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PRO Power Toilet Plunger

  • Versatile plunger fits standard and high efficiency toilets
  • Up to 150 lbs. of pressure to clear clogs fast and no mess
  • Recommended by Handyman Club of America
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Product Overview

Unclog your toilet quickly and easily with a pro power plunger -- one push and no mess. Johnny Jolter PRO Power Toilet Plunger is used by plumbing professionals and everyday homeowners alike to quickly handle clogged toilets. This unique toilet plunger powerfully clears clogs in both standard and high-efficiency toilets. If it's time to call in the professionals, turn to Johnny Jolter.
  • Clear toilets fast with one push and no mess
  • Works in both standard and high efficiency toilets
  • Recommended by the Handyman Club of America
  • Made from engineer-grade plastics
  • Disassemble/reassemble for convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • A product of the United States
  • Assembled by disabled U.S. veterans

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Plunger TypePower,ToiletToiletToiletPower,Toilet
Handle MaterialPlasticSteelStainless SteelAcrylic
Handle Length (in.)1218.11714.5
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Assembled Depth (in.)
3.5 in
Assembled Height (in.)
20.5 in
Assembled Width (in.)
8 in
Handle Length (in.)


Cable Construction
Inner Core
Caddy/holder included
Cup Size
Variable; Tapered to fit all drains
Handle Material
Maintenance, Repair & Supplies Product Type
Drain Openers & Chemicals
Manual / Powered
Pack Size
Package Quantity
Plunger Type

Questions & Answers


What about potential waste left in the jolter? Leaves smell after time?

Asked by Igottogo January 30, 2021

You can clean the unit by removing the cap and taking out the piston from the body. All can be cleaned and reassembled. Make sure to use petroleum jelly on the outside of the piston, the part that touches the inside of the body.

Does this work with high efficiency toilets (HETs) aka keyhole toilets, e.g Kohler?

Asked by IHATEMYTOILET January 21, 2020

Awesome job it does what it said it would do. The power is strong

will this work on a bathroom sink

Asked by RICHARD November 24, 2019

Have no clue but in my toilet it did not do much

When I pull the handle back the tube does not fill with water. The outside diameter of the plunge...

Asked by SteveinDenver August 22, 2019

I totally agree. I mentioned it in my review. I think the air and water combination cleared the clog.

Could this be used on a main line in a house?

Asked by Watzrob63 April 1, 2019

sure its puts pressured to push the clog

Adding to my previous question about small water amount of intake on up pull. I continued trying...

Asked by Tan March 2, 2019

We have the same problem, its garbage and will be going back to the store.

just received it. when I draw the stem back only a small amount of water goes into tube. If I r...

Asked by Tan March 2, 2019

Before you draw the water in, be sure the handle is completely down as far as it will go. Like in the picture. Then, as you draw the water in, the entire chamber will fill with water. But be sure you keep the cone tip below the water line. If you lift the cone our of the water, the water comes out. Once the water is drawn in, simply press the Johnny Jolter down so the flex cone seals into the toilet drain. Then push with force. The toilet clog should be cleared.

Would this plunger be ideal for maintenance staff in a ex. Hospital building?

Asked by Moi December 29, 2017

Absolutely yes. Many professional plumbers carry this item on their trucks. Maintenance crews will get great advantage from having this in their bag of tricks.

Can this be used on a sink and/or bathtub?

Asked by Bobo January 24, 2017

Actually it has an advantage over traditional plungers in respect that it can be positioned next to the wall of a sink or bathtub. You might want to put a rag around where it meets the drain, because you will be filling the plunger with water exclusively and some water being pushed up the sides of a sink especially should be expected. The spout is flexible but stiff and in most sinks and tubs you will not be able to hold it completely vertical. Also if the sink or tub drain contains a push up type plug, check to see if the opening of the throat of the plunger is wide enough not to press down and close it. If you can, remove a sink plug before using the plunger as the plug will definitely cut down on the plungers effectiveness.

My toilet will flush and take down solids and liquids, but the toilet paper just swirls around an...

Asked by LL December 4, 2016

This tells me that there is an obstruction in the drain. Often, it is tree roots that have crept into the ABD Drain pipe well below the floor. If water and solids are going down, but not the lighter paper, it may mean that this is the issue. We had the same issue, and my plumber put down some liquid that greatly helped the tree root issue.

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Great idea, poor execution.
It works great when new, then it needs continuous maintenance, the bolt at the end of the plunger comes off and eventually breaks off; a big metal bolt screwed on a cheap piece of plastic -- i.e. not nylon or ABS.
by Valerio
When nothing else worked, this did!
I tried baking soda and vinegar, then hot water and dish soap, and an uncurled wire clothes hanger. The water was going down very slowly overnight, so there wasn’t a complete blockage, but it was still very worrying and I didn’t want to have to call a plumber, especially in a pandemic. This tool worked perfectly on my Kohler toilet and my one important piece of advice to you is to put plastic wrap on your toilet, on both sides in a V shape, and across the back, leaving a small hole in the middle for the pump to fit into. Make sure the plastic is sealed on all the edges. I did this and it contained any water blowback, so no mess on me or the floor. Recommended!
by Jennifer
8 people found this helpful
The Bazooka
I've had issues for years with my upstairs shower even with new plumbing drains to the main. A plunger would do it for a shirt period if time but still drain slow. Finally the plunger wouldn't clear the blockage at all. Went to get Drano and seen Johnny, ONE SHOT is all it took. I couldn't believe it. The spout was kinda in the way but it still worked even on the shower! Best part! MADE IN THE U. S. A. Highly recommend!
by Alex
2 people found this helpful
New and Improved Design
The manufacturer replaced my plunger and the problem with the pipe dislodging has been resolved. You can see that pipe is now securely fastened to the mouth of the plunger. The plunger still works fast, and since it fits the drain perfectly it is more powerful. I only have to push down once. I recommend this product.
by rt10550
2 people found this helpful
Didn't work for our situation
Pretty pricey for something that likely won't survive many uses. Almost the cost of a RIGID decent 3' auger. Seems like a good idea but did not remove our toilet blockage Had to resort to an auger. fyi- You can easily splash lots of bowl water on you if not very careful. Again, seems like a good idea but did not do the job.
by MK
Best Thing SInce Sliced Bread
I bought one of these with some skepticism. Not anymore. This thing works like a charm. Tried traditional plunger. Nope. Tried fancy plunger with pleated sides. Nope. Tried a snake. Nope. Even tried a rotating snake with a crank. Nope. Got the Jolter. One push and GONE! My only suggestion is when you pull back on the handle to fill it with water, make sure it is straight up at that point so you don't get air into it. Then when it is full, then tilt it in the bowl at an angle to make the seal. THIS WORKS!!!
by Doug
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Great product
Easy to use Tried using a plunger and failed. Went to Home Depot brought one of these and unclogged my toilet instantly. I highly recommend the product . Easy to use , no mess
by Sara
This is a great invention, it can handle most of...
This is a great invention, it can handle most of the cases I encountered. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars, is that the nose is quite rigid, does not fit the toilet hole completely. Making it a little bit more flexible, should make it better. Also, when I tried to pump in clean water from a water bucket, it doesn’t hold water. I have to use the dirty water in the toilet, which turns me off. A simple one-way water valve maybe the answer
by HomeDepotCustomer
by Bill
Showing 1-10 of 308 reviews