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Front Entry Doors

Think about how you plan on using your new door. The material makes a difference. Also, factor in your personal style and budget.

Fiberglass Doors

Weather resistant, secure and tough. Paint it any color or finish in faux-wood. Great for high traffic entrances.

Wood Doors

Durable and versatile, a wood door complements any home. It’s heavy, secure, dent resistant and repairs easily.

Steel Doors

Secure, durable and affordable. Steel doors are low maintenance, weather resistant and can be painted to look like wood.

Get Exactly the 
Door You Want

The best way for you to build a custom and special-order door is to talk to a door specialist at your local Home Depot Store. They can help navigate your options.

Consider the size you need, the color you want, your door jamb depth, and the style glass you prefer, if any. You can also discuss permit issues specific to where you live.

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Shop Patio Doors

French Doors

Lets natural light pass through panels of glass separated by frames

Center Hinge Doors

Swings open to one side from the center hinges, to the right or left

Sliding Doors

Slides on tracks saving floor space, and can open to the right or left

Shop Screen, Storm & Security Doors

Screen Doors

Let fresh air and sunlight in, keep the bugs out

Storm Doors

Protect your entry door from harsh weather, add a layer of insulation to your home

Security Doors

Add protection from weather, bugs and intruders

Make Your Exterior Doors Stylish and Secure

Shop from our wide selection of front entry doors. We want you to find the perfect exterior door to compliment the style of your home.

Enjoy old-world innovation with a dutch door, which opens on top but stays shut on the bottom. Accent the front of your home with a highlight color— a red door or black door. Popular doors are available online, including fiberglass and glass doors, but you can special order or custom build an entrance door to get the look you want. Visit your local home depot store to discuss your custom door or special order needs. Also, think about how you want to install your door. Do you want to do it yourself? Or, let us do it for you.