). This also meant I had to install a separate electrical supply for this honker. Price quoted - $27,000. I figure 4, 12,000 btu mini-splits will cool my house, but we may have to re-think this as the 12,000 btu unit seems significantly more efficient than my window units, leaving the only reason to install four mini-splits will be to gain zone cooling. Lessons: 1. Be careful and take time to measure twice and cut once. 2. Don't over-tighten coolant joints. 3. Ensure you can provide a dedicated circuit to feed the unit. 4. Buy or rent a vacuum pump, and ensure you have fittings for NPT and ISO connections. My trick worked, but??? 5. Take the time to install the coolant and electrical lines in a manner that will last the test of time. Be safe and careful, and if you reach a frustration point, stop and research a solution.
  2. 10 months ago
    Great value, works great!
    I installed this unit into a sun-room that is still under construction, so it allowed me to install this over a few days versus all at once and to build everything to suit my needs for this unit. Electrical: I installed a 20 amp breaker at the breaker box and ran a dedicated 12 gauge line to the unit. Instead of using an outside A/C breaker (which is slightly confusing), I installed a 20 amp double pole light switch for the cut off. The double pole is a true cut-off because it kills both the ... read more positive and neutral supplies. The unit itself rates between 15 - 20 amps, therefore I opted to be safe and just go with the 20 amps. As vaguely explained on the electrical panel cover, brown is black (hot or positive) and blue is neutral (white), and yellow/green is the ground on the provided cabling. You'll notice the empty slots on the right side of the compressor unit, though based on the diagram in instructions, it seems backwards. Pay attention to the letters on the diagram and the compressor unit, which should help you locate the correct terminals to screw the connectors into. Piping: I had to have the pipe cut and flared to the correct length for my installation by a neighbor who works with copper. After vacuuming out the line (the fitting on the bigger return pipe is of a different size than a normal A/C unit, it's a 5/16" flared fitting), I opened the valves on the compressor and I energized the unit... quickly discovering the pipes were leaking. I shut it off and tightened, but still had leaks. I did not want to over-tighten the fittings as recommended. So I called an A/C guy out and he tightened the fittings more, added some of the lost coolant back and kicked on the unit. Cost me less than $200 bucks. It was worth a shot trying to do it myself though and it didn't kill anything. Better than paying $1000 - $1500 to have someone else completely install it. The unit blows very cold air and enough to cool my sun-room. The remote is basic but takes a little getting used to because the buttons and symbols are vague. Aside from the hiccup pressurizing the lines I did everything myself and I would do it again. The only con is the instructions, which cover numerous models.
  3. 3 years ago
    Excellent Value ProductTh
    This is a excellent product for the money as compared to other like and kind units on the market.
  1. 7 months ago
    Satisfied. DIY'ers need a little help.
    I have a friend to help me install the electrical outlet (20amp). Thereafter, I had a AC guy cut, flare, connect and vacuum the refrigeration tubings, performed leak test as well- which Costs me $300. I am a DIY guy but I needed a helping hand with electric and refrigeration stuffs. After everything is done, The AC is superb. SUPER COLD. Hopefully it will last in the next 10 yrs. Good Buy!!! Recommended!!
  2. 11 months ago
    ductless split Air Conditioner
    I did 90% of the work myself. The ductless split A. C. unit is very efficient since it transforms AC to DC. Good bang for the buck.
  3. 2 years ago
    For the amount of money I paid it was good value
    Mini split unit with good features. Unit ordered online and delivered as promised. No damage. I live in Kahului, Hawaii and can't wait to use it this summer. Test runs on the unit is excellent so far I'm impressed. You will need an electrician for power supply.
  1. 3 years ago
    Love it!
    We got this unit for our 16X28' cabin in the woods. It cools and heats the area well. The temperature is steady throughour the entire area. It takes care of the humidity in the area also which means needing to use the cooling even less. We put the drainage hose for the dehumidifier to a washtub and use the water to water plants. It is very quite when running. The outside compressor is alittle louder than some brands I have heard but still much quieter than a standard ducted central air ... read more compressor. It was easy to install. The website is much more thourough on how to install than the included instructions. If you run into an issue, check the website. We are VERY happy!
