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How much material or product do you need to complete your project?

Take the guesswork out of estimating the cost of home improvements, moving and more. Our helpful project calculators fill a critical step in project planning, allowing you to estimate the amount or material or products needed – and their cost – before you get started. Just choose the type of project you’re working on below.

Tile Estimator

Tile Calculator

Our tile calculator removes the guesswork. Select your tiles and enter your square footage to get the right quantity for your project.

Countertop Estimator

Countertop Calculator

Measure your countertop – multiplying the length times width – to determine the total square footage of the area you will be working on. Then, enter the dimensions into our calculator to gauge the amount of material you will need to complete your project.

Packing Calculator

Moving Calculator

Our moving calculator will help determine how many large, medium and small size boxes you need based on the size of your home. Moving can be expensive so this is a great alternative to spending all day gathering quotes.

Topsoil Calculator

Mulch Calculator

Our mulch calculator will help you determine the number of bags needed for proper mulch coverage in your landscape. Enter your preferred type of material, the square footage of the space to be covered and mulch depth for accurate results.

Air Conditioning Calculator

Air Conditioning Calculator

Before you can get an air conditioner, you’ll need to calculate the right BTU range (cooling capacity) for your room. Tell us the size of the room and we’ll tell you the type of unit you need to sufficiently cool your space.

Wallpaper Calculator

Wallpaper calculator

Our wallpaper calculator is an easy way to figure out the number of wallpaper rolls you’ll need to cover a single wall or a whole room. Enter the number of walls, wall dimensions and coverage amount to get started.

Grass Seed Calculator

Grass Seed calculator

This calculator estimates how much seed you'll need to plant a beautiful lawn or overseed existing grass. Simply give us the dimensions of the area and the type of grass you'd like to grow.

Insulation Calculator

Insulation calculator

Installing the right amount of insulation can help you stay comfortable and save energy. Our insulation calculator can determine the number of bags of insulation you’ll need based on both square footage and climate.


Decking Calculator

Our decking calculator lets you get a fresh look without replacing your entire deck. Enter your dimensions, choose your colors and we’ll determine the amount of material you’ll need for a decking project.



Quickly estimate how many quarts or gallons of paint you need for your project with our paint calculator. We'll even factor in windows and trim.

Drywall Calculator

Drywall Calculator

Let us know the size of the area you need covered with drywall and find out how much material you will need. Don’t forget the dimensions of doors and windows to cut out.

Fencing Calculator - charcoal gray traditional house with white vinyl fence in front yard

Fencing calculator

Before you can install a fence, you need to know how much fencing material you'll need. We'll calculate the amount of fencing you should purchase based on your property needs.