Affordable Bath Updates


The cost of a complete bathroom remodel can quickly add up. Fortunately, there are several small, inexpensive projects that will give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank.


Check out the seven most common small projects to turn your bath into a cozy and relaxing retreat and learn what you need to do to start upgrading your bathroom.



• Consider which projects make the most sense for your room and budget if you cannot complete all seven.
• Prioritize where you want to begin and continue making updates at a pace that makes sense for your lifestyle 
  and budget.
• Locate the necessary water shut-off valves and ensure proper operation before changing any plumbing 




• Make sure you take all necessary precautions before beginning work, including wearing safety glasses and 
  work gloves, laying paint tarps to protect surfaces, and ensuring that all outlets are GFCI protected.
• Be sure to turn off the electricity at the main circuit breaker before beginning installation of lights and fans.




• Save money on utility bills with water-saving faucets and showerheads, and energy-efficient light fixtures.




Step 1: Update your bath cabinet hardware and accessories

 Update your bath cabinet hardware and accessories

The small details say big things about your bathroom style. Changing out your knobs and pulls to brushed nickel or bronze can create a whole new decorative touch. Consider matching the new metal hardware to your faucet, lighting fixtures and door hardware.


Also coordinate your towel bars, hooks and toilet paper holders in the same finish.


Lastly, give an added safety boost to your tub and shower with decorative grab bars.


Step 2: Update your bath faucets, showerheads and hand showers

 Update your bath faucets, showerheads and hand showers

Updating your faucet with a new low-flow model is a relatively inexpensive way to cut water consumption while adding a refreshed look to your sink area. And since it’s one of the most commonly used items, a new faucet is a great way to display your personal style.


Showerheads and hand showers add a nice touch to your overall bathroom design while making your showering experience more enjoyable. Replacing a showerhead can be a quick and inexpensive project.


Hand showers can be used as a fixed shower or hand-held for maximum versatility. Drill-less models provide easy installation.


Step 3: Update your lighting fixtures

 Update your lighting fixtures

New light fixtures will add a touch of illuminating ambiance to your bathroom. Consider updating the existing fixtures or adding a few decorative sconces to complement your faucets and hardware.


Select new fixtures with LED lights to save energy and lower your utility bills.


Step 4: Paint your bathroom walls and trim

 Paint your bathroom walls and trim

Color is the key to any room's personality. The right wall color will accent your other bathroom updates. For a look that takes center stage, select a color that complements your vanity, faucet and hardware.


Also, add a fresh coat of paint to the moulding to brighten up your trim and door entrance.


Step 5: Update your bath fan

 Update your bath fan Bath fans play an important role in removing excess moisture and odors from a bathroom. Newer models are fashionable as well as functional, offering quieter operations and an assortment of decorative features to complement any bath lighting system.

Step 6: Update your vanity, vanity top and cabinets

 Update your vanity, vanity top and cabinets

Replacing an old, outdated vanity and cabinets can transform your bathroom into an entirely different space. With styles ranging from eclectic to traditional, a new vanity can greatly enhance the storage, functionality and look of any bathroom. Many bath vanities include coordinating vanity tops and matching mirrors.


Whether you choose to go with laminate, granite or something in between, a new vanity top can add dramatic new texture, style and color to your bathroom.


Add a coordinating sink or select a vanity top that has a built-in bowl. The variety of styles, materials and finishes make replacing a vanity top the ideal project for any budget. Be sure to update the faucet as you update the vanity top.


Step 7: Replace your toilet

 Replace your toilet

Most people think of toilets as purely functional, but today's models offer a level of performance, efficiency and style that was not available a decade ago. Choosing an economical high-efficiency or ultra-low-flow toilet offers substantial water savings without sacrificing performance or aesthetics.


A chair height toilet provides added comfort and easy accessibility.