Customer Reviews for Bosch 1-3/4 in. Carbide Plunge Cut Oscillating Tool Blade for Cutting Metal and Wood

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  • Ideal for precise and clean plunge cuts in wood and metal
  • Can be used with most major brands of oscillating tools
  • 12 pin-design secures connection for high-torque oscillating tool

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Excellent Blade
This is an ideal blade for cutting the bottom section of door trim at the threshold when you are installing laminate flooring, among other things. Paring a slice of the trim away, allows the laminate to slide under, making for an attractive installation. If you have ever performed this task with a hand-saw, you will be amazed at how much more easily the job can be completed in just a couple of minutes without breaking a sweat by using a vibrating tool equipped with the proper blade (see picture). I had been using the stock blade that came with my Dremel power tool, and was only able to saw through about 4 door trim locations before the blade started to dull and burn wood. At that point, it became a chore to muscle the saw through the wood. I consumed 2 of those blades before trying this Bosch carbide blade. Although I had only 4 more trim locations to complete, after using this blade, the blade still looks new. The Bosch blade sliced through the wood with greater ease and precision than did the Dremel stock blades I had been using when they were new. I don’t have any remaining trim to complete, so I cannot comment on the long-term durability of the blade, but my sense from having used it, is that it will probably last many times longer than a conventional blade, making it a better value over the long run. Please note that I needed to purchase a Bosch multi-tool blade adapter in order to use this blade on my Dremel tool (no, a Dremel adapter will not work to fit a Bosch blade on a Dremel tool, you need to buy an adapter that is made by the same company that makes the blade or other attachment). However the cost of both brand’s adapters were under $1 and in-stock at my local HD. The Bosch adapter causes the Bosch blade to mount slightly offset on my Dremel tool (see picture), but I was still able to use the tool effectively.
by JAY
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Tougher than nails...
The Bosch 1-3/4 in. Carbide Plunge Blade is worth a the few extra pennies it costs vs the non-Carbide models. The manufacturer states that this Carbide blade has a lifespan 30x that of a standard non-Carbid blade. I have used this particular blade with my Bosch oscillating tool to cut drywall, sheer off the excess threaded bolts from a toilet install, and plunge cut into plywood subfloor. The blade continues to impress and cut through material as if it were brand new. I had never used one of the Carbide blades due to the increased cost... now, I doubt I will ever buy anything else as this blade has already done the work of 3 non-Carbide blades and is still rocking it. I highly recommend this plunge blade.
by schlafe
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Excellent Carbide Blade
I have used a Fein Multimaster tool for a number of years and this blade is the first carbide blade I have used on it that allowed precision cuts. Other carbide blades I have been able to find consist of rough carbide particles formed into (or onto) the blades' surfaces - resulting in a thicker, abrasive-like blade that produces a somewhat rough and imprecise cut. This blade is truly a thin carbide blade (with actual, precision teeth cut into the carbide edge) and it produces a very-clean and narrow kerf. Durability seems very good, even after cutting through an iron pipe with no appreciable tooth wear. This is far superior to bi-metal blades I have used in the past. Note that excessive heat will ALWAYS be the enemy of any blade, so "slow and easy" is the key to preserving the blade's longevity - especially when cutting very-hard materials. One potential limitation is that this Bosch blade can only be positioned on the Multimaster tool in 90° increments, as opposed to 45°, due to the blade only having four positioning notches instead of eight. (Click image below to view patterns.) Unless there is a specific need to approach a cut from an oblique angle, this blade should be an excellent choice.
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Sharp, strong, cuts with ease
This Bosch premium carbide blade has a direct interface with Bosch, Skil, Ridgid, Milwaukee, Makita, Rockwell X2, Masterforce, Performax, Mastercraft, Tool Shop, and Chicago Electric tools, and many other multi-tools. 30 x Life vs. bi metal blades. Maximum operating speed is 21000/opm. This premium carbide blade is made for cutting wood, drywall, metal, and plastic. This blade has a built in OIS Adapter which fits perfectly and very snug and is compatible with tools made by Rockwell, Sonicrafter, Dremmel MM20, DeWalt, and Porter-Cable (but only with their adapter). This tool is very sharp, and makes cutting a breeze. The product does not have a manufacturers warranty or guarantee. Light weight and easy to assemble.
by DIYQueen
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Excellent Cut, but most dangerous blade I've ever used as a DIYer.
