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Medical Grade Patented True-HEPA 13, 4-Stage Air Purifier

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  • Westinghouse standard room air purifier with patented NCCO
  • Eliminates particulate pollutants; germs,viruses and alergens
  • Eliminates gaseous pollutants like; VOCs, smoke and formaldehyde
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Product Overview

NCCO air purification technology was developed for commercial applications and is used in hospitals, office buildings, airports, subways and public facilities to improve and maintain good air quality. What's new is that this technology is now available for home and personal applications. This Medical Grade Technology is only used Westinghouse Air Purifiers. True HEPA Filter combnes with Active Oxygen to KILL Viruses, Germs and Allergens. This same technology is being used World Wide to contain the spread of Viruses and Germs in Hospitals, Operating Rooms and Industrial Clean Rooms. Westinghouse Air Purifiers use True HEPA Filters to capture and trap Pollen, PM25 Particulate Germs, Viruses and Allergens. The positive Charged Oxygen Radicals attack these trapped pollutants and render them inert and unable to reproduce or affect human health. Westinghouse Air Purifiers do not "trap" and "store" harmful pollutants as most other purifiers do. Keep your family safe and healthy with the best protection possible from indoor pollutants and allergens with Westinghouse Air Purification technologies working together, HEPA Filtration, Active Oxygen and the NCCO Reactor, we are the only units using this technology available for the home.
  • NCCO is a medical grade air purification technology, combining active oxygen and the patented NCCO reactor
  • NCCO technology sanitizes up to 99.97% of harmful air, VOCs and odors
  • NCCO technology kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, mold and viruses
  • NCCO reactor can last up to 5-years without being replaced
  • Air quality indicator and monitoring functio
  • 10-fan speeds with turbo and ECO modes
  • Filter indicator light
  • Memory function
  • Child loc
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Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.)480400530500
Air Purifier TypeConsoleTabletopConsolePersonal
Primary Filter TypeHEPA - TrueHEPA - TrueHEPA - TrueHEPA - True
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)31085.734286.1
Package SizeIndividualIndividualIndividualIndividual
Air Purifier FeaturesNoneFan IncludedNoneFan Included
Product Width (in.)16.777 in19.1313.70 in
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Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.)
Product Depth (in.)
11.5 in
Product Height (in.)
17.35 in
Product Width (in.)
7 in


Air Purifier Features
Fan Included
Air Purifier Type
Air Treatment Product Type
Air Purifier
Appliance Category
Air Purifiers
Automatic shutoff
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
Color Family
Control Type
Effectiveness (%)
Filter/bulb monitor
Filtered or Filterless
HEPA Filter
Number of Air Filters Included
Number of Air Purifers (Per Pack)
Number of cleaning stages
Number of Fan Speeds
Pack Size
Package Size
Primary Filter Type
HEPA - True
Product Weight (lb.)
8.8 lb
Remote Control
Removes bacteria
Removes dust
Removes mold
Removes odors
Removes particulates
Removes pollen
Removes viruses
UVC lamp
Voltage (volts)
120 V
Wall Mountable

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
CARB Compliant,cETLus
Manufacturer Warranty
3 Year Limited

