Water Dispensers & Filters


Get cleaner water & remove pollutants before 
they enter your home or at a specific tap



Filtering water as it enters your home
is a Whole Home or Point-of-Entry System. POE systems connect to the water line, delivering safe water to every faucet & plumbing fixture in the home.

Whole House Systems

Whole House Systems eliminate contaminated water & reduce sediment from well water. The filtered water is dispersed to every water outlet in your home, including faucets, showers and appliances.

Water Softeners, Salts & Conditioners

Water Softener Systems remove mineral concentrations from your water which leads to more effective cleaning and can extend the life of appliances that use water.

Get Clean Water
At Your Tap

Point-of-Use Systems (POU) are used at a particular output, allowing you to target water outlets you want clean water for such as your bathroom shower or kitchen sink.

Under Sink Systems

Installs below the sink & filters water before it reaches the faucet.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

RO is a rigorous under sink system that will remove most pollutants.

Faucet Mounted Systems

Attaches onto faucets to filter drinking and cooking water.

Countertop Systems

Filtration system that does not require plumbing installation.

Shower Head Systems

Easy to install, inexpensive filtration system attached to your shower head.

Water Coolers & Racks

A water dispenser solution that offers crisp, clean tasty water.

Water Filtration Pitchers

Containers that quickly remove contaminants for clean drinking water.

Drinking Fountains

A sanitary way to deliver clean, quick water to the public.

Protect Your Health With Filtered Water

Enjoy crisp and clean water with solutions from The Home Depot. There's no need to pay for a costly water service when your home or office can have a water filter, water softener, water cooler or water dispenser installed or set up at your location for a fraction of the cost. Comprehensive solutions are available for a single tap, or treat your whole home which will reduce sediment, sand and rust at the main water supply so less build up occurs inside water heaters, pipes, dishwashers and other appliances and fixtures. The Home Depot has a wide selection of water treatment systems and should be your primary source for clean water.


The Premium 3-Stage Shower Filter and Countertop Drinking The Premium 3-Stage Shower Filter and Countertop Drinking Water Purification Filter Combo includes the Countertop Drinking Filter System which provides healthier and great-tasting drinking water. The state-of-the art Pelican Countertop Drinking System addresses chlorine chloramines lead cysts VOCs and THMs. With its unique modern design it can alleviate your worries ...  More + Product Details Close
Based on Legendary RCC7 - Features Real Booster Based on Legendary RCC7 - Features Real Booster Pump that raises pressure to 65 psi increases RO efficiency and fills storage tank 2-3x faster while low pressure might be a concern. Utilizing most cost effective technology it rejects up to 99% of 1000+ pollutants such as chlorine fluoride lead arsenic ...  More + Product Details Close
ISPRING 7-stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System RCC7AK-UV ISPRING 7-stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System RCC7AK-UV is based on our legendary best seller model #RCC7. Featuring an 11-Watt UV Sterilization Lamp with Smart Flow Sensor Switch and Alkaline pH+ and mineral balls this model is the most comprehensive Reverse Osmosis water filter system in the market. In response ...  More + Product Details Close
ISPRING Water Systems has been specializing in Reverse ISPRING Water Systems has been specializing in Reverse Osmosis water purification systems for over 10 years. Based on our legendary best seller model RCC7 ISPRING RCC7D2 features the newly upgraded De-ionization stages the extra amount of resin that removes all remaining ions in RO water and produces 0 PPM pure ...  More + Product Details Close