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40 lb. Top Soil

  • Filling and leveling dirt
  • Does not contain fertilizer
  • Not for use in containers or pots
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Product Overview

Earthgro® Topsoil is a general-purpose soil that is great for filling holes and leveling low areas in your yard. This topsoil is regionally formulated and should be mixed with native soil to build landscape beds and gardens. One 40 lb. bag covers up to 4.5 sq. ft. at a 2-inch depth. When using this product and other planting materials, it is recommended to wear gardening gloves. This product does not contain fertilizer.
  • Dirt for filling holes in your yard
  • Soil for leveling low areas in your landscape
  • For use in new or existing gardens and landscapes
  • In-ground use only
  • Mix topsoil with native soil
  • One 40-lb. bag covers 4.5 sq. ft. at 2-inch depth
  • Product and brand availability varies by store
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Bag Weight (lb.)
Ideal For Growing
Not ideal for growing
Soil Matter
Soil Type
Top Soil

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
If you are not fully satisfied with the results from using this product, we will refund your purchase price. Send evidence of your purchase to: Hyponex Corporation, P.O. Box 267, Marysville, OH 43041
Mulch and Soil Council Certified

Questions & Answers


Is topsoil screened? Has it been irradiated for weed seeds?

Asked by Serious June 11, 2021

Haven't noted any issues. This was all dirt. I tilled my workspace and mixed in with the existing dirt in area.

How many bag to fill a 23 ft by 9 ft area

Asked by Jj May 29, 2021

A 40 Lb. bag of soil is approximately 0.75 cubic feet. A 23 ft. by 9 ft. area 3 inches deep would require 69 bags. The same area 4 inches deep would require 92 bags.

how many bags to a pallet I would like a delivery

Asked by Mike May 20, 2021

I ordered 30 bags delivered on a pallet

How many feet does one bag cover

Asked by Kaylea May 17, 2021

According to Google, 40 dry pounds is 1 cubic foot. So your answer is 12 square feet 1 inch thick

How many cubic feet in 40 pound bag

Asked by Jimmy May 3, 2021

depending on depth but spread out completely flat id guess about 3.5'x3.5' or slightly more

How much cu yards in one pallet?

Asked by Vlad April 30, 2021

Given that a Cubic Yard measures 3 feet high by 3 feet wide by 3 feet deep and that the plastic bags compress to the point that when stacked they reflect an accurate representation of their mass, a standard 6 inch thick, 3 by 4 pallet stacked 3 feet high should be roughly 1 Cubic Yard. Also, each bag contains around .75 (3/4) of a square foot meaning it takes 36 bags to make up a Cubic Yard, Count the bags and/or measure the pallet at your Garden Center or just order 36 bags.

how many cubic feet per bag?

Asked by jiere April 12, 2021

Google says "A 40 pound bag of topsoil usually contains about 0.75 Cubic Feet of soil."

Can I put sod over

Asked by Caro April 10, 2021

Yes, I believe this would work.

Can I lay sod over this ?

Asked by kb April 9, 2021

Yes. The sod should take to it without issue.

How many bags are on a pallet

Asked by Joe March 27, 2021

Around 50. But honestly, don't buy it.