I received a Bosch branded Blade, pictured. It attached easily to my multitool and the package says it fits all multifools. Use safety glasses, clean up metal shavings to prevent injury to anything small, animals or human. This was ordered because I had an emergency safety situation that I had to take care of myself. My water main was buried under the roots of an Oak Tree, the cover no longer fits, a child had fallen into it. It is known to me that my entire neighborhood has complained about mutiple water safety issues and the county I live in ignores them. I had to figure out how to cut metal to raise the face plate safely slightly above the box. Two pieces of metal had to be cut. The aluminum was easy to cut, I did not just use it to plunge through the metal but I used it to cut a frame to go around the water lit. I then used a heavier sheet of metal that will sit on top of the box so a window had to be cut in that metal to keep it open to view the meter. I used very thin sheet metal. When making the cut the blade would fall through the metal and not pull out again. The top of the blade has a ridge. The ridge and tapered blade provided resistance to it being pulled back out of the metal. The vibrating metal made it hard to turn the multitool off at the same time I was cutting, hence dangerous. The precautions on the package were limited to general safety. I found the blade hard to control once it went through the heavier metal. I've cut metal to redo computers and also as a metal scrapper. Metal art is also something I do for art projects, I like both the compact size and easy cut. I would not recommend using this for any projects until you find an online tutorial dealing with safety issues.
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Awesome Blade
I used this blade last weekend to trim door jambs when installing ceramic tile for my daughter. It made nice smooth cuts and made the tile installation look professional. Additionally I tiled around a fireplace and trimmed the bottom of the mantel so the tile could slip underneath the mantel. It cut smoothly and quickly. Being carbide it does cost a little more but having to stop working to go get a new blade because yours just went up in smoke is costly in time and effort. I made about 10 cuts with this blade - mostly maple - and it still looks and feels new. I would have used 2 steel blades cutting this amount of maple. It's awesome.
by Cutworm
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One tough blade
The Bosch 1-3/4 in. Carbide Plunge Blade is a welcome addition to my other multi-tool blades. I used it with my Porter-Cable multi-tool and the tool's adapter for other blade manufacturers. The blade is wider compared to standard blades and is carbide that has those fine teeth which I've learned is plenty tough and will be around for a while cutting through metals. Its an excellent choice for old wood where you might run into a buried nail. Because of its width its closer to the half circle blade which is not as precise in starting a cut. Because of the angularity of the edge on this Bosch blade it can be better controlled and then will cut along once started. Prior to this I've had to change out blades after first starting the cut with a standard plunge blade. This is not my first Bosch blade and they have given me great service.
by FXP1
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Worked great. Cut metal, plastic and wood for my project....
Worked great. Cut metal, plastic and wood for my project.
by Mary
Did hold up very well for the cost. Cut off...
Did hold up very well for the cost. Cut off 4 sleeve anchors and a few screws and it’s already missing teeth.
Response from BoschToolsFeb 19, 2021
Thank you for sharing your feedback on the OSC134C. We apologize if the blade only lasted for three cuts. Home Depot is focused on ensuring complete customer satisfaction. As the manufacturer, we are very interested in supplying consumers with a quality product that delivers the expected performance. We'd like to know more details on how you were using the blade and what type of material you were cutting. That way, we can provide recommendations on how to better utilize it to get the work done or provide a different blade that may be more suited for your application. We will also forward your comments to our product team for an item review and future enhancements. You may send an email to or get in touch with us at 1-877-BOSCH99 (1-877-267-2499) from Mon-Fri 7A-7P CST. You can also still return the item to Home Depot within 30 days from the date of purchase. Your satisfaction is important to us. We hope to hear from you soon.
I bought this carbide blade for my Rigid Oscillating Tool. This blade cuts copper and pvc pipe l...
I bought this carbide blade for my Rigid Oscillating Tool. This blade cuts copper and pvc pipe like butter. Also cuts through wood when nails are present. I use this to cut outlet holes in drywall. Not much it won’t cut with the carbide tip. Great piece. Use it almost everyday.
by Lynn
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