Project Calculators

Project Calculators

Project Calculators

Remove the guesswork and ensure you have enough materials and supplies

How much material or product do you need to complete your project?

By clicking on the calculator links below, you can find out the amount of material needed to cover the area of square footage that you are working on. Take the guesswork out of estimating the cost of your home improvement project with one of our many helpful project calculators. Let The Home Depot assist with your materials estimate before you get to work and save both time and money on your project.

Whether you need to know how many rolls to buy for a wallpaper project, or how many bags of seed are needed for your yard based on its total square footage, we have the project estimator for you. Our calculators are a great help in that they let you know how much material is needed to complete your remodeling or renovation project.

Kitchen & Bath

Countertop Calculator

Measure your countertop and multiply the length times the width of the area you will be working on, to determine the total square footage. Then, enter your dimensions into our calculator to gauge the amount of material that is needed to complete your project. Our project material estimator fills a critical need in your project planning by allowing you to estimate the costs before you get started.

Flooring & Tile

Carpet Calculator

Use our carpet calculator to get total square yards of carpet that you need for proper coverage by dividing the total square footage by 3. Materials estimating is a key component of any project.

Tile Calculator

Use our ceramic tile calculator to get the floor or wall square footage. Then, consult the tile cases to determine how many tiles or cases are needed proper coverage.

Home Maintenance, Renovations, A/C & Moving

Drywall Calculator

Our drywall calculator allows you to get the square footage of each drywall sheet and determine how many sheets will be needed to complete your wall. Learning how to estimate building materials lets you get the job done right without a lot of waste.

Insulation Calculator

The construction materials estimator lets you determine how many rolls of insulation are needed to cover the total square footage of your attic, floor or walls. Save on your energy bills with the right amount of insulation for your home.

Moving Calculator

Our moving calculator will help determine how many large, medium and small size boxes you need based on the size of your home. Moving can be expensive so this is a great alternative to spending all day gathering quotes.

BTU Calculator

Use our air conditioning calculator to help ensure your A/C unit has enough BTU’s (cooling capacity) to cool any room in your home. This calculator works best for an A/C room unit on a room no larger than 40’ x 40’.

Lawn, Garden & Outdoor

Grass Seed Calculator

Use our grass seed calculator to determine how many bags are needed based on the total square footage of your yard. This easy to use project estimator will help to keep from miscalculating the size of your yard.

Mulch Calculator

Our mulch calculator will determine how many bags are needed for proper coverage for your landscaping. Our project material estimator lets you choose your type of material, space size and mulch depth for accuracy.

Paint & Wallpaper

Paint Calculator

The paint calculator helps to determine how many quarts, 1-gallon cans or 5-gallon buckets are needed for multiple coats. Our DIY project calculator lets you get the job done right without a lot of waste.

Wallpaper Calculator

Our wallpaper calculator helps to determine how many rolls will be needed based on the total square footage of the wall. This home improvement project estimator will easily guide you through how to calculate your wallpaper coverage.