  2. 1 year ago
    really nice product easy to set up
    The unit really has a nice appearance and runs smoothly. It was no trouble to install with the wiring harness sent to connect the two units. Had an hvac man come and vacuum down lines unit comes pre-charged.
  3. 4 years ago
    excellent unit
    I bought one of these before HD started selling them. I have had it for a year and I love it. It is super quality and really quiet. Now that HD sells them I am even more confident of my purchase. Thease things are fantastic. You cant go wrong.
  1. 4 months ago
    I will never buy a window unit again!
    the installation took about 5 hours. The unit was installed in my bedroom 2 small holes drilled through the wall and the unit was mounted over the holes, the rest of the installation was all outside. There is a very clean look to the yard where the unit is mounted. My room is so cool and you can not even hear the a/c if it is on, but believe me my room is the best place to be.
  2. 9 months ago
    Quite pleased
    Easy to set and mount. Had local HVAC do hook up. Unit is working great. Very quiet operation almost too quiet as you have to get close to the unit to hear it running. I really liked the fact that it came as a complete unit with electrical and refrigeration lines so only thing to buy was the main wiring for connection to breaker.
  3. 1 year ago
    Love this product!
    You never really appreciate a product until you actually try it out! My house doesn't have the best air conditioning/heating so I needed a quick fix. My office upstairs in the FROG(Front Room Over Garage) was unbearable until I bought this product! This split air/heat unit was very easy to install, it's very quiet and doesn't disrupt my work, and it's energy efficient. Most heaters that I bought before tend to take up a lot of electricity, so it was a pleasant surprise after I bought this! The ... read more unit doesn't look bulky either. This was a great fix to my situation, and now I don't have to spend so much money to hire someone to come work on my air conditioning/heating! :)
  1. 6 months ago
    Extremely happy with purchase!
    I have purchased this product for my dental lab that I am running out of an action building. Prior to this unit, I had two window unit that could not cool the place down even with both of them running . I did not have that problem with this unit yet. Now it did get so cold that I had to turn the dial up (and I love cold). The added bonus is the heat pump that keeps us warm right now. Bottom line is, great product so far and I would recommend it to anybody. Thank you!
  2. 8 months ago
    Easy install, looks profetional.
    Comes with all the hardware needed, do need to use a flaring too if toy cut down the line set.
  3. 3 months ago
    It is quiet and efficient. We have 600 Sq. feet to cover. This A/C does the job very well even in the rooms that are a little bit far from the A/C. When the A/C is running, it is so quiet that we forget that it's on. It is very easy to install.
  1. 3 months ago
    RAW Review
    The unit was delivered on time with everything required for installation. After pouring a slab outside for mounting the external unit, the actual one-man installation took two days (one of those days was installing the required 220v wiring harness). Once the unit was charged, it started easily, was quiet, and performed flawlessly. I now have a happy and cool garage in Arizona. I did order the cover kit for the line sets for a better cosmetic look (DA3-7KIT).
  2. 11 months ago
    I got my Garage Back
    This product has enabled me to use my garage again during the summer months. From 108 degree's down to 76 degree's and as quite as a hummingbird. And the team from Chas Roberts (Home Depot service contractor) worked like a team of surgeons putting it togeather. It was amazing watching them installing. After 3 1/2 hours, I was working on my wife's pink 50 Studebaker again.
  3. 4 weeks ago
    awesome, great value
    Easy to install , everything looks great, works great , highly recommend.
  1. 2 years ago
    Good Product
    Purchased this Gree 12000 btu mini split air conditioner - inverter, heat pump for a bed room to resolve the inconstancy of the central system. My goal was constant temp at night and lower cost by not cooling the entire house when not in use. These units are advertised to be efficient and quiet; it is as described and met my expectations. Picked up at Home Depot and did part of the install myself then had a friend who is a heat and air contractor finished the technical part and startup. When the ... read more outside unit started we could see the fan turning but could not hear it over the wind and outside noise his gauges indicated it was ok and cooling began instantly. When running at full power to cool a warm room the current draw was 3.8 amps, as the room reached the set temp the current dropped to 1.6 amps. This is great compared to my central air drawing 28 amps and on off all day and night. This unit seems to be a quality product the install and operators manual not so good.