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Compact. Long Cord.
This little gem is great for taking bacteria, virus, allergens, odors, dust and even smoke out of the air. We have it on some of the lower settings and it is incredibly quiet! Just plug it in after putting in the filters and let it do its thing. For our purposes, we really only turn this on when company is coming over. We have it on the day before, day of and day after anyone visits the house. This was especially helpful during the holiday season. We have it near two large open rooms. The unit is good for 400 square feet. It is in the main room where guests would be, but can draw in air from its surroundings. Also, one part that I really like -- all lights are backlit! No constant LED lighting on this whatsoever. That to me says it can be used in the bedroom and not impact your sleep! This is one of those types of products that you can't physically see it working. You have to trust that it works. Knowing that it is from Westinghouse and is considered medical grade -- I trust that it will do the job. It comes with a 3 year warranty too. And per the directions, the HEPA filter, depending on use can be changed every 6-18 months. The NCCO filter (medical grade) can last up to 5 years before being replaced.
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A great 4 stage air purifier
I received this great purifier two weeks ago and I kept it in my room since then. It is a portable unit that you can carry from room to room. The package included the NCCO reactor, the HEPA filter and other components. It also came with a booklet for the complete installation and operation guide. The Westinghouse air treatment unit has 4 fan speed and one of them is so low that it doesn’t disturb your sleep.
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Such a difference
We’ve been looking for an air purifier for quite a while. Our problem was limited space. This purifier is small but it’s mighty. I have COPD so clean air is a must. We placed it in our living room and it really helps. It fits nicely and as you can see it is touch controlled. It is a great addition to our home. I think it would be a great addition to any home particularly if there are breathing issues.
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Convenient and works well
I'm a big fan of a good air purifier. Indoor air quality is so important to overall good health. This one is probably one of the best I've ever gotten. It is small an compact so it is easy to sit on your bedside table if you wish. It is no taller than a bedside lamp. The air coming out of it is fresh. I have used it one night so far. It is quiet in the room. I would buy it again. In fact I may get some more of them for other rooms
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Works great
My husband has COPD and having this purifier helps keep the air clean. It has an HEPA filter to filter and clean the air. Kills bacteria, viruses, allergens, odors, dust and smoke. It has different settings to clean the air even turbo to do a quick clean. Easy to assemble and use. This is so quiet you barely hear it running. Takes a small area of space.
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The advertising for this indicates that the patented NCCO technology uses Active Oxygen with a Me...
The advertising for this indicates that the patented NCCO technology uses Active Oxygen with a Medical Grade HEPA filter, so it’s said to kill microorganisms and eliminate gaseous pllutants without creating ozone or other bad side effects, for rooms up to 300 sq. ft. (27.9 m2.) The box claims additional capacity over that stated in the manual – 400 sq. ft. instead of 300. I can’t evaluate some of those claims, but at around $300, it’s in the midrange of filter cost options, and seemed to do a good job against dust and cat dander 10 fan speed settings (+ off, “Eco” and “Turbo” mode). Physically it’s a 12” wide white monolith of rounded white plastic , with only an oversize printed “Westinghouse” logo interrupting the Spartan aesthetic. This has the air intake on the back and expels filtered air out from top so it must sit some distance -- min 4 ”(10 cm) from the wall -- negating some of the benefits of its slim profile. There is a built in handle niche in the top, but there’s not much friction to the surface, so using it requires pinching the unit between top and handle using thumb and fingers. . There were initially some rattle noises with fan, but those diminished after a day or so. The display turns off after one minute. Touching any of the button areas restores the display. After eight hours of continuous use, this filter will turn itself off for thirty minutes, then resume operating where it left off, repeating the cycle. Strangely, the unit and packaging refer to model NCCO 1701, while the instruction manual lists a different model number (SP6390). An Internet search shows the “SP6390” designation is used more for the replacement NANO or NCCO Filter module. The instructions were also somewhat cryptic – under “Using the APPLIANCE FOR THE FIRST TIME” is this gem: “Fit filters to ORIGINAL POSITION Fit the NCCO Reactor and HEPA Filter in sequence back to the appliance. Mount the back panel with both hands.” If the filters are improperly installed, the appliance will not work with making a DiDi sound. Cost of comsumables – HEPA filter $16-25/ea lasts 3-6 months. NCCO filter $40-65, 11000 hours, or 3-5 years. 