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Pool Ladders

A pool is always more fun when swimmers of all ages can get in and out easily. Even if your pool has built-in steps, you may want to consider the addition of extra ladders or handrails to increase accessibility.

Depending on whether your pool is in-ground or above ground, you will need different types of steps and ladders.

In-Ground Pool Options

Most in-ground pools have at least one set of integrated steps. While stairs are usually designed into the shallow end of the pool at the time of construction, they can be added retroactively. In the deep end, you can install ladders so that swimmers can climb up and out of the water and onto the deck.

For swimmers with limited mobility, steps are the easiest way to get in and out of the water. Ladders that require users to climb hand over hand should not be the only option.

Steps for Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools sit entirely above the ground’s surface, so they require swimmers to climb up and over the side. Because of this, steps for above ground pools have their own specific features. Being able to climb or step over the side requires an A-frame design or a double-step system, with one set of steps inside the pool and one set outside the pool. When shopping for above ground ladders, make sure you consider who will be using them.

A day at the pool will be much more enjoyable if it’s easy to get in and out of the water. Choosing the right style of steps or ladders means that everyone can enjoy access to the water.

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