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Dog Kennel

Your furry friend deserves a safe and comfortable place in which to travel and relax. With dog kennels available in so many shapes, sizes and materials, you can let your canine get some fresh air outside or easily transport them if you’re taking a road trip. 
Types of Kennels for Dogs 

Give your pup its own space outdoors in a pet kennel made of heavy-duty, welded-wire mesh or chain link fencing. You can assemble these simply by bolting separate panels together for support around a steel frame. Enclosures range in height, length and width to ensure your dog has enough room and will also stay put. The right dimensions depend on the size of your pet.
If you’re looking for extra outdoor protection, a kennel with a weather-guard roof can prevent your dog from getting too much sun or keep them dry if it starts to rain. Boxed models stop other animals from disturbing your pet. 
Dogs on the Move 

Most dogs will behave better during travel if they have a cozy and familiar portable kennel. Choose from mesh and metal carriers as well as airline-approved polypropylene options. Some also fold down and fit into a carrying case for easy transport. 
Dog Kennel Accessories 

Outfit your dog’s kennel with all the trimmings, from memory foam pet beds to supplies like turf mats and bowl sets. There are even remote-controlled pet correction devices to help you teach commands. For more information on containing systems and training, check out our handy guide.

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