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You Deserve a Designer Bathroom

Your bathroom is just for you. Get inspired with our bathroom ideas and let us help you turn the space into an oasis from daily stresses. We offer a wide variety of solutions from bathroom cabinets to bathroom faucets and everything in between to tie this essential space all together. Our brands and vast selection give you the power to create a stylish bath with a big impact.


Bathroom Vanities

Bath vanities can be much more than just a home for your bathroom sink and a place for storage. The ideal vanity sets the tone for the room and is a jumping-off point for the rest of your bathroom decor. Match your bathroom accessories with your faucet and the cabinet hardware, add vanity lighting with the same look, and choose a wall color that complements the color of your bathroom mirror and vanity. You'll find modern, rustic, traditional and more decorating styles in our diverse selection of bath essentials. 

Find the Perfect Bathtub or Shower

The bathtub is another prominent bathroom piece. You'll want to coordinate it with the design of the rest of the room, but you'll also want to consider practicalities. What size bath and shape will fit in your space? Are there any accessibility considerations? Are you looking for any special features? Knowing what you want going in will help you make the best decision.

Depending on your wants and needs, you might opt for a shower instead of a tub. Our shower stalls bring together many of the pieces you need in one kit: base and door, base and wall, or base, wall and door all together. You can also purchase shower doors and shower pans separately, which gives you the option to refresh an existing shower. A popular and easy way to update your stall is with a new shower head. Many of these options create a spa-like experience with massaging functions, dual-heads and handheld wands.   

Bathroom Solutions

Once your tub or shower is ready, make sure your soaps, shampoos and sponges are easily within reach by adding shower caddies. We have solutions for any bathing area; choose freestanding, hanging or wall mounted. And if your bathtub is also a shower, browse our shower curtains to find one that matches the design scheme of the room.

If you have transformed your bathroom or an outdoor area into a relaxing spa retreat with a jetted tub, consider our high-quality hot tub covers. We offer sizes and features that will match any need, and all of them meet safety standards. Durable with a variety of designs for both inside and outside use, our covers are second to none and will save you money.

Choosing the Right Toilet 

Of course, the toilet is essential to any bathroom. In our selection, you'll find WaterSense® qualified toilets with a powerful flush, bringing efficiency without sacrificing luxury. Toilet seat design is also important when selecting your toilet. Look for available options like, quite-close lids, or seats with removable hinges for easier cleaning. We also offer a range of bidets. If you've ever encountered a bidet while traveling, you know they offer a practical and gentle solution for personal cleanliness while conserving paper and water.

We Can Help

The Home Depot will help you select the perfect items for your dream bathroom. Our knowledgeable associates are glad to answer all your questions and offer advice to turn that bathroom into a relaxing, stress-free room.