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Shoe Rack

Take control of your footwear collection with shoe racks and organizers. Storing shoes on a rack or stand not only keeps them organized and out of the way, but also helps preserve their life by keeping them in good condition.

Everything in Its Place

Where can you place a shoe rack in your home? A wall-mounted rack is useful when floor space isn’t available. A shoe bench integrates seating, which makes it easier to put your shoes on and take them off. There are also racks made just for closets, including stackable and rotating racks that are designed to fit in a confined space. Don’t limit yourself to just one; place a rack anywhere you’re likely to remove your shoes for the ultimate in organization.

Storage Styles

When it comes to material, a metal rack is a good choice for storing heavy, dirty or wet shoes. Keep a boot rack in your garage or by your entry door to hold the pairs you don’t want in your home. A wooden rack works well for lightweight shoes such as sneakers and flats, and its classic look is appropriate in an entryway or bedroom. If you have a larger than average collection, you may want to look at a commercial or this DIY shoe rack for inspiration.

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