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Universal Fit Weight Absorbing Flex Trimmer Strap for Grass String Trimmer, Blower or Sprayer

  • Universal fit for trimmers, blowers, and sprayers
  • Reduces weight and strain
  • Quick connecting system
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Product Details

About This Product

The Universal Flex Strap by Rino-Tuff is a comfortable bungee trimmer strap with an adjustable shoulder pad that distributes weight evenly over your back and legs. The quick connecting clip makes it easy to attach the strap to any trimmer, blower, or sprayer. The clip houses a built-in trimmer line cutter and a slot with ear plugs. The bungee strap helps extend your reach while the thick shoulder pad absorbs the shock felt while trimming. With less weight on your body, you can trim for a longer amount of time and reduce muscle fatigue. That means cutting more with less strain to get the job done faster, leaving you more time to do the things you want.


  • Fits all trimmers, blowers, and sprayers
  • Reduces strain and muscle fatigue
  • Thick adjustable shoulder pad
  • Quick and easy connecting
  • Built-in line cutter and slot with ear plugs
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Product Information

Internet # 206470724

Model # 17090

Store SKU # 1001574064


Dimensions: H 10 in, W 6 in, D 1.75 in


Product Depth (in.)

1.75 in

Product Height (in.)

10 in

Product Width (in.)

6 in


Accessory Type

Other Accessories

Pack Size




Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty


Questions & Answers

Q:Will this properly fit a Kobalt string trimmer?
by|Apr 18, 2024
0 Answer
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Q:How long is the manufacturers warranty?
by|Jan 22, 2023
2 Answers
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A:  Hello JohnOCNY, our manufacture warranty expires after ninety days of purchase. If you have an issue with the Rino Tuff Universal Fit Weight Absorbing Flex strap, please give our Rino Tuff Customer Support Team a call at 1-866-212-7466.

by|Jan 25, 2023

    A:  I don't know but I can tell you it's tough. I've been using one for several years.

    by|Jan 25, 2023
      Q:I'm not a big person but I can't seem to get the strap to fit correctly around my shoulder and body. Any tips ? What am I doing wrong?
      by|Jul 25, 2021
      5 Answers
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      A:  It takes some pushing and pulling but it will adjust.

      by|May 19, 2022

      A:  Please give our Rino Tuff Customer Support Team a call at 1-866-212-7466 for assistance with correctly installing the Rino Tuff Universal Flex Strap.

      by|May 19, 2022
        1 found this answer helpful

        A:  The strap is too short, I have an issue with it holding my weed eater too high up. Have to pull cord to start and get it going before I put it on. Then I’m hunched down the whole time.

        by|May 19, 2022
        1 found this answer helpful

        A:  Either way if you're left or right handed. Pull over the opposite shoulder. Meaning on the left for a right hand. Meaning left shoulder for a right hander.Right shoulder for a left hander. It should work well now. It works for me with no problems.

        by|Aug 31, 2022
        2 found this answer helpful

        A:  The strap is adjustable. Then bring it to your shoulder and neck then it’s to attach to your trimmer.

        by|Jul 27, 2022
        Q:Can it be used by left handers?
        by|Jul 15, 2021
        2 Answers
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        A:  Yes, it can. Just pull on your left shoulder or put over your shoulder as if you were right handed. I purchased it and am a right handed person but can do things left handed as well. Works great with either hand. Try it

        by|Jul 18, 2021

        A:  Yes, the Rino Tuff Universal Flex Strap is designed for right or left handed use. If any further assistance is needed, please give our Rino Tuff Customer Support Team a call at 1-866-212-7466.

