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Ultra with Permeate Pump Under sink Reverse Osmosis System

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  • Removes impurities from water
  • Increases water flow rate
  • Increased durability
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Home Master Ultra with Permeate Pump Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System solves many of the problems associated with traditional reverse osmosis systems. Traditional reverse osmosis systems are destroyed by iron rich water, and do not treat microorganisms or chloramines. The Home Master Ultra contains a pre-filter with KDF85 media and catalytic carbon to remove iron, manganese and chloramines. Home Master systems use larger fittings and tubing than traditional reverse osmosis systems to double the water flow rate. Traditional systems use permanent canister filter housings subject to constant high pressure and wear that can weaken and burst with age. The Home Master uses all-in-one modular filters for increased durability and easier annual service. Delivers exceptionally pure water by first stripping the water clean, removing up to 98% of iron, chemicals, chloramines, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and dissolved solids using reverse osmosis, sediment and catalytic carbon filtration, then channels the water through the ultraviolet light chamber to sterilize 99.99% of microorganisms. Included non-electric permeate pump reduces water waste by up to 80% and increases water production by up to 50% with slightly cleaner water. With 6 stages of filtration, purification and sterilization Home Master Ultra produces exceptionally pure, great tasting water. The most sophisticated components certified to NSF standards are included in the design and construction of our product.
  • A better reverse osmosis system - Home Master ultra with permeate pump's innovative design solves the most common problems associated with traditional reverse osmosis systems
  • Highly pure water - removes up to 99% of iron, chemicals, heavy metals, sediment, and other contaminants, and sterilizes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Great for well water - the iron pre-filter protects reverse osmosis membrane, UV filter destroys microorganisms, permeate pump maximizes limited water pressure
  • Long lasting and easy-to-change filters - change only once a year or 3,000 Gal.; filter changes are quick and painless, no wrenches required
  • Faster flow rate - water flows twice as fast compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems
  • In the box: assembled purification unit with filters and TFC membrane, storage tank, 3/8 in. feed water adapter with shut off, chrome faucet and adapter, drain saddle, instructions, 110-Volt power supply
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Questions & Answers

Q:What is the output pressure? Will i have any problems hooking up mg refrigerator? I’m on well water
by|Aug 14, 2022
1 Answer
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A:  Very strong. No problems at all hooking up to refrigerator, I do. Pressure is comparable to what comes out of the tap, It’s a function of the tank pressure.

by|Aug 15, 2022
    Q:does it have a nitrate filter with it?
    by|Jun 18, 2022
    1 Answer
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    A:  This system, when used as directed, will remove on average 80% of nitrates. We can very easily integrate a nitrate specific filter into the system to increase the nitrate removal rate to near complete removal.

    by|Aug 29, 2022
      1 found this answer helpful
      Q:We are looking to probably buy this system (after buying 5 gallon, but is there a hot water option that can be hooked up to this, so that we could choose hot OR cold filtered water, but still have the main faucet dispense tap water for all other purposes?
      by|Dec 1, 2021
      1 Answer
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      A:  Hello Debbie, No that option is not available. Thanks for shopping with the Home Depot

      by|Dec 13, 2021
        Q:Does this take Arsenic out of the water?
        by|Mar 24, 2021
        1 Answer
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        A:  Which kind of Arsenic 3 or 5? For more information -- Please google Home Master The perfect water faq What Contaminants Can Home Master RO Remove? Also reach out to our support team for live personal assistance. Please google Home Master The perfect water contact us.

