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How to Install Tile Floors

 Step 1: Prep for Tile

How to Prep Tile

Start with a smooth, clean, solid and level surface

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Step 2: Set Tiles

How to Set Tile

It's essential to get a strong bond between your floor and tiles

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Step 3: Grout Tiles

How to Grout Tile

Choose your grout and color

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Step 4: Care for Tiles

How to Clean Tile

Maintain your tile floor with sealers and cleaners

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New Tile Adds Value & Style to Your Home

Tile is a wise choice for your floors and walls. It's easy to maintain and can take a lot of wear and tear. Trends may come and go, but tiles will last. Neutral colors and simple mosaic tiles arranged with a thoughtful and creative touch will leave you with a style that endures. Popular floor tile patterns like herringbone and chevron can stand the test of time. If you love the look of wood but need the convenience of tiles, try wood tiles - porcelain and ceramic tile that looks like wood. It works great as a tile for the bathroom as well as the kitchen.

Kitchen flooring and bathroom floors - really, floors in any room that get a lot of foot traffic have to be made to last as long as possible. Remember, when you consider floor tile for any room, make sure to use tiles that are not too slick. Durability matters in your kitchen flooring. Materials matter. A porcelain tile, for example, can take wear and tear and is fully waterproof - a solid choice for bath tile. Make sure your bathroom wall tiles are suitable for water wear and are easy to clean.

Travertine tiles
have a one-of-kind nature-made limestone look, with the staying power of stone. Select kitchen wall tiles that are easy to clean, so you can just spray and wipe down any food splatters. Try a backsplash of subway tile behind the kitchen sink and stove, for a convenient clean, yet modern look. 

We can help you get your tile project finished, from start to finish. You can do your own tile flooring or wall tiles, or we can install it for you. Buy them here online, and save yourself the trip to the tile shop. We make it easy.


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