  2. 2 years ago
    Good product for a good price.
    I bought this to heat and cool a 400 sq. ft. addition in our house. I had looked at several options, and a ductless mini split system seamed to do the most for the least amount of money. I got two quotes from heating and air companies in our area that ranged from $3,700 to $5,200 for the unit and installation. I thought those prices were ridiculous, so I did a little research and found this unit. Because I was able to buy it myself, I did a lot of the install myself and save A LOT of money. I ... read more poured a concrete pad for the condenser to sit on outside, installed the mounting plate, drilled the hole for the lines, and ran a new 230V line with conduit to the unit. I made some calls and was able to find a professional that was willing to come in and just set the lines and finish the install. So the total install price was under $300, plus about another $100 for electrical supplies. We have had the unit installed for about a month, so I can't report on the electrical bill just yet. I will say that it is almost silent, it's tiny and almost un-noticeable on the wall, and for the most part does a great job heating our space. The only problems we've run into is that the temperature outside has been in the single digits at night and low 20s in the day and it has a hard time keeping up at those temperatures. I read this in the owners manual (which you can download right here) before I bought it, so it wasn't a surprise. This is abnormally cold for where we live, so I expect it to function just fine once the temperatures come back up a little. I should also mention that our addition is un-insulated CMU construction with an un-insulated tar and gravel roof, so it is a really hard space to keep heated. Even at these cold temperatures it is still able to keep the temperature in the room around 64-66 degrees. We have not yet used the cooling function, so I cannot review that, but from what I've heard and researched, I expect it to work well. This unit has a SEER 20 rating which is awesome. Based on our local price of 8.8 cents per kwh, I've calculated that this unit should only cost $130 per year to run. I will have a better idea after this winter and summer if that is correct. Two small complaints: I wish it came with some sort of protective sleeve for the lines that run through the wall. I had to jimmy a sleeve and I'm not super stoked about it. Also, the electrical line doesn't come with water proof connections for the condenser. I had to go and buy those separately, but it seems like those should be included. That's all I got, hope that helped.
  3. 2 years ago
    Great for my garage!
    I bought this unit to cool my 20x30 garage which I converted into an office. The garage is fully insulated and so are the garage doors. New Mexico temps in mid June early July would bring the garage temps up to 105-110f on the hottest days, on cooler days around 95f. I have two deep freezers, a water heater, and 2 computers. I paid $700 to a local electrician to run the 240v and vac and install the lines. With the unit installed, temps never get above 80f at peak times of the day, mind you this ... read more is mid July in NM with temps in the tripple digits majority of the month. During the evening and night I have to turn the unit down or off as it gets the garage too chilly, easily gets it down to 70f, which is not necessary as I am comfortable anywhere from 76-78. Not to mention the unit is extremely quit, nearly silent operation on compressor. I also like the iFeel setting on the remote, this causes the unit to sense the temperature at the remote from it's built in sensor to determine the room temp. Another thing to add, which I didn't know before hand, is these units come pre-charged, meaning you don't need to fill them with refrigerant. Overall a great purchase, the unit is lightweight and very easy to install (from what I observed), I could easily do the vacuuming myself with a gauge set from harbor freight. After watching him do it, not complicated. Electrical is a good thing to get done right, don't skip on a good electrician if you need one.
  1. 9 months ago
    Great, quiet unit for this room
    The air/heating combo is a very light and quiet machine. We couldn't be more happy with it. The outside unit seems like it hardly ever runs. This unit should be good on the electric bill.
  2. 3 years ago
    Working perfectly, easy to install
    Instruction is a bit too vague, but it is actually easy to install. This is the smallest AC available but it works fine in my 300 sqft room (california). Haven't tested the heat the function and will find out in winter.
  3. 11 months ago
    Mini split
    Installed unit myself and had a/c guy to pressure check lines. Have been really pleased with unit and how quite it is.
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