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Customer Reviews for Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier with HEPA-Silver Filter to Remove Allergies Mold and Bacteria

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Model #BreatheSmart-Silver-Brushed Stainless

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Great product. Noise level is
Great product. Noise level is not bad IMO. I put it in the dining room as it is central to kitchen, living room and bedroom. I also keep it on the Auto setting
by Barbara S.
We love our Alen Air
We love our Alen Air Purifier. It provides a sense of comfort is this time of uncertainty .
by Robert j.
Allergies better
My wife has definitely noticed a difference. I seem to have developed allergies in the last year or so. My eyes have been burning this spring, but not any more. I'd say it's doing the job we hoped it would. Good stuff!!!
by Randy S.
Love our air Purifiers
We bought 2 purifiers for our home. My husband has stopped coughing at night and our home smells so clean. The sound level is so low we forget its running. Excellent purchase. :blush:
by Elaina C.
Ultra Quiet & Super Effective
So I remembered My neighbor, about a year ago, asked Me to feed His cats while away on a trip...when I entered His home I stopped Him mid sentence...”what is making this room smell of complete freshness & tropical like?” I asked..”.Breathe Smart Air Purifier”was His response. I couldn’t hear anything so He pointed to a sleek looking machine in the corner behind His couch....was amazing breathing in His home. So recently My Wife & I both have experienced sinus issues and headaches which typically plague Us in the fall when the weather changes. I remembered the experience & text My neighbor to the “brand” ...”ALEN BreatheSmart” he reminded Me. Headaches are lessened & Our home has a freshness now & within 15 mins of coming home both of Our sinus issues have dramatically reduced & there is a easier breathing experience while inside. Alen makes it really easy to make interest free payments over 12 months too so it was Our Christmas gift to one another and it’s the best gift that keeps on giving. Love EVERYtHING about the BreatheSmart & on lowest setting is absolutely nearly without any sound & You'll want to set on TURBO @ 1st to experience the freshest air quality You can get .... The BreatheSmart is an incredible product that will definitely contribute to better respiratory health & living comfort.
by Randal S.
From the reviews it looks the machine performs well. My only concern is that they want us to subscribe to their hepa filter program, before they would replace the machine in case it doesn't perform. They dont sell any parts. that concerns me very much. One should not be forced to enter in to subscription.
by Babulal C.
Our BreatheSmart Classic is performing
Our BreatheSmart Classic is performing much better than the Levoit air purifier which only lasted 14 months before it stopped working. We can tell a big difference in the amount of dust we have. And living near the only entrance to our subdivision, on a gravel road, we are the ultimate test for dust control. So far, we are very pleased.
by Lawrence C.
Fresh Air
I've been using this purifier for about a month now and I must admit that it really works. The air quality is much better and room smells fresh. I keep the settings on automatic and I noticed the fan speed kicks into turbo when it needs to then gets quiet when the air quality is good. The lifetime warranty makes the Allen purifier easy choice compared to other brands. For these reasons and more I recommend this product.
by Andrew B.
I bought this because I
I bought this because I moved into a smaller space and have a cat that sheds a lot, in hopes that it would help with dander and pet hair. I noticed an immediate difference in air quality in my condo. It also has a modern design and doesn’t look out of place. I love this purifier and I would definitely recommend it.
by Trevor R.
We love our Alen! It’s
We love our Alen! It’s really helped my allergies, I can breath so much better.
by Lettie C.
Showing 1-10 of 594 reviews