How To Choose a Toilet


Whether you are refurbishing an entire bathroom, replacing an old or broken toilet or updating to a new water saving model, The Home Depot carries a wide range of models to ensure you will find the right one for your home. This guide will tell you about the many features to consider when buying a toilet and the technology that is making them more comfortable, efficient and eco-friendly than ever before.
Before shopping for a new toilet, familiarize yourself with the latest advances that help the environment by saving water. You will also save money on water and sewer bills.

Select Flush Power* 

Flush power
The first decision you may need to consider is how much flush power you will need. Finding a toilet that flushes efficiently without clogging is essential. To help make your decision easier, The Home Depot utilizes a flush performance rating system that assigns each of our toilets a numerical score based on the toilet's ability to remove bulk waste and resist clogging. You will find these scores displayed on product packaging and signs in the toilet aisle of your local Home Depot store.

*Flush power ratings are provided via independent testing by Veritec, based on a scale of 100-1,000. For simplicity, the scores have been converted to a scale of 1-10.

Select Bowl Shape 

Bowl shape
The next decision you may need to consider is how much available space you have in your bathroom. If you have a larger bathroom where space isn't much of an issue, a toilet with an elongated bowl will work great. If you have a smaller bathroom, such as a half-bath, choose a round bowl toilet that will fit into tight spaces.

Select Toilet Height

Toilet height 
Next, determine the appropriate height for your toilet. Standard sizes are 14 or 15inches, but the 16 or 17-inch models are becoming increasingly popular, especially for taller or physically challenged individuals.

Water Saving Toilets

WaterSense® labeled toilets Save up to $90 per year on your water and sewage bill with WaterSense® labeled toilets. Toilets are the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30% of an average home's indoor water consumption. New flushing technology across various toilets has enabled water conservation without sacrificing flush performance. Regulations now limit toilets to no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. As a result, in addition to adding comfort and style, replacing toilets installed before 1994 provides a great deal more water efficiency. Our Local Utility Rebate Finder will help you see if your toilet purchase qualifies for a rebate from your local water district.
ECO Options The Home Depot has developed its own Eco Options program to encourage earth-friendly living and is a proud partner of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WaterSense® program, carrying low-flow toilets that have the WaterSense label of approval for using no more than 1.28 gallons per flush. Both will help you reduce water usage without sacrificing performance.


Refer to the chart below for design options:



Points to consider

Two-Piece Tank and bowl are separate • Most common type
• Generally more economical
• Easy to find replacement parts 
One-Piece Tank and bowl fused together into a seamless unit • May require larger upfront investment
• Save space
• No hard-to-clean crevices
• Creates a sleek, stylish look
Wall Mounted Mounts to wall and eliminates need for toilet foot or base • May cost more to purchase and install
• Ideal for transfers from wheelchair or
• Requires thicker wall for mounting
• Drain for toilet must be on wall rather
  than floor
• Easy to clean underneath 


With a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, selecting a toilet that matches the decor in your bathroom is simple and easy. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary design, our extensive selection makes it easy for you to reflect on your own personal style.


The distance between the floor drain and the wall, called the rough-in, is one factor to consider when selecting your toilet. The standard distance is 12 inches and 10 or 14 inches are occasionally found in older homes. You can determine the rough-in on an existing toilet by measuring from the wall behind the toilet to the middle of the bolts on the base.

Complete Toilet Kits

We now offer convenient toilet kits that include everything you need in one box – tank, bowl, toilet seat and wax ring (supply lines sold separately). These handy "all-In-one" products ensure that you have all of the correct toilet parts the first time, saving you from return visits to the store to buy or exchange parts.

4 Easy Steps to Installing a Toilet:

steps for installing a toilet

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Toilet Seats

Consider upgrading your new or existing toilet with a new toilet seat with features including slow or quiet close and easy cleaning. Seats specially designed for children have smaller openings and side handles providing extra comfort and support.

Decorative Trip Levers

Accessorize your toilet tank with decorative trip levers to match coordinating faucets and bath hardware.


Bidets enhance personal hygiene and can be purchased as separate units or incorporated into the toilet seat. Some feature horizontal sprays while others use a vertical spray. Look for units that allow you to adjust water temperature and pressure and feature a comfortable seat.    

Bidet Seats

Bidet Seats allow you to retrofit an existing toilet to operate like a bidet – a simple solution for dual functionality. In addition, benefit from advanced technologies designed to enhance comfort and efficiency.
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