        by|Mar 27, 2021
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          Perfect System for the Family! Easy DIY Install!
          When we first installed the Home Master System, my entire family could taste the difference. We actually did a blind taste test, with Brita water, tap water, bottled water, and The Home Master Reverse Osmosis Water.......the Home Master water won every time! When doing our research, we found many reasons to choose this system. Not only does it clean the water, but it also re-mineralizes it - giving you premium taste and health benefits. We also have the UV light installed to help rid small particles. The flow from the faucet is strong and the perfect temp for drinking. MUST HAVE!
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            Disregarding the mess of hoses this thing puts out great tasting water and lots of it! I mounted ...
            Disregarding the mess of hoses this thing puts out great tasting water and lots of it! I mounted it to a piece of plywood first then screwed it to my basement wall beneath the sink. It was easy to do. I re-used a wall mount tank holder from my old system for the tank. You can put it just about anywhere near an outlet for the UV light if you buy extra hose, 1/4" od. drain line, 5/16" od. supply water line, 3/8" od. line to the faucet. Fills your 32 oz water bottle in less than 10 seconds! We drink more water because it taste great and fills fast, and that's a good thing!
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            We have had this water filtration system for 2 months now. I am a DIYer and consider myself fairl...
            We have had this water filtration system for 2 months now. I am a DIYer and consider myself fairly knowledgeable about plumbing repair and basic installation. I found the system very easy to install with basic tools. We have city water and had previously been used to household pitcher filtration systems but notice a night and day different in water taste and quality using this system. The main purpose for purchasing was to have suitable water for loose leaf teas and even find this to surpass any local spring water we've had delivered to the house.
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            For all I know it works. It's still sitting in the box over in the corner. The "system" doesn't c...
            For all I know it works. It's still sitting in the box over in the corner. The "system" doesn't come with any protection. So once I found out I needed a water pressure regulator to protect the "system". I had to order that and it's not here yet. So like so many other expensive self destructive things you can purchase online, it's up to you to provide for the warranty. And if you putt too much water to it, there is no warranty. So it may be the best "system" in the world (even though it doesn't include a regulator) but it's still sitting in the box over in the corner. What do I think of the "system" (other then it's missing something)? Apparently that doesn't matter. What matters is not hooking it up correctly and then inadvertently blowing it up and then having to buy another one cause it's not covered by the warranty.
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            I can't say enough about this filter. We have used Berky Filters for 5 years. I love the Berky s...
            I can't say enough about this filter. We have used Berky Filters for 5 years. I love the Berky system, but we have too many people in our family, and someone is constantly having to refill the Berky. I have researched RO systems for two years. My two primary concerns were the following: First, I have had water from other RO systems that taste so denatured. I assume the stripping of all minerals leaves it a bit harsh tasting, almost like distilled water. Second, I DID NOT want a system with a slow flow. There is nothing more annoying than taking 2 minutes to fill a cooking pot. The Home Master system has perfectly addressed both of these concerns. With the mineralization cartridge I can honestly say that my entire family LOVES the taste of this water. It is smooth and refreshing and never leaves that sour feeling in your stomach. Next, the flow of the filter is POWERFUL and fast. It will fill a pitcher as quickly as my primary sink faucet. I can't tell you enough how pleased I am. We installed the purifier two months ago, and it continues to please all of us. In addition, I can add a few other comments. The RO system installed easily. The videos were so helpful, although there are a few details of installation that the video seemed to miss (maybe our model was slightly different than the one being demo). So be sure to watch the video AND read the instructions, and you can't fail. It operates quietly and refills so quickly. As soon as you dispense the water, you hear the little hum of the purifier. The design is well conceived. Quick connections make it easy to connect and disconnect the purifier. Everything is color coded so there is no confusion which tube goes where. I LOVE that there are no canisters to hold the filters. Those canisters always seem to harbor bacteria. This is simple, self contained and clean. A little over a month after we had purchased the Home Master unit the company representative called me. WHAT!! They actually called me to see if we were happy, if we needed anything, or if we had any questions. This is unheard of. We need more companies that care about their product. Usually you call them, AND you still can't get anyone to help you. Jocelyn is GREAT! She is so enthusiastic and friendly. Her customer service is great!! You will not be disappointed with this decision. I am planning to get one for my in-laws. They are still hauling 5 gallon jugs from the market. Thank you for helping my family. Until our municipal water supplies are safe from contaminates and fluoridation, we will rely on this company to help.
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              I had very much been looking forward to having an RO system in our household. My wife has been bu...
              I had very much been looking forward to having an RO system in our household. My wife has been buying RO from the local grocery for many years now. Upon receipt of this system it looked pretty complicated and with o MANY connections, it looked like it might be prone to leaks. However, I was please to learn that, although complex looking, it is very simple to install and not one connection leaked! (most come pre-connected). The most time consuming part for me was drilling a hold in our countertop for the dispenser. We have a granite countertop and this required a diamond bit to drill the hole. This will not be necessary for most home aplications. Most consumers will be able to use an existing countertop hole. The on-line videos remove any doubt about the installation requirements and are very straight forward. Once installed, within a few hours of 'charge time' for the tank, the system was ready to use and the water quality is awesome. If you are thinking about a system for yourself, I cannot support this one enough. I have noticed improvements in many areas. The tea I brew is incredibly clearer, Ice doesn't produce 'particulates' as it melts, the flavor of the water is perfect, and Oddly, even our dog who has been ill for many months actually started being more peppy and showed signs of reduced abdominal swelling after a few weeks of using only RO water for his fluid intake. For annual maintenance, it looks like the cartridges will be simple to replace. My wife and I are very happy with this purchase!
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              Best system, best water, worth every penny!
              I had this system for 2 months now and couldn't be happier, I wanted the best R/O system with the cleanest water and the least waste (So Cal drought). The installation was a breeze, super easy, THANK YOU FOR THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS!. It does not take as much room as my older system (hangs on the cabinet wall) and the tank fills out very fast and efficiently. It looks and feels sturdy, well designed and very well put together. We flushed the tank twice as per the instructions, and have been drinking wonderful water ever since. Customer service was great, they called us to make sure we were registered so the guarantee would be active and they could send a yearly reminder to change filters. Even though it took some research to finally find this product, and the price is higher than other systems, you get what you pay for and this purchase was totally worth it! Very happy I found this product, definitely recommend it.
              • DIY
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              My city's water tastes terrible and the filtered RO water...
              My city's water tastes terrible and the filtered RO water from this is amazing - HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Installation was made easier by the step by step video the company provides (via QR code on the manual). If you plan to run RO water to your fridge/ice maker I recommend just getting the version of this package with the fridge connection already provided, or ordering it from the company directly. Reason being is the RO water output comes out via 3/8" tubing and goes to your fridge via 1/4" tubing, so you need a special 3/8x3/8x1/4 tee connector that they don't sell off the shelf at Home Depot (but the manufacturer ships it in their kit). I had to buy an all 3/8 tee connector then a special 3/8 to 1/4 connector to home make the fridge connection. Save yourself time and just buy the full kit from the start.
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              Look no further!! This is the system you need
              I purchased this filtration system in 2020 after doing some research and watching review videos and I am glad with the decision I made. Installing the system under our kitchen sink was straight forward with the help if a YouTube guide video that is available. Ever since we installed this system, I have not needed to purchase water bottles/gallons, which has also been benefitial in times of water outages at local stores. From a performance and quality point of view I am very satisfied. The convenience of having water readily available in our sink makes it easy to get water for drinking and cooking. The water taste is clean, with no extra chemical taste. Not to mention their customer service is great! Always available to help assist and offer support via phone or email. The only reservation is the maintenance cost for the annual replacement of the filters and UV bulb, but sometimes we need to pay a litte more for a higher quality product.
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