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Our Service Professionals

The Home Depot's local water heater repair technicians are licensed, insured and background checked for your peace of mind.

Same Day Repair

We offer same-day hot water heater repair in most areas if you call us before noon, live within 30 miles of your local Home Depot store, and parts are available.

Flexible Financing

We offer a wide range of flexible financing options including The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card and The Home Depot Project Loan.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a repair appointment?
During a repair appointment, which includes a diagnostic fee, we will examine your water heater, recommend any repairs, and give you a quote. At that point you may continue with the repairs, decline the repairs, or replace your water heater completely.
Can the repair be completed the same day as the diagnostic?
We can do repair or replacement work the same day as the diagnostic if you call before noon, live within 30 miles of a Home Depot store, and we have the parts on hand. The diagnosis and repair should not take more than 1 to 2 hours.
Is there a fee for a repair appointment?
Yes, a flat diagnostic fee will be charged when we come to look at your water heater. However, the fee will be credited toward the final cost of the repair.
Is the repair work guaranteed?
Yes. The Home Depot repairs all major brands of water heaters and guarantees the workmanship of the repair, maintenance, and installation for 90 days from the day of completion. During the warranty period, a contractor will repair your water heater at no cost, including any defects caused by faulty workmanship. The Home Depot’s warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, neglect, or improper care or cleaning. Merchandise and materials are covered exclusively by the manufacturer’s warranty.
How do you know if you need to repair or replace your water heater?
Often the decision to repair or replace comes down to the age and overall condition of the existing water heater. Read through our list of common water heater problems in the Water Heater Repair section below and consider scheduling an appointment to find out what might be wrong. If the water heater is outside its warranty period or the repairs are extensive, we recommend that it be replaced rather than repaired.


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February 10, 2019

good job

Recommend this service

February 10, 2019



February 9, 2019

Absolutely nothing everything is great

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February 9, 2019



February 7, 2019

We were having some difficulty initially with having someone to come out to install our new toilet because we purchased the toilet on line and had it delivered to our home instead of to the store. The customer service representative at our local Home Depot contacted an installer for us and within hours of making our initial request we were contacted by a reputable company. The company that was given our contact information installed our new toilet within an hours time and although it has just been 24 hours since our installation, we are very happy with the results. The associate as well as the installer from the Home Depot were very informative and friendly.

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February 7, 2019



February 6, 2019

The servicemen came out and said I needed a new part - FOR THE TOILET THAT i JUST BOUGHT!!! I already knew that that particular part was not functioning properly and unless I wanted to pay $249+ for them to replace the part I would ONLY HAVE TO PAY THE $90 SERVICE FEE!! i bought the toilet for $220 - so go figure......! I went to Home Depot and talked them out of the part and installed it myself and it worked (and IS WORKING) fine! That "Free Service Call" was NOT FREE

February 6, 2019



February 6, 2019

The installer arrived on time am driving he cleaned up nicely and was done in no time!

Recommend this service

February 6, 2019



Water Heater Repair

Having problems with your water heater? Schedule an appointment today and let one of our local, licensed and insured specialists take a look at your unit and recommend needed repairs. Same day water heater repair is available in most locations if you request service before noon, live within 30 miles of a Home Depot store, and we have the parts on hand.

We service all major brands of water heaters, and our specialists can quickly repair many common problems such as a leaky drain or pressure-relief valve or burned-out heating element, which can save you from having to buy and install a new water heater.

Plus, The Home Depot guarantees the workmanship of our repair, maintenance, and installation services for 90 days from the date of completion. If your water heater is not working or continues having problems after your repair appointment, you can call us right away.

Water Heater Problems

Many water heater problems require professional repair. Depending on the severity of the problem, we may be able to repair your water heater, or we may recommend that you replace it. Common problems with failing water heaters include:

  • Water that won’t get as hot as it used to—which can be caused by gas valve problems, burner assembly issues, and more.
  • An extremely limited duration of hot water.
  • A pilot light that is no longer working.
  • The smell of gas near the water heater.
  • Rust or sediment in your water—usually a sign of a corroding tank that needs flushing.
  • Plastic pieces in your water, which can be a sign of the dip tube degrading.
  • A tank that leaks from the top or the side—an indication of problems with the pressure and temperature valve, flex line connections, or pipes to and from the water heater.
  • A banging sound in the pipes—a sign of increased pressure in the tank that is usually fixed by installing a pressure-reducing valve.
  • Noise coming from the water heater, which may be related to problems with the burner assembly and upper or lower heating elements.

Emergency Repair Services

During a repair appointment, which includes a diagnostic fee, we will examine your water heater, recommend any repairs, and give you a quote. At that point you may:

  • Accept the repair work, with the diagnostic fee being rolled into the final price.
  • Decline the repair work, with a diagnostic fee being charged for the inspection.
  • Upgrade to a new water heater, with the diagnostic fee being applied to the installation cost.

Whether you decide to repair or replace your water heater, you can help by:

  • Being at home at the time of your repair appointment.
  • Removing obstructions to your water heater so the specialist can easily inspect it.
  • Providing access to other parts of the home (attic, basement, etc.), if necessary.

Please note that you may be without water temporarily during the repair.

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