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Parts of a Toilet

Toilet Tank Parts
A diagram showing the labeled parts of a toilet tank

The toilet tank is the upper part of the unit that contains the flushing mechanism in a small water tank or reservoir. 

  • Chain: Also called the toilet lift chain, this is the length of metal links that connects the toilet lever to the flapper. 
  • Float: This buoyant device, sometimes part of the flush valve, regulates the amount of water in the tank. Also called the float valve or ballcock.
  • Flush valve: This sits in the middle of the tank and is linked to the overflow tube. It triggers the toilet to flush waste from your toilet bowl. 
  • Handle: Located outside the tank, this is used to manually flush the toilet. On dual flush models, the flush handle is sometimes replaced by two buttons on top of the toilet tank. 
  • Overflow tube: This keeps excess water from overflowing into the tank and spilling onto the bathroom floor. It is connected to the flush valve. 
  • Supply line: This connects the water supply to the toilet, usually at the base of the toilet tank, and allows for proper flushing. It includes a shut-off valve. 
  • Toilet fill valve: This is the part of the toilet responsible for refilling the tank after each flush. 
  • Toilet flapper: Situated at the base of the tank, this lifts and triggers a flush of water to the toilet bowl. It is also called a flapper valve. 
  • Tank lever: Connected to the handle, this lifts the rubber flapper, which triggers the flush. It is also called the lift rod. 
  • Toilet tank cover: This heavy lid covers the toilet tank. Some toilet owners use it as a shelf. 
Toilet Bowl Parts
A diagram showing labels parts of a toilet bowl

The toilet bowl is the lower part of the unit that holds water and waste. All the following parts are directly connected to the toilet bowl: 

  • Lid: This covers the toilet seat and can act as a safety barrier for children and pets. 
  • Rim: Designed to prevent splashes and overflowing, this is the uppermost part of the toilet bowl. 
  • Seat: This sits atop the bowl and is ergonomically designed as a comfortable place to sit while using the toilet. 
  • Toilet flange: This fitting seals the toilet to the floor and connects to the drain pipe. 
  • Wax ring: Also known as the toilet bowl gasket or seal, this secures the base of the toilet to the flange. 

When the parts of a toilet are worn out or broken, you can purchase a toilet repair kit to replace the products.