8- 20 watt power consumption. Fan itself is pretty quiet; there’s some airflow noise that increases at the higher settings, but it is still quieter than the computer in my office. Supposedly one can drag a finger across a setting bar on the top of the unit to increase or decrease speed, but that never worked for me. Tapping the left or right ends of that bar was successful in changing settings – one increment per tap. At the noisier end of operation, there’s a special “Turbo” mode, and an “Eco” mode to go low and slow. The latter also dims the panel display to avoid disturbing sleep, but since the panel lights go dark after a minute anyway, the dimming is of marginal benefit. Filter change lights come on when it’s time to put in replacement filter(s) and will also tell you if the filters are misinstalled. Periodic vacuuming of the pre-filter will help extend the useful life of the other filters. Doing a filter reset is needlessly complex, and deciphering the beeps and panel display for filter warnings and error conditions will require digging out the user manual several times every year (keep it handy) This filter has a three year warranty.
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My whole family have air purifiers, so I thought I would try one out. I was impressed with the p...
My whole family have air purifiers, so I thought I would try one out. I was impressed with the parts that make this work. It comes with a users manual, but I could not understand how to put the NCCO Reactor, so I went to the Westinghouse website and they had a step-by-step video that shows how to install all the parts and how to operate. The manual has excellent operation instructions. What I was most surprised with was how quiet this unit is. I will have no trouble falling asleep with it on.
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This is a very good Westinghouse medical four stage room air purifier. this air purifier is actua...
This is a very good Westinghouse medical four stage room air purifier. this air purifier is actually quiet running you can sleep with it and study with it running it don't bother you. It kills up to 99 % percent of mold or viruses bacteria in your room. The NCCO reactor will last up to five years without been replace.10 fan speed operation Filter indicator light and memory function. Where my wife asthma we decided to get this for her. To help to keep viruses and bacteria down for her. This unit will do up to 400 sq ft. This is unit is light weight and easy to instal the filters or replace and clean just watch how you take them out and put them in or the machine want work until you have them back in correctly. I do highly recommend this air purifier.
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Because of allergies, I have been using an Air Sanitizer at night while sleeping. I now decided t...
Because of allergies, I have been using an Air Sanitizer at night while sleeping. I now decided to try this Westinghouse Medical Grade Room Air Purifier because it has a NCCO Reactor and HEPA Filter. I found it is smaller, easily portable from room to room and runs quietly, except for a little rattle on high speed. The filters are easily installed inside the back panel and the unit includes a replacement set of filters. When first plugged in, a beep sounds but the control panel does not light up and the control buttons are not visible. I had to rub my finger along the touch panel until the power button and speed setting lit. Also, after running approximately 1 minute the lights go off: there is no indication the unit is running. The air intake is through the back panel and the air outlet is at the top of the unit. Because the body of the unit at the top curves to the back, it seems the purified air is directed back toward the air intake panel so I am not sure if all the purified air is circulating throughout the room. This circulation question is preventing me from placing this unit close to a wall or in a corner of a room.
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Well, you had me at it removes smoke. The winter here people burn to heat their homes and, in the...
Well, you had me at it removes smoke. The winter here people burn to heat their homes and, in the summer, as of late it seems we have forest fires and the smoke it terrible. So, this has gone into the bedroom to ensure a good night's sleep even when the fan is on high it is not very loud. The unit turns off every 8 hours then turns back on after 30 minutes. The Hepa filter is suggested to replace every 3000 hours. The ncco reactor is suggested to be replaced every 3 to 5 years or 10000 hours. Unboxing this thing the reactor is hidden on the bottom so make sure to get it out. The picture directions are drawings kind of confusing to me anyway. Westinghouse has a video that shows how to put it together very helpful https://www.westinghousecleanair.com/customer-support There is a light indicator to tell you when you need to replace the filters. There are replacement filters available Replacement HEPA Filter for 1701, 1702, 1903, 1902 (4-Pack) Internet #316049007 Model #SP6390-HP Store SKU #1005855976 Replacement NANO Filter for 1701,1702 and 1903 Internet #316048946 Model #SP6390-NF Store SKU #1006023206
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