Carpet Cleaners

Here's how to choose the right carpet cleaning machine and supplies to keep your carpeting clean

Carpet Cleaners

Cleaning carpets and rugs will help extend their life and keep them looking good for years. Regular vacuuming is important to remove soil and protect against wear from ground-in dirt. 

When vacuuming isn't enough, it's time to shop for carpet cleaning products at The Home Depot. 

There are different types of equipment available for deep-cleaning your carpet; steam cleaning machines, dry foam scrubber machines, or vacuum cleaners. There are cleaning products for each method. You can choose an all-purpose cleaner or one with added features like stain repellents, low-foam agents or deodorizers.

Stains require special treatment. Look for spot removers that treat food stains or deodorizers that remove odors caused by smoke, mildew, food or animal waste.

Cleaners and spot removers come in various forms like foams, ready-to-use sprays or concentrates. Experiment until you find the one that works best for you.

When deep cleaning is needed, follow this easy four-step plan.

Step 1: Vacuum thoroughly

  • Carpets should be vacuumed often to prevent dirt from being ground into the carpet backing or from wearing away carpet fibers.
  • Vacuum in two directions, perpendicular to each other for best results.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a rotating bristle is best for lifting embedded dirt.

Step 2: Pre-treat stains and high-traffic areas

  • Test for colorfastness by spraying spot cleaner in an obscure corner.
  • Spray it on the stain following the manufacturer’s directions and blot with a clean, white cotton towel. For stubborn areas, gently rub with a scrub brush and then blot with a clean white towel.
  • Repeat until stain is gone. Extremely tough stains may require multiple treatments.

Step 3: Clean with a vacuum or carpet cleaning machine

  • Vacuum cleaner method: Apply dry foam carpet cleaner, scrub into carpet and let dry.
  • Steam (hot water) extraction method: Apply extractor carpet shampoo with any extraction cleaner for steam cleaning and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step 4: Vacuum well after carpet has dried

  • Allow carpet to dry thoroughly.
  • Vacuum carpet with a household vacuum cleaner.