        by|Jul 15, 2021
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          Great features and very heavy duty!
          I got a new string trimmer a while back but it didn’t come with a shoulder strap to help support it during use. The Universal Flex Strap by Rino-Tuff strap is adjustable, easily attaches, easily slides up and down the shaft for that perfect balance and comes with a real nice, padded section for extra comfort. The clip houses a built-in trimmer line cutter and a slot with ear plugs. This strap by Rino-Tuff can also easily be used on a leaf blower and hand carried sprayer to relieve stress to you arm and provide extra comfort while you are doing those chores either at home or professionally.
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          I plan to use this strip again only because it should be quicker to put on now that I have everything adjusted. Today I spent as much time adjusting the strap as trimming the weeds. I wish it fit more like backpack straps. I found it difficult to find a comfortable position for the diagonal strap. I am short: 5’ 3” tall, and my 60V string trimmer is 5’ 10” and weighs over 13 pounds. I have the trimmer adjusted so that the center of gravity is between the handles which makes it easy to control, but I ordered this strap as an additional safety feature. I like the clever design features like using a bungee wrap to make a more flexible connection and creating a space to store earplugs in the hook. I also like being able to take both hands off the trimmer without putting it down. This makes it easy to do stuff like adjust my eyeglasses, pick up a stick or stone, or take a phone call. Also, I really like the metal connection on the hook. Even though it is a very stable connection, and I am not at all worried about the hook coming off, it is quite simple to attach and detach the trimmer. Unfortunately, putting the strap on and getting it adjusted was quite time consuming. It took several tries to get it adjusted so it goes over my sternum, holds the trimmer at a convenient height and is fairly comfortable. I even tried putting the bungee in front of both handles instead of between the handles. This position made the strap more comfortable to wear, but it was impossible to use the trimer because the strap blocked the front handle. The yellow pad tends to start in the middle of my back (see photo) so it is kind of hard to coax it up onto my shoulder. I trapped the yellow pad between the clip and the buckle. Now just rotating the whole strap pulls the yellow pad up onto my shoulder. This leaves a bit of strap hanging out of the lower buckle (see photo), but it keeps the pad in place. Oh, and, to adjust the strap, you have to move the metal loop over the black strap buckle. The black plastic buckle will fit through the metal loop if you twist the buckle and slide the loop over the narrow dimension of the buckle. I included a photo of this, too. My shoulders are not very broad so tne yellow pad sits on my trapezius and sometimes presses on my neck. I think a more flexible pad would be nice. I noticed that the pad is thinner on the side with the snaps. I unsnapped it and turned it around so that this thinner side is near my neck which helped a bit. Because I am short, I had to wrap the bungee around the handle twice because a single wrap left the trimmer hanging too low, and shortening the strap to bring the metal loop up higher on my torso is EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I was ready to throw the strap across the yard when my spouse suggested shortening the bungee instead instead of the black strap. Cutting the bungee would be irreversible so I decided to wrap it twice around the trimmer’s handle instead. With the double wrap, I can put the black strap in a comfortable position. My spouse saved the day, again. Overall, I think it is worth the trouble. Now that it is adjusted, it should be much faster to put on next time.
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          Rich in Promise, Short on Instructions
          The Rino-Tuff Trimmer strap is another one of those partially thought-out products that is at once both genius and frustrating. There’s a quick-release clip that connects the torso harness to the tool attachment that contains a shielded line cutter and a set of ear plugs. I placed that in the “genius” category. A bungee attachment for the trimmer’s shaft provides both universal fit and an extra bit of stretch for tool placement is likewise smart. A cushy shoulder pad with an ergonomic cutout for the neck is also a nice touch. However, the flexibility and “universal fit” of this trimmer strap makes for a product that I can’t quite keep in place – on the trimmer, on my body, or even in relationship to itself. I confess that I’m a bit confused as to how to best wear and use this product. The skimpy printed page of instructions (in English, French, and Spanish) are almost exclusively devoted to the supplied ear plugs (32dB Noise Reduction Rating) and assorted warnings, leaving me to figure out how to do everything else by looking at the pictures