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Check before you buy
On 5 June 21 I went to the Bradenton Home Depot to but their Earthgro topsoil. I needed 21 bags but bought 30 due to their 30 bag discounted price. I struggled to load 15 bags on the trolley inside the store and asked the checkout clerk if it was possible to have assistance putting them in my car (I am an 81 year-old guy with CKD and a heart bypass). The young man who loaded them suggested that I get the second 15 bags from their outside storage area. The first bag I opened looked like it was filled with dirty beach sand from the Carolinas’ Atlantic coast as were the next 3 bags. The 4th bag that I opened was what I thought I had purchased – something that looked like dark dirt with small wooden bits. It turned out that the 15 from inside the store were all the dark dirt version and the 15 from the outside storage area were all the dirty beach sand version. All 30 were identical in very respect and all had the same scan code (0 36865 12250 2). However, while the 15 bags from inside the store had additional lot numbers overprinted on the riverside side of the bags (P0051921 L2S00 1 1238/9); the 15 bags from outside (the dirty beach sand) had no lot numbers at all. My tentative lessons learned from this purchase: 1) Only select Earthgro topsoil bags from inside the Home Depot store. 2) Only select Earthgro topsoil bags with lot numbers on their reverse sides. 3) Puncture at least one bag to determine the contents before purchasing Earthgro topsoil.
by reallyoldman
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I bought 30 bags of this, after one bag I realized I was scammed. Take a look at what one bag had in it! I found glass, Lego pieces, wrappers, mulch, and other garbage. I lost a lot of money on this, I’m hoping you read this and don’t go through what I did!!!
by SteveO
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Clay mud, worthless
These bags of “top soil” were nothing but clay and water. Out of 10 bags, one was decent black soil, one was decent brown soil, and the rest were brown clay that I had to squeeze out of the bag. I can’t say that they won’t grow anything though. The weeds that were in the bag seemed to be growing just fine. What a waste of money. So frustrating!
by Rachel
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Absolute unusable junk
Apparently what you get depends on your location. At my HD location, I picked up 5 of these and 4 of the 5 were garbage. The bag says TIMBERLINE SOIL - TOP SOIL based in Atlanta. They might call this “top soil”, but here in NW Pennsylvania we call it clay and mud. All but 1 bag oozed out like dough and was saturated and smelled like a septic tank. The one bag did actually have top soil in it. “What do you expect for under $3 a bag?” Well, if the bag says TOP SOIL then i expect TOP SOIL. Not unusable clay thats going to turn to concrete if and when it ever dries up. Total and complete waste of money, time and fuel
by CannMan
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Exactly as advertised and good price for a bag! Nice rich soil worked perfect for filling in a slope/sink hole in my yard to level off for when my kids play in the yard! Highly reccomend!
by Jerry
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Great product and a great price filled my raised bed just fine thanks home depot!!
Great product and a great price filled my raised bed just fine thanks home depot!!
by Bigdogg
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EXCELLENT Top Soil (Columbia, MD) [2 Apr 2021)
There are a couple of negative reviews of this HD product, but I just picked up 8 bags of this soil from my Columbia, MD Home Depot, and all 8 bags were beyond my expectations. Deep, rich soil- no rocks, no sand, no branches, just wonderful soil. I'm guessing that HD gets this product from regional providers, but as for my area, this was an excellent product. I'll be going back for more!! BrianH
by BrianH
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Very bad quality. Way too many stones in it, some...
Very bad quality. Way too many stones in it, some are as big as my fist! I bought 100 bags, and in EACH bag there are numerous egg-sized stones and clay balls. I am shared image of the big stones I found in the soil, there were 3 full box of those junk. I stopped caring after the 3rd box though.
by AngryCustomer
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Full of Rocks
I bought a 40 pound bag of GardenPro Top Soil at the Falls Church, VA Home Depot. The number of rocks was unbelievable. It contained several pounds of rocks. I would never purchase this product again. This reflects poorly on Home Depot. They should discontinue purchasing from this supplier.
by SLW
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Top Soil or Bag of Rocks?
Bought 8 bags of Earthgrow top soil at my local Home Depot in Midlothian, VA. Bought it to fill in low spots in my new sodded front yard. Started spreading it and quickly found small, medium, and large size rocks (see photo). I've used this product before and it was my favorite as it had a loamy sand base that would self level. But not again.
by Walter
Response from ScottsCustomerCareMar 24, 2021
Walter, thank you for sharing your feedback about Earthgro Top Soil. We're sorry to read about your disappointment. We want you to be confident in our products. For this reason, we offer a product guarantee to our consumers. At your earliest convenience, please call 877-220-3089 for assistance. When calling, please refer to this review. Scotts
6 people found this helpful
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