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How Much Does It Cost to have a Water Treatment System Installed?

Water Treatment Installation Cost Guide

Water treatment systems enhance the cleanliness, taste and quality of the water in your home. This can help reduce the amount of bottled water you’re drinking which lowers environmental impact. Not only does treated water taste great, but it’s also better for your skin and clothing. Feel great about the water you’re using every day when you choose one of the incredible water treatment systems available at The Home Depot. 

Selecting a water treatment installation system is all about finding what works your home. The main factors that affect water treatment system costs are the price of the system and the amount charged for installation. The Home Depot will help connect you to licensed, bonded and badged contractors local to your area to complete the installation.

Average Cost of Water Treatment Installation Packages
Sometimes choosing a complete package is the most convenient way to get a water treatment system installed. There are three basic package tiers available. Understanding what’s included and the average cost of each package will help you balance your budget with the benefits of the system.
Types of Water Treatment Systems
While all water treatment systems work to improve the quality and purity of water, the different types accomplish this goal in various ways. Understanding the differences between the three main types of water treatment systems will help you select the right option for your home.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

If you have salty water, a reverse osmosis system works to reduce dissolved ions in the water, filtering them through a membrane. The result is purer water that tastes great.

Ultraviolet Systems (UV)

Just as sunlight works to naturally kill micro-organisms, so does an ultraviolet system, resulting in purer water.

Filtration Systems

A system of replaceable filter cartridges removes iron, odor, tastes and impurities from the water. Choose from the following: Carbon Filters, Ultraviolet Filters, Speciality Filters

Water Softeners

Water softeners filter out minerals like calcium and manganese to rid your home of hard water. This helps appliances like water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines perform more efficiently and last longer.

Factors That Impact Water Treatment Installation Costs
There are many of factors that affect the total cost of your new water treatment system. Understanding these components will help you consider their impact while shopping for the best option.
Water glass being filled

Additional Plumbing

• If you need additional plumbing work to complete the installation, the project costs will increase.

System Complexity

• More complex systems can take longer to install and raise labor costs.

System Size

• Larger systems come with a larger price tag. The system parts cost more, they take longer to install and the process is more labor intensive. 

Installation Location

• The construction of your home determines the installation location. If the home is pre-plumbed for a water treatment system, it will drastically reduce the cost of installation. The condition and type of ground in your area can also affect the installation process and labor costs. The final factor is whether your system is installed in a basement or over a concrete slab foundation.

Permit Fees

• Permit requirements and costs depend entirely on where you live. Your permit could cost as little as $50 or as much as $500 depending on your location.

Maintenance Costs

• Every water treatment system will require some level of maintenance. When you’re selecting a system, consider the ongoing maintenance of each model, and factor those costs into your total budget. Typically, a filter system requires replacement filters every six months.

Benefits of Water Purification Installation
With water affecting so many different aspects of your home life, the benefits of adding a water treatment system appear to be endless.
Glass of Water

Drink More / Waste Less

With treated water, you'll reduce the amount of bottled water you're drinking and lower your environmental impact. Water that tastes this good will also have you reaching for a glass more frequently, increasing your daily intake for a healthier lifestyle.

Improved Energy Efficiency

With fewer impurities in the water you’ll find the energy-efficient appliances you’ve selected will perform to their full potential.

Laundry Room

Extended Lifespan of Home Appliances

Your washer, dryer, faucets, toilets and other household appliances using water will last longer when there are fewer impurities running through their systems.

Scrubbing sink

Easier Cleaning

Installing a water filtration system will drastically cut down on soap scum and sediment build-up. Cleaning the shower door, rinsing the sink and cleaning toilets will be faster and easier than ever.

Shower Head

Experience Softer Skin & Hair

When you shower with treated water, you’ll notice a difference in the softness of both your skin and hair. It will also enhance your shampoo and soap performance.

Why Choose The Home Depot

The Home Depot will guide you through every step of the process. Installing a water system a simple project that will have a major impact on your home. To learn more about how a water filtration system can improve your water, the system that makes the best choice for your home, and the specifics about your installation process, reach out to one of our trusted professionals.

Why Choose The Home Depot