on the package. (That makes it especially important to KEEP THE packaging for instructional purposes!) Even so, I found that the bungee cord slipped on the trimmer shaft, the harness always seemed to be mis-adjusted, and the shoulder pad slid down the strap and onto my back – or the snaps that are supposed to secure the pad around the strap came undone, leaving me to retrace my steps and locate where it dropped off. The websites listed on the package and on the instructions (a different one on each) were no help, as both went to a default IIS landing page. With this level of adjustability, I SHOULD be able to find a comfortable fit, but my trial and error method of getting there is still mostly error. I’ve not tried the ear plugs as my trimmer is battery operated electric and not the threat to my hearing that a gas powered unit would be.
          Response from WeedWarriorProductExpertFeb 28, 2022
          Hello Nightswimmer, anytime we hear problems encountered with one of our products, we want to get involved and resolve the difficulties the best we can. Product quality and customer service is always our top priority! Please contact us at 1-866-212-7466.
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          Holds up all of my garden tools
          I finally got one of these tools. The Rino-Tuff Trimmer strap hangs over your neck and shoulders and attaches to a trimmer or other multi-tool. The strap transfers the weight of the tool from your arms and hands to your shoulders - a big relieve. Multi-tools with blowers and tillers get heavy after a while. To assemble, thread a bungee cord over the tool and connect to a shoulder strap - that is it - see video. The shoulder strap is adjustable. The shoulder bad is flexible yet firm enough to give support and comfort to my shoulder. I thought it was cool to see a place to store ear plugs on the bungee hook. This is a good reminder to protect your hearing! On my tool, the bungee can slide, so I put it in front of the handle near the center of gravity. It worked well. Also, I had to make two more changes. First, I made sure the buttons on the yellow shoulder are pointed toward my arm so that they buttons do not open (as they were doing). Second, I added a tie wrap to make sure the buttons would not open (see video again). Maybe the buttons are a bit weak, not sure. But I got it working just fine. Even with the modifications, I am very happy with the product. Good product Rino-Tuff.
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          Helpful and handy strap
          This strap makes it so much easier to hold my gas powered string trimmer for long periods. The hook easily attaches to the trimmer and then to the strap. I couldn't figure out why the instructions had information about hearing protection until I noticed the hook holds a pair of earplugs. BONUS! Whoever thought of that was a genius! I always wear big muffs and safety glasses when using power tools, but if I ever forget my muffs, I'll now have a spare pair of ear plugs handy. The adjustable strap reduces the vibration in my arms so I can use the string trimmer for longer periods. The strap also makes it simple to flip the trimmer over to edge garden beds. Glad to have this.
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          Takes the load off
          The last time I used my heavy 58 volt trimmer my arms ached for 2 days, so I decided I needed a shoulder strap. This one is the best I could find. The enclosed instruction sheet is mostly warnings, so I found the pictures on the back of the package the most helpful for getting it adjusted. The shoulder strap has a wide range of adjustment. I'm a tall guy and was able to adjust it even a little too long for me. The large hook is easy to connect and disconnect to the metal clip, even with gloves on. The shoulder pad is comfortable but has a tendency to fall off when weight is removed from the strap. Once the trimmer is connected and the shoulder pad is in place the strap comfortably supports the full weight of the trimmer, leaving my hands free for operation and guidance, not lifting. I really like the bungee connection to the trimmer - it allows you to extend your reach a bit when needed and eliminates any shock.
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          Reduces fatigue and strain
          The Flex Strap is such a useful and practical accessory that anyone who does yard work ought to seriously consider getting one. It makes using the trimmer and blower so much easier. No longer do you have to support the weight of the equipment with your arms which causes fatigue and arm strain. With the strap distributing the weight over your body all you have to do now is guide the equipment. In fact, I only use one arm with my blower! And, I've even done some trimming with one hand as well! I plan on putting it to work with my spray tank the next time I have to use it. There are two things you must do right for this to operate at its best. First, wrap the bungee corded hook around the tool at a point where the tool's weight is evenly distributed. Second, put the strap on you and adjust its length so that when you hook the tool onto it, it is at the proper position that you will be using it. This may take a few tries until you get it just right. Once you've done it, you are ready to go to work. Your body is now holding the weight of the tool while your arms simply guide it. When you finish with your trimmer, unwrap the corded hook and then use it with your blower. Yard work is now less work!
