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Pool Cleaning Supplies
Manual pool vacuums and robotic pool cleaners come equipped with various features that make cleaning your pool a breeze
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Pool Equipment
When it comes to pool maintenance, one of the most important things to consider is selecting the right pump and filter. Our guides will take you through every step.
Pool Chemicals
We have pool chemicals to help you maintain your pool all year long.
Step 1: Test Step 1: Test

Identifies your pools needs and prevents over-treating with too many chemicals

Step 2: Balance Step 2: Balance

Maintaining chemical balance improves comfort and helps keep pool equipment in great condition

Step 3: Sanitize Step 3: Sanitize

Kills bacteria and makes it safe to be in the pool

Step 4: Shock Step 4: Shock

Removes the build-up of used chlorine and other contaminants and creates crystal clear water

Step 5: Algicide Step 5: Algicide

Eliminates algae problems and prevents it from returning

Pool Solutions Pool Solutions

Corrects pool water problems and optimizes your pool’s performance

DOWNLOAD THE POOL TIME® CLEAR POOL EXPERT™ APP Use its easy-to-follow step-by-step treatment plan to maintain clean water
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Good, Clean Fun

Whether you’re looking to relax, have fun or get some exercise, making sure your swimming pool is taken care of is key to enjoyment. We’ve got the pool cleaning supplies and swimming pool equipment you need to keep the water clear and healthy.

Pool Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your pool water clean is very important. Cleaning your above ground pool should be a routine part of your outdoor maintenance schedule. There are a variety of pool cleaners to help you maintain your above ground pool all season long. If the water has become cloudy or particles have built up along the floor, it’s likely time to vacuum. Pool vacuums come equipped with various features to make the process easier. Other pool cleaning options include robotic, suction side and pressure side pool cleaners, pool skimmers, brushes and chlorinators.

There are 5 steps to follow when it comes time to test your pool water: Test, balance, sanitize, shock and algicide. Be sure to download the Pool Time app and use its 5-step system to maintain clear, sanitized water.

Pool Parts & Accessories

Pool pumps, filters and covers are also essential accessories you’ll need to take proper care of your swimming pool. Filters clear your water of excess dirt or debris, while single speed, dual speed and variable speed pumps control the pool’s water circulation. You can also control the temperature of your pool water with an electric heat pool pump, a propane pool heater or a natural gas pool heater. We also have leaf nets and a variety of pool covers as well as pool ladders, lights, thermometers and patch kits.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

You’ll want to stock up on pool toys and games to maximize your pool fun time. We have lots of pool floats, fountains and swim wear.