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          When I selected this product I really didn't think much about it or even really look at the description well to see what it was. Figured it was just a simple strap. Boy was I wrong! This is unlike any other trimmer strap I've seen before and I've looked at a few. I'm not easy to impress and I can be very critical but wow... this thing rocks! I have a pretty heavy trimmer and I use it often. I also have a cultivator attachment for it which makes it even heavier. When you're out in the hot sun, after already having mowed your lawn, the last thing you want when you're handling a heavy tool with a fast spinning head or blades and a hot engine right by your arm is to be fatigued and careless. A strap makes the trimmer easier to handle by taking a lot of the weight off your arms and moving it to your shoulder. But you already know that which is why you're reading this in the first place. :) So let's get to the details. I was completely blown away at how incredibly awesome this is. Whoever designed this really knew what they were doing and put a lot of thought into this. Even the packaging is very nice and easy to open by hand. Not a big surprise considering Rino-Tuff has been making trimmer line and attachments for a long time but sill I'm very impressed. First of all it's really easy to use. There are two main parts, the strap and the bungee for the trimmer. There's a nylon web strap that has a foam rubber shoulder protector so it's comfortable. The strap is adjustable and has quick release plastic buckles. There's a metal loop that hooks on to the bungee. There are two button snaps on the shoulder pad if you need to remove the strap from the pad for any reason. I needed to do this because for some reason the metal loop wasn't in a good spot so I had to undo everything on the belt to get it where it would work best for me. Was very easy to do. Instructions were easy to follow and I was able to quickly start using it within minutes. Hook clips on and off the strap easily. Quality of materials appears to be good. I'll come back and make an edit if it all falls apart but it doesn't look like it will. Then there's the bungee that attaches to the trimmer. You just loop it around the trimmer shaft , making sure you don't wrap it around the throttle controls, and pass the hook end of the bungee through the loop and pull tight. Easy to remove and move to a different tool later. Doesn't need any tools to install at all. The bungee gives some bounce to reduce any shocks and allows you good motion. I could get the trimmer into all the positions I usually get it into to handle the various trimming tasks around my yard without a problem and it was so much more enjoyable to use without having to carry all that weight in my hands. Because of the stretch in the bungee cord it doesn't feel like the trimmer is tethered to you and everything feels very natural. Just much lighter. You do need to take some time in the beginning to get it all adjusted properly but that was only a few minutes. And there's more! In the hook on the bungees were some nice surprises. First there's a trimmer line cutter which works well and is right there when you need it. The biggest surprise was there's a little clear case built into the hook. Open up the case and there are two foam ear plugs. Perfect! The earplugs have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 32dB. I was absolutely blown away but how much I liked the Flex Strap. I didn't receive the delivery until after dark and I was just planning to fit it on the trimmer quickly tonight and test it more later but I was enjoying using this so much I started up my trimmer and ran through everything to try all the different positions I hold the trimmer normally. Had no problem putting the trimmer in the position I hold it to start it either. Put the cultivator attachment on afterwards and that worked out well too. Trimmer was really easy to use with the strap. If by any chance the person or people at Rhino-Tuff that designed the Flex Strap happen to read this.. Awesome job getting all those extras in the strap. Especially the ear plugs.
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          Could be good but too frustrating to use
          The little buttons to clip the pad portion come disconnected if you even breath on them. Nonetheless string trim for any amount of time. So you’re basically paying for just a strap with no padding, unless you want to fix the shoulder every 30 seconds. The connection to the string trimmer is nice. It’s close to being a good product but it